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Even before I moved to NYC, Betsy and I became lovely friends, and while we didn’t know it at the time, we’re actually neighbors!  We both moved a block away from each other within a week of each other and didn’t even know it until we were practically here.  Funny, hm?  Crazy as it sounds, moving to NYC wasn’t nearly as scary as some people thought it would be, mostly because I had many blog/twitter friends who were excited to meet me and show me around!  People ask me if I knew anyone when I moved here…and I would always pause and say, “….yes….kind of?”  I mean, I didn’t actually know people, but I sure felt like I did!

Anyway, one of the best things that Betsy introduced me to was the Wednesday night group runs at the New York Running Company on the Upper East Side.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before, but they’re a pretty speedy group…as in, I have trouble keeping up sometimes!  It’s great to have fast runners around because it helps me to push myself…and it’s good for dark runs in Central Park since the sun sets early now.

Wednesday was a little bit different, as a representative from Brooks (my love!) came to show us their Nightlife apparel and give away some socks.  (Which I really need!)  I’m pondering buying some Nightlife apparel, since once I switch to 12 hour shifts, it’s going to be dark out when I run.  Decisions…

After a little show and tell by the Brooks man, I took off for a run with the seven mile group.  The seven mile speedy group.  And speedy it was!  We always start off with a slower mile to the park and then break off into our respective runs.  The first miles weren’t too bad, but then our splits took a nosedive…down down down!  7:05 to 6:29 (yikes!) to 6:59 to 7:07.  Then we brought it home with a 7:54 mile, which is more appropriate for weaving the streets of NYC.  That 6:29 mile…while fun, I don’t think my lungs appreciated it too much.  I think my legs handled it fine, but the lungs…I need more speedwork in my life.

Wednesday, October 20
7.3 miles in 53:32, avg pace of 7:20

Not too shabby.  After the run, the Brooks man had us join him for drinks and the Phillies game (still can’t escape Philly!).  It was fun to hang out with the other runners outside of running, even if we had just finished!  Beer tastes pretty good after a run, and I thoroughly appreciated showing up to a bar in my running clothes…those shorts are definitely bar material!  I ended up staying until about 11:30…must have been having a good time.  :)  Gotta love runners!

Are you part of a running club/group?  Are your friends mainly runners, or are you the “crazy runner” in your group?

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    I’d like to mention that when I went running with 2 hunting dogs on Sunday, we went at a 7:40 pace for less than a minute and I thought my lungs were going to explode. You ran faster than that for 7 miles….oh and 26.2 just a few weeks ago. I can’t blame my height with this one either.

    I love hearing about your runs with the group….and your happier life in NYC. No more Collegeville weee!

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