Marathon Week: Pasta Galore!

It’s marathon week!  A week to rest, eat pasta, and check the weather incessantly (currently a 40% chance of showers…nooooo!).  I don’t have a ton of pressure for this marathon, since my training didn’t quite go as planned with my mid-training injury.  Although I did squeeze in one AMAZING twenty mile run, I haven’t run more than thirteen miles since September!  Maybe this new training plan (although unplanned!) will yield amazing results at Philly, but I’m not going to be disappointed or anything with how things go*.

My last “long” run was yesterday, and the Rocket Scientist and I headed out for eight miles.  During the giant hill in the middle of the run, I believe I proclaimed, “This is the LAST time I have to run up this hill!!”  You know, until I start training for my next marathon…

Sunday, November 14
8.04 miles in 1:02:43, avg pace of 7:48

I’m not sure I could hold that for 26.2 miles…I think I’ll line up with the 3:30 pace group and go from there, adjusting mid-race as I deem necessary.  Can you tell I don’t really have a race plan??  I was so prepared last time…

Anyway…PASTA!  The runner’s best friend, especially during marathon week!  I usually get through the week on one-two meals, which I cook on Monday and then eat the rest of the week.  Boring, but when cooking for one, it’s what I like to do.  Behold, marathon week dinners:

111609 Pasta (3) Pasta + red and green peppers + zucchini + mushrooms = TASTY!

Packed for the week:

111609 Pasta (2)And it can be eaten cold!

I’ll mix it up during the week by adding sauce to some, cheese to others…maybe even both!  I know, I’m a master chef, you don’t have to tell me.  HA.

One more day of work tonight before the Rocket Scientist’s birthday tomorrow!  I’m really excited for his presents and cake…I’ll share tomorrow since he reads the blog from time to time…

* This could be a total lie that I’m just telling myself.  FYI.

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  1. says

    HA! I did the exact same thing a couple weeks back! I really hope I catch you on Sunday! Good luuuuuck!!!! I hope the weather is perfect and the wind is at your back the WHOLE time hahaha

  2. says

    LOVE the marathon-week pasta strategy! Packing pasta (roasted veggie lasagna for me) always makes me feel like I at least have one part of the pre-race strategy nailed!

  3. says

    I think that vegetating and eating pasta is a WONDERFUL plan! And happy bday to the rocket scientist :)

  4. julie says

    ahhh I can’t believe it’s marathon week! You’re gonna do so good girl :) mmm that pasta looks delicious! enjoy it girl and have fun with the RS!

  5. says

    it is actually soooo nice to go into marathons without all the crazy pressure, especially after you did so well on your BQ!!! have fun girlie!

  6. says

    I love that you pack your lunch out! I do sometimes too! And I love that your lunch is vegetarian :)

    Have a fun marathon week! :)

  7. says

    Mmmm, pasta with sauteed veggies is delicious! I’m hoping for the beautiful weathered Sunday trend to hold for you! Those weather people never know what they’re talking about anyway!

  8. says

    I think you are going to feel great this weekend. Sometimes, the body really just needs a rest..well less running. You are a great and strong runner. Have fun. Oh, and I totally agree with you, more layers before the treadmill.

  9. says

    I Always cook much more than I need – leftovers are KEY. I mean, if you’re putting in the effort, might as well make it last, right? ;)

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