NYC firsts: food and RUN!

It’s finally official…I’m in NYC for good!  I flew back from Chicago today (with a layover in DC…hadn’t been to Reagan since college!) and managed to find my way back to my apartment without a hitch.  See…I’m already finding my way around!

Once I got back, I spent some time changing my address online for bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, magazines…all that fun stuff.  Luckily I don’t have to do anything with my car (it’s sitting in Chicago!) since registering my car in Pennsylvania was a huge nightmare.  Post-internet fun, I headed to the grocery store to get some food since I legit have NOTHING except animal crackers.  I do love my animal crackers, but this girl likes fruits and vegetables.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I was warned about tiny apartments and crazy taxi drivers.  I was told not to walk around alone at night and certainly not to run in Central Park after dark.  However, I was NOT informed about the grocery stores!  While I didn’t expect the giant expanses of my beloved Wegmans to appear in NYC, I was not prepared for the super tiny grocery stores and CRAZY prices.  At the grocery store I went to, ice cream was $7.75 for a 1.5 quart size!  Jeri sure knows that I can’t kick my ice cream habit!  Luckily Elyssa noted my pleas of newbie NYC-ness and sent me some tips!  Looks like I may start ordering my groceries online…or going crosstown…so many choices!!

I did pick up some necessities (a day without a banana is like a day without sunshine.  Wait…what?  Anyway…) and headed home, in NYC shock.  Crazy!  This is going to take some getting used to.


When I got home, I tried to sort out my options for the evening.  I know I needed to run and I thought about tackling Central Park by myself, but I’m here to meet people and surely running groups run at night.  I looked at the NYRR site and found that they have a group that meets at 6:30pm, so I headed over to the area where they were said to meet.  Upon arriving, I found a group of people that looked like runners and hung out by them.  Another woman stood next to me and asked if the group was with NYRR, and I responded that I had no clue since it was my first day…so we just hung around together.  Eventually, someone official-sounding started making announcements before going onto to announce pace groups and mileage that different leaders were doing.  While I was only supposed to run five miles today, I decided just to join in whatever was going on, so when an 8-9 minute pace (the fastest!) for a six mile loop was mentioned, I joined right in.

Soon after we started running…I noticed something different.  One of the runners was being led by a short rope by another runner.  It suddenly dawned on me that one of the runners was blind!  Apparently I hadn’t joined the NYRR, but another group called the Achilles Track Club who helps runners with disabilities run.  How cool is that?  We ran the six mile loop in Central Park, and after a couple miles, the original guide handed the rope off to another girl who took over for a little while…then it was my turn!  I ended up leading the blind runner for about two miles, helping him to avoid running into signs, other runners/bikers, and horse manure.  He’s training for the NYC marathon, and he said he’ll have six different people help guide him on race day.  It was definitely a fun experience for my first run in NYC!

Tuesday, September 7
8.44 miles in 1:08:24, avg pace of 8:06

Not too bad for my first run in Central Park…and there and back!  (Also…garmin does not like the city!)  The girl who I originally spoke with at the beginning of the run just moved up to my area, so we’re now facebook friends…my first new friend in NYC!  When we were exchanging name information for facebook stalking purposes, she said, “This may be weird…I’ve never picked up a runner before.”  Haha, love it!  I hope to meet many more people this way.  :)

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    Susan, that is SO COOL! In reference to the blind runner part of the post….and your whole new life in NYC. Okay, minus the jacked up ice cream costs. Geez louise. You should write to ice cream companies for coupons and then feature them on the blog haha. I’m really glad you had a great first day because sometimes they can be a bit daunting. Looks like you fit right in though.

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    That sounds like a perfect first day!!! How incredibly cool that you found a running group and made a friend. Hope work goes just as smoothly. Very exciting times and it sounds like a perfect fit.

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    awww glad you’re all settled in! i think the cheapest way to food shop in nyc is fresh direct, or to head up to the costco in harlem (just the border!) also you should talk to joanne at eats well with others because i actually think you guys are neighbors and she knows the who’s and what’s of living and eating in nyc :)

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    Woohoo! Glad you had such a great running experience. Check out for TONS of running clubs. Sky is the limit!

    First grocery shopping, next exploring places to eat out. Oh the excitement!

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    wow kudos to you for heading out and meeting a running group. I would’ve chickened out at LEAST 10 times before actually doing it. And that’s so cool that you were able to help a blind runner during the run.
    And I may spend $10 on ice cream, but that’s for 2-3 half gallons that lasts me a month. Crazy NYC.

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    I’m pretty sure if I can find a job down there I’ll have to move to Jersey just for access to big grocery stores. ;)D’agostino isn’t bad, from what I remember…though its been a few years since I spent a lot of time down there (and never much in grocery stores!)

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    Sounds like you’re already having adventures! So neat that you ran with a runner who was blind!

    The price of groceries sounds crazy!

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    I am already having so much fun reading your NYC adventures! When do you start work?

    It cracks me up that 8-9 mins is the fastest group. Because I know that is slow for you :)

    I think it would be so awesome to help a blind runner finish a marathon! Someday, maybe!

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    I am already having so much fun reading your NYC adventures! When do you start work?

    It cracks me up that 8-9 mins is the fastest group. Because I know that is slow for you :)

    I think it would be so awesome to help a blind runner finish a marathon! Someday, maybe!

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    Look at you, jumping into the city life head-first! How exciting!

    I saw blind runners “tethered” to other runners while I was in Seoul. It was really cool, though I don’t think I’d like to be the guide. I’d feel so much pressure and feel so guilty if I led my runner astray.

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    Make sure you check out Fairway Market. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the ones in NYC, but I shopped at the one in NJ a lot, until I just moved to Florida. The prices are reasonable-ish. But their staff is fantastic! Very helpful and knowledgeable.

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