Race Announcement: Big Sur 2011

Ever since I ran the Chicago Marathon about two and a half weeks ago (it feels much further away than it actually is…), I’ve been thinking about what marathon to do next.  Quite honestly, I was thinking about my next marathon while I was still running Chicago!  Runners are a funny bunch.  :)  Needless to say, my to-do list for marathons is quite long since they are soooo many good options out there!  My original plan was to do a post asking which spring marathons you guys would recommend, but then I got really busy sooo I never ended up doing that.

Fast forward to today…one of the options high on my list is the Big Sur International Marathon in Monterey, California.  I’ve heard it’s an absolutely breathtaking but challenging marathon and that it should be on any marathoner’s list of must runs.  My first-hand knowledge of the event mainly stemmed from Aron’s race report from the marathon earlier this year.  The pictures make it look incredible…hard to pass up!

When I checked how full registration was this morning, I saw that it was at 90% with the fee to increase in just a few days.  I figured there would be a rush to sign up before the price increased, making it likely to sell out within the next couple days.  In a bit of a panic (I think that’s the whole point of saying how full the race is…), I signed up.  In May 2011, I will be flying across the country to California to run the Big Sur Marathon!

A few interesting facts:

  • I’ve never been to California.  Yesss!
  • Registration asked me if, as a female, I expected to run sub-3:15.  I said yes.  (It’s a challenging course, so there’s a strong chance I’m lying.)
  • When typing “lying” four words ago, I accidently typed “flying.”  I think that’s the sign that I’ll be running sub-3:15.
  • I get to meet Aron!!!
  • This is the 26th running of the marathon…26th round of 26.2?  Sounds good.
  • The above fact would be much cooler if this was going to be my 26th marathon.  However, it’s only going to be my 7th.
  • The medal is really what got me to sign up.  Check out last year’s beauty:


It’s going to be fantastic!  I probably shouldn’t be signing up for marathon’s on a whim, but seeing as it’s about six months away, I’m sure arrangements can be made.

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  1. says

    it is going to be FANTASTIC! you just made me day, i am sooooo excited!!! its a tough course but so beautiful, just start your hill training 😉 maybe you will be part of the elite group in sub 3:15!


  2. says

    That sounds like so much fun! I am sure you will be able to go sub 3:15 – your training runs are so speedy.

  3. says

    I’m sure you will be able to run sub 3:15…you are amazing! One of my friends ran Big Sur and really enjoyed it!

  4. ida says

    How exciting!! Big Sur is an amazing race. I think the hardest part is how early you have to get up for the buses!

  5. says

    Sounds like a good plan to me! Getting to meet Aron will be awesome and I’m sure you’ll have fun visiting Cali. You can make a whole vacation out of it!

  6. says

    As if marathons aren’t hard enough, you have to go run one up a mountain…. show off. Bahhaa jk. Such a beautiful looking race. It’s definitely on my list too. :)

  7. says

    This is awesome! I’ve heard really great things about Big Sur. I know it’s challenging, but that scenery looks amazing!

  8. says

    Ooh, I bet it’ll be a good one for you! Challenging course and beautiful views! You’ll be all over that!

  9. says

    I am insanely jealous that you’re going to be running Big Sur next year! My dad’s run a bunch of marathons but his biggest regret was not running Big Sur! You are such a speed demon as well!

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