Easy as (homemade) Pie!

So, if any of you live in the midwest area (especially Chicago), you may know about Bakers Square, home to fabulous pies.  It is a Thanksgiving (and Christmas!) tradition in my family to just buy our pies from Bakers Square since pies can be difficult to make and, well, you can’t really make them taste quite as good as Bakers Square can make them.  However, I think the furthest east the chain comes is Ohio, soooo I can’t really get them in Pennsylvania.  My favorite pie is French Silk, so of course I attempted to recreate it for Thanksgiving!  Certain traditions must live on.

I consulted the Bible (aka The Joy of Cooking) for a good pie recipe, and despite my last post’s claim that we had a miserable failure, the Rocket Scientist and I actually had a rather successful attempt at making a pie!  The only time I’ve previously made a pie was wayyyyy back in Girl Scouts, so I was a bit worried since I hear pie crusts can be kind of tricky.  Well, the pie crust was no less tricky than previously thought, but luckily the RS likes me and didn’t throw me into the oven when I threw a fit about (potentially) messing up the pie crust.

I may have been overreacting.  Anyway, onto the good stuff as told by pictures because we’re know they’re much better anyway.

First, we had to cut the shortening into the flour, and since I lack a pastry cutter (Christmas is coming!), I dug right in with my fingers.

DSC09512Getting my hands dirty!

Some ingredients.  I don’t skip on fat.  That’s why I run.

After some hesitation, I decided that the Rocket Scientist could handle melting the chocolate.  He even managed to multitask by giving me an oven-mitt thumbs up!

All systems go!

Well, that is until we set off the fire alarm…I think something was burning on the bottom of the oven.  Luckily, it wasn’t the pie crust.  The Rocket Scientist dismantled the fire alarm to stop it from going off…this isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this…

The townhouse still stands, no worries.

After the pie crust baked, we filled it with some glorious chocolate mousse!  Yummy!

DSC09527 Almost there…we just had to let it set overnight!

Fast forward 24 hours…

Nothing beats HOMEMADE WHIPPED CREAM.  Again, no low fat here.

DSC09524 I have extra.  :)

Prepare yourself for the final results…



Oh so yummy!

DSC09533 I have no words.  It’s just too good.

DSC09536Proud chef!
 DSC09544Running away with my pie…

Brace yourself for glory…

DSC09546 DSC09549

DSC09555Can’t get enough!  So ready to dig in…

Allie, I think we’re in business.  We can add pies to our bakery menu!


You know what’s also easy as pie?  RUNNING!  I have to do something to allow me to eat pie and cupcakes and cookies and ice cream and…okay, I’ll stop.  Anyway, it feels like FOREVER since I ran the Philly marathon, even though it was only a week ago!  My legs actually feel great, which I think is pretty impressive.  The Rocket Scientist asked me last night how far I wanted to run today, and I decided that eight was a good number.  It long enough to seem long-ish, but short enough to seem short-ish.  Does that even make sense?  We decided we’d do anywhere from six-eight depending on how we felt, so away we went.

We both felt good for the first four miles, but I could definitely tell that my legs were a bit fatigued at that point.  After a bit of a breather at the turnaround point, we headed back home.  About a mile back, the Rocket Scientist’s knee decided to give him some trouble, which he seems to have been having since the marathon.  Not during, just after.  We ran a little bit more and ended up walking about half a mile…we’re not in training right now, so who cares!  I think.  haha.  We ran a little bit further and then the Rocket Scientist told me to go ahead since his knee was still bothering him.  My legs ended up being kind of tired after eight miles!  I guess I need a little bit more recovery time.

Sunday, November 29
8.01 miles in 1:03:23, avg pace of 7:55

At least there’s a little bit of speed in those tired legs!  I can’t believe how nice the weather still is…I was running in a tshirt and shorts and I was still warm!  I’ll take it  I’m looking forward to a milder winter compared to Chicago.  :)

Time for some more pie while watching Fred Claus with the Rocket Scientist!  It’s officially after Thanksgiving, so bring on the Christmas movies!

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  1. says

    Ok, you are killing me. Please, from now on, every time you bake something you have to send me a sample!! You are the cake/pie/cookie queen!

  2. says

    Woo hoo! I hope you guys gave yourselves big pats on the backs for that one! Presentation is 100%!

  3. says

    That pie looks AWESOME! That is saying something from someone who isn’t a huge chocolate fan 😉

  4. says

    yowser that pie looks DELISH! Can I come to Thanksgiving next year?? Glad your legs are feeling good.

  5. julie says

    oh my god that pie looks AWESOME! haha i love that oven mitt thumbs up. that’s a sure sign of a stellar sous chef :)

  6. says

    Awesome pie! I love that you and the Rocket Scientist baked it together!

    Glad your running seems to be going well. :)

  7. says

    That pie looks amazing! Great job Susan + RS! :-)

    I know all about Baker’s Square after living near Chicago for 4 years…your pie definitely looks just as good as any of theirs.

  8. says

    That pie is gorgeous – you are quite the baker/chef!

    i have never made pie crust but yours looked great!

  9. says

    TOTALLY late catching up!

    congrats on the awesome race — just read the report. i can only imagine what your time had been if you hadn’t had the injury!

    the pie looks tooooodiieeeefor.

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