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Thank you to everyone for their comments on my last post about the the Boston Marathon!  It was interesting to hear a few different opinions, as well as get some new blog readers who will hopefully stick around. :)  It seems that people had the same general consensus about why Boston filled so quickly, with the top reasons being:

  • More runners.  With more people running in general, of course more people are going to qualify.  More qualifiers for the same number of spaces means less qualified people get in.  Simple math here.
  • Faster runners.  More people running means more faster people will be running.  Same issue as above.
  • A couple snafus from last year, including Boston closing earlier than usual (people who got blocked out probably were quick to sign up this year!) and, as Tracy mentioned, the volcano eruption that caused some people to be stuck in other ends of the Earth, missing the marathon.
  • Elyssa mentioned the hype.  People talked about how quickly it was going to fill up.  People talked about quickly it was filling up on Monday.  People feed into the hype…not that Boston needs hype to fill…let’s be serious.

    And ideas as what to do about it?  There were a few:

  • Use a lottery of qualified people.  I think this would be a miserable idea….people spend years trying to get into Boston!
  • Tracy suggested only letting your qualifying time stand for one year.  That would make sense…but it is nice to defer for a year if you have injuries or other plans that prevent you from attending Boston in “your year.”
  • Tighten up the qualifying times, if only by a little.  If people want to run Boston, they’ll run faster.
  • Have graded registration times…the faster you run, the sooner you get to register.  Talk about competition!


Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not in charge of figuring all this stuff out.  :)  Maybe they’ll make changes…maybe they’ll leave it all the same.  I guess we’ll see!  That’s enough Boston talk for now, I’m sure people are a little tired of it.


Today was a beautiful day in NYC!  The air is cool and crisp, and my legs are feeling pretty good after last week’s marathon and mileage.  While I do miss shorts and flip flops (well, to be honest, the flip flops are still around), I am enjoying the fall running.  I did a little five mile loop over to Central Park and around the reservoir, which gives beautiful views of the city.  Camera, Susan, bring your camera!  It felt great and although I thought my legs were a bit tired, they carried me well.  Woo woo.

Tuesday, October 19
5.08 miles in 39:05, avg pace of 7:42

I’ll take it!

I actually did some ab work when I got back…crazy, right?  I usually just stick to running.  I lifted yesterday (who am I??), and I hope to continue to do that at least a little bit.  My normal routine is to lift for a week and then stop for a few months, but who knows, maybe it’ll stick this time.  Check back in a few months…maybe I’ll have nicely toned arms and abs…clearly the goal here.

Wait, I’m probably not supposed to say that, even if it’s true.  :)

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  1. says

    I like your routine of “lift for a week and then stop for a few months.” I totally have the same habit and I’m trying desperately to stop. Alas my resolve usually only lasts for a week. Go figure.

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