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By the looks of my race reports page, you may not think that I like to race…but I do.  Little do you know that I race pretty much every day.  When I lived in Pennsylvania (or even Chicago), I never had this problem and usually just went about my daily run.  However, ever since I’ve moved to NYC, I started to race.  Daily.  Why, you might ask?  Because there are lots of runners in NYC, and in my mind…we’re racing.  They don’t know that we’re racing, which is why I usually win, but I consider it a victory nonetheless.

I had a prime example of my race strategy during my run yesterday, as I ran a loop in Central Park when a fair amount of runners were still out.  The original plan was to only do six miles by cutting into a shorter loop, but I felt good once I got out there and decided to run a little longer…especially since the crisp fall air is lovely running weather!  Anyway, I spotted a younger guy ahead of me around mile three or four, but we were running about the same pace so I was just behind him for awhile.  I still had a bit to go around the loop in Central Park, so I held my ground over the hills.  Around mile six, I decided to make my move.  As I came down a hill, I picked up the pace a little and overtook my poor subject…and he didn’t know what hit him!  I hate being the person who sprints past someone, so it was a slow overtaking so I could get a good lead on him.

I actually think he picked up the pace a little bit behind me (guys don’t like being passed by girls?), but overall I was able to come out ahead.  Another victory for me! 

Thursday, October 21
8.15 miles in 1:00:06, avg pace of 7:23

Splits (since this was a race!):
7:41  <—– HILLS
7:15  <—– Overcoming my competitor
7:00  <—– Victory is mine!

I’ll take it!

Are you competitive while you run?  Do you “race” people on a daily basis?


image S^2 in Athens!

It’s that time again…S^2 REUNION time!!  Sara, my college roommate, is coming to NYC tonight and will be staying through Sunday!  Definitely excited because we always have a fabulous time.  We have some fun plans, including going running in Central Park!  :)  Can’t wait for the NYC S^2 REUNION!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. says

    I also do this ALL the time. I don’t see many runners out around my parent’s house (where I am right now) but the other day I had a similar situation with a guy about 0.5 mile ahead that was doing near the same pace. He looked really surprised when I passed him! My stepdad bikes a lot and refers to the person he is trying to catch as “the carrot.”

  2. says

    I do the exact same thing!!! I am too competive and racing motivates me to push myself harder than I would if I was just by myself running! PS I love your blog!!

  3. says

    I’m not super competitive if I’m running outside, but if I’m inside running on a treadmill, you know I”m trying to run faster than the person next to me.

  4. says

    Good luck with tomorrow! Don’t worry about not knowing certain things or what to do in a code. People won’t really expect you to jump in and run it. Trust me, once the code begins, 23434 people come in the room and will do it all, so for the first few times, just stand back and observe it. It’s usually a lot more calm and organized than you might imagine (I’m sure you’ve probably seen a code anyway, but in any case..). Also, if you have a good preceptor, then they will probably put you somewhere and be like, “ok, Susan, here, you push meds,” or “you record.”
    You’ll get through it! hehe:) Have fun.

  5. says

    haha I love this! I do this ALL the time. There’s one particular path I run on where my goal always is to not get passed. I’m not always successful, but my favorite thing to do is just what you described –slowly reel someone in and wait for the perfect moment to make my move. I’ve found that 99.9% of the time, when the person I’m gaining on is a male and he realizes I’m there, he speeds up. Then of course I pick up the pace to stick with him, and we both end up running faster than we would otherwise. So I like to think of it as a win-win. Really, I’m just doing them a favor. 😉

    I have to admit that I even do this when I’m running indoors. On the treadmill, I try to run faster and/or longer than the person running next to me. Those poor unsuspecting gym-goers. Little do they know, I’m using them as my motivation.

  6. says

    hahahahah I do the same thing. I usually won’t speed up if I’m doing an easy run, but I love chasing someone down slow and steady. especially if they’re dudes… hahah.

  7. says

    I’m not that competitive during races with people because I try to be conservative in my running (so I don’t, you know, bonk and look like a fool).

    It seems a little more fun and motivating to be competitive though…

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