NYC S^2 Reunion

This past weekend was absolutely fabulous!  My college roommate, Sara, came to visit me in NYC, which is always a great time.  We’ve called ourselves S^2 (Sara + Susan) since freshman year of college, and when we would be reunited at the end of the summer as roommates again (since I was from Chicago and she was from Maryland), we always would call our first night back together our reunion.  Since college, we’ve had multiple reunions in different places, and this was our first reunion in NYC…I’m sure there will be many to come!

Before Sara arrived on Friday, I squeezed in a quick five mile run.  It was a nice run along the east river…admittedly a little chilly, but long sleeves and shorts aren’t a terrible combination!  Quick pace since I was a little cold and excited about Sara’s arrival!

Friday, October 22
5.28 miles in 38:11, avg pace of 7:14

friday reunion

Sara arrived on Friday evening, and we started our reunion with a trip to a Thai restaurant.  Since NYC has pretty much any type of cuisine you could ever imagine, I told Sara to pick whatever type of food she wanted and we would find it.  Thai it was!  Our evening plans had us staying on the Upper East Side, so we headed to Sala Thai and enjoyed ourselves!  Sara ordered drunken noodles, while I partook in Pad-Se-Ew, which was a wide, flat noodle dish with a brown sauce, vegetables, chicken, and egg.  Delicious food combined with some Thai beer makes for a fabulous dinner!

After dinner, we headed to a bar called Aces and Eights, which is mostly known for the fact that it has beer pong tables set up in the back, and you can buy pitchers of beer and basically play all night.  Sara had been here before in previous trips to NYC, so we figured we would check it out.  We were only halfway through our first drink when people asked us if we wanted to play with them, and that continued for the entire night as we jumped from group to group!  When I was little, I always wanted to be on Bozo Buckets, so I’m not too shabby at the game since I used to practice all the time!  Too funny.  Anyway, the bar was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend checking it out for something a little different!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (2) S^2!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (3)See?  Beer pong tables.

saturday (day and) night’s alright

Saturday brought another packed day!  Despite our escapades in the night before, Sara and I crawled out of bed and headed to the New York Running Company for their Saturday group run.  Sara started running back in March (and did her first 5k a few weeks ago!) and expressed interest in running in Central Park while was here.  However, we are at very different paces and distances in our lives, so I knew that the group runs at the running store would be a great opportunity for us to squeeze in a run at our own abilities.  We headed over to the running store and headed out to the park, running the first mile together.  After all those years in college with me running and Sara not, it was crazy to be running next to each other!  We parted ways once we got to the park and met back up at the end.  Sara said she found a running buddy to do a little run/walk with and had a good time running.  :)  Success!!  I love when new people become runners and actually like it.  The store had donut holes (with sprinkles…mmm) for when we got back, which you can’t argue with.

Saturday, October 23
7.3-ish miles in 55:11, avg pace of 7:34-ish

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (4) Running shoes!

After our fabulous run, we showered and headed to a late brunch at Jane…which I would like to say is in NoHo?  SoHo?  I have no idea since it’s actually on Houston St.  Hmmm.  Anyway, it was recommended by Erica, and it was a great recommendation!  My Vanilla Bean French Toast was AMAZING…I wish I could have finished it!  So good.  Sara got the Benedict Jane, as it was made with crab cakes and she is a Maryland girl.  Definitely recommend this place….the Bloody Mary wasn’t too bad either!

Next stop on the trip?  Hoboken.  Why would we go to Hoboken if I live in Manhattan with sooo many options for Saturday activities?  Cake Boss.  While I admittedly don’t watch the show (I don’t watch much TV…), Sara does…and the bakery featured on the show, Carlo’s Bakery, is just across the river in Hoboken.  I never pass up an opportunity to check out a bakery, so we maneuvered the PATH train and got to Hoboken just fine.  The bakery was easy to spot since a line was formed outside for crowd control, but the line moved pretty quick and we were able to get into the bakery to take some pictures and buy some goods!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (8) S^2 visits Cake Boss!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (20) Some Halloween cakes…love the mummy!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (17) So good.

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (16)Elephant cake!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (25) Gatsby in Hoboken.  :)

Definitely worth a trip across the river if you have some time and have done a lot of the typical tourist-y things in NYC.  (Not that I have, but Sara has.)  After our visit to the bakery, we walked around Hoboken, as the main street is pretty cute, and you can walk along the water with pretty views of Manhattan.  The sun was setting, so it allowed for some great pictures…if only I had a better camera!

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (26) Oh hey, Manhattan.

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (38)Annnd at night.  Still pretty with my bad camera.

We eventually made our way back to Manhattan, and Sara napped while I planned our night out.  The plan was to get some Indian food (yum!) and hit up some bars for drinks and dancing.  I’m no pro picking bars, but I tried my best.  Our first stop was Mitali, an Indian restaurant in the East Village on the same street as eight million other Indian restaurants!  Yelp is my best friend, and it got good reviews…no complaints from us!  We both ordered combination platters that allowed us to sample a bunch of different items on the menu…sooo worth it.  Our stomachs were definitely happy with us after that meal, but alas…the night had to go on!

Our first stop was for drinks at a dive bar around the corner.  The decorations were fabulous (should have snapped some pictures!) and the beer was cheap…can’t beat that.  We only planned to stay for a drink, but we ended up chatting with some random people and stayed for a couple hours…good thing NYC stays up late!  :)  After much (interesting…oh my goodness) conversation, we decided it was time to dance, so we attempted to part ways with our conversationalist, but he said he’d show us a good place for dancing.  I had another place in mind, but he ended up walking us to a bar which I had been to last week…so much for trying new places!  Next time.  :)  Sara and I had a fabulous night dancing the night away, and before we knew it, it was time to go home!  Definitely the sign of a good night.  Apparently I’m not too shabby at planning places to go.  :)

NYC S^2 Reunion Sara (43) Picture when we got back since we forgot to take any when we were out!

sunday – bear down…or not

Sunday was a bit more low key…amazingly we made it through Saturday without any football in our lives, which is rare for both of us.  However, the Redskins (Sara’s team) played the Bears (uh, hello?  My team…), so obviously we had to go watch!  I dragged her to a Bears’ bar in Midtown since I knew they’d definitely have the game on, as well as sound.  Annnnnd it’s better to be surrounded with Bears fans.  :)  Unfortunately the game was a bit of a nightmare (interception….after interception…) and the Redskins won.  We both wore the jerseys of our respective teams, and Sara definitely got plenty of glares from other Bears fans!  Admittedly, the Bears didn’t really deserve to win after that showing.

NYC S^2 Reunion October 2010 (43) Awww we’re cute.

Post-game, we walked back to my apartment and had some final chats before Sara needed to head back to North Carolina.  It’s always great to see her and fun to have a visitor in town!  Perhaps this will inspire some of you to come visit…I promise we’ll have an amazing time, and I always welcome visitors!  :)

Major props to anyone who read all of this!  I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine.  :)

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  1. Larissa says

    looks like an awesome weekend! if you ever get a chance and have not been check out the bar McSorleys- they only have two types of beer- light or dark- its a really old bar with cool history i love it, and always meets some interesting people.

  2. Lindsey says

    That all looks like a blast. I actually just moved to NYC for school and really want to find some kind of running group. I don’t run very fast, between a 9 and 10 minute mile. Would you suggest the group runs at the NYRC or is that more of a faster group usually? Thanks!

  3. says

    looks like you and sara had such a fun weekend!
    i don’t watch a ton of tv either, but i do recognize carlo’s bakery from cake boss! so neat that you got to visit. :)

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