Sweet and Sour

Do you remember ever doing “Sweet and Sour’” introductions as an icebreaker in any form of a new group or class?  I remember in my freshman “Into to the University” class in college, we started class each week by going around the class and having everyone say something “Sweet” (aka good!) and “Sour” (aka not so good) that happened to them during the week.  Our teaching assistants would then give us candy that was sweet and sour…my favorite part!  Anyway, I present this post to you in “Sweet and Sour” mode.

As an aside, I love me some sweet and sour chicken…you know, Chinese take-out style!  Moving on.


Going to work (on a weekend…boo!) to find out that you’re pulled to another floor for the second day in a row.  And one of your patients is having major cardiac issues.  I work on a floor that doesn’t have telemetry patients…not up my alley!  (At least not yet…)


Being asked if you want to go home from work halfway through your shift…YES PLEASE.  I do not want to be around when/if my patient goes south.  And it’s the weekend and the Rocket Scientist is here.  I’ll take it.


Qualifying and registering for Boston.  I nearly hit the ceiling with excitement when my confirmation card arrived in the mail.  No joke.


Finding out that registration for Boston CLOSED yesterday.  Two months earlier than ever before!  I was hoping that the Rocket Scientist would qualify at the Philadelphia marathon next week so we could run together.  He ran his last marathon in 3:13 and his training has been going well…since he wasn’t really even trying to qualify last time, we both figured there’s a super strong chance he will do it at Philly.  Now he can’t register if he does.  :(

I heard on the Runner’s World forums that Boston closed registration last year only to open it up again a little later, so we’re hoping it magically opens next Sunday.  I think it’s a little too late for him to attempt to get in through a charity since most them have applications that were past due.  I was thinking about running with a charity (thanks for all your suggestions!), but I didn’t think we’d have to use one to run together!  We’ll see how it all works out in the coming weeks…


It’s still taper week!  Nice run today in the semi-chilly but moist weather.  If this weather holds for race day, I’m debating long sleeves versus short sleeves, although I think shorts are still in.  We’ll see how the weather pans out.

Saturday, November 14
4.03 miles in 31:41, avg pace of 7:52

Not much to say…just getting ready for race day by resting up.  I hope everyone is having a good SWEET weekend!

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  1. says

    Yeah, I can’t believe Boston closed so early either…this is a little ridiculous since a lot of people (like Rocket Scientist) are hoping to qualify with a late november/early december marathon. Now they won’t get a chance! I’m sure they have to do something about this situation next year because to sell out with 6 months to go until race day is too extreme…

    On a sweeter not, philly is but one week away…are you getting excited? I’m just running a half but am still very psyched to be running in philly town! Hope you enjoy your taper!

  2. says

    Gosh! I heard Boston may close early. I wonder what the deal is with that! I hope they open it back up so the RS can get in!

  3. julie says

    wowww this was totally a sweet and sour post! I was like Aw! and then Aw :( Congrats on Boston! I hope you can figure out someway for the RS to run!

  4. says

    What a creative post!

    I’m sorry that the RS can’t run Boston in the spring. I’m crossing my fingers for some good luck that he can!

  5. says

    Love your sweet and sour post. :-) Hope the Rocket Scientist can get into Boston! We used to do something similar at camp called roses and thorns…we made the kids say 2 good things and one sad thing about the day.

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