Homecoming and Halloween

It was the weekend of the two H’s!  It’s currently still Halloween, and it was also the University of Maryland’s homecoming.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t find anyone who was staying in NYC for the weekend, so when plans weren’t falling into place, I took the matter into my own hands and decided to join Sara in DC for some Halloween and Homecoming fun!  Can’t go wrong with that.  :)


I ended up taking the bus (go greyhound!) and we headed to parties on Friday and Saturday night.  My costume?  A French kiss!  I dressed like a Hershey kiss with a dress made of aluminum foil and wore a beret…get it??  Note:  Dresses made of aluminum foil are difficult to move around in…but it sure was fun!

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (24)French kiss!

Not the most well executed costume, but it certainly worked for me.   Who do I think had the best costume?  The dog!  Ice cream sundae?  It speaks to my heart:

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (4)I don’t think the dog looks so happy to be ice cream.

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (5) And I got this dog to dance with me.  :)  We walked it out.

The Halloween party was fabulous and many costumes were represented between the party on Friday and the party on Saturday.  Some favorites were:

  • Thundercats
  • Airplane captain and flight attendant.
  • Mario and Luigi.
  • Chilean miner and his mistress.
  • Mary and her little lamb.
  • Dot candy.
  • The cavemen from the Geico commercials.
  • Brett Favre, complete with inappropriate text messages.


Overall, the costume representation was well played.  I certainly miss trick or treating (hello, sweet tooth), but it was fun to see all the costumes that people had!


On Saturday, I woke up bright and early to trek to College Park with Sara for some tailgating and homecoming fun.  Since I was in the marching band in college (yes, I’m a band nerd…and I loved it), I never really got to experience what it was like to tailgate.  The first time I did, it was like a whole new world was opened to me!  I had no idea what went on on the other side….and it was a lot of fun!  Drinking beer, eating some good food, and hanging out with friends?  Count me in.  I also love homecoming because it means more people I went to college with show up, which means I get to see more people!  Definitely fun to make my rounds and see as many people as I can.

The first person on my list to meet up with was Jess, who graduated a year after me, but we never knew each other until post-graduation.  This was probably because I didn’t have this blog until after I graduated.  :)  It would have been awesome to have known her while we were both still at Maryland, but it’s fun to be able to meet up now.  We met for the first time back at Maryland Day in the spring, so this time it was easier to spot her!  We chatted about running and blogs (of course…) and it was fabulous.  Hooray for fellow Terp running bloggers!

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (11) Love the Terp gear!

After catching up with Jess, I headed out to find some band kids and caught up with a few of them before heading to CSPAC, which is where the marching band steps off from.  (Band nerd, remember??)  More people to catch up with, and soon enough it was time to head to the game.  I bought a ticket off of James (my long time readers know who he is!), and it was fun to sit with him since I haven’t seen him in awhile.  My Terps had a bit of a blow-out, winning 62-14 over Wake Forest.  The game wasn’t too interesting, but at least we won!  The marching band performed Thriller in honor of Halloween weekend…dance included!  Check out my marching band photo montage:

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (14) Lined up for pregame!

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (16) Alumni band on the field!

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (19) Maryland shield.  :)

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (15) Such a pretty field.  Love the Maryland pattern.

Halloween and Homecoming 2010 (22) HERE COME THE TERPS!!

After the football game, we headed to our second Halloween party and then I caught a bus back to NYC on Sunday.  Not too shabby of a weekend, if you ask me.  :)

Did you dress up for Halloween?  What awesome costume did you have?


Oh yeah, I suppose this is a running blog so I should mention the running I’ve been doing!  I’m a bad blogger when life gets busy, but that’s okay with me.  :)  I started on my unit last week, so between that and being social, blogging takes a hit!  Also, it’s hard to run when you work 12 hour shifts….just saying.  Anyway, check out my runs from last week…all two of them.  (Sad…)

I had Wednesday off, so I headed to my favorite New York Running Company group run and joined the seven mile group.  We did a little bit different of a route than usual, but it was still just about seven miles.  The sun goes down quick these days, so we’re running in the dark!  Yikes!  The group was extra speedy tonight and I found myself falling behind…time for Betsy to come back and hang back with me!

Wednesday, October 27
7-ish miles in 52:05, avg pace of 7:26-ish

Thursday was another day at work, but I was sent home about an hour early, which was enough time to squeeze in a run!  It was dark out, but as long as I run the main road in the park, plenty of other runners are out so I figure I’m safe if I’m running with hundreds of other people.  :)  Since I’d barely run all week, I was definitely itching to get out and run, and it was fabulous!  Love the night run, although I know I need to play it safe…maybe I just need to find a night running buddy!  Any takers?

Thursday, October 28
5.33 miles in 39:37, avg pace of 7:26

On that note, off to bed before November hits!  Can you believe it??  I sure can’t…

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  1. says

    good costume! love the brett favre and miner ideas.
    my little brother went as luigi but said his costume was too small so it was more like lui-wedgie, haha.

  2. says

    Hhaha I love your costume!!! What a cute idea!

    It was so fun catching up with you this weekend! Let me know when you’re back in CP and what you’re thinking about February marathons/half marathons in New Orleans :)

  3. says

    That sounds like a fantastic weekend! And your costume….LOVE IT! I wish I was creative. Totally am not.

  4. says

    you are so cute and creative, susan! love the dog’s costume, too. :)

    i never mind seeing marching band photos! it’s so fun that they did thriller…love that dance! i have so many good memories of band and orchestra, too. :)

  5. says

    Love the costume! That’s such a cute idea! And I agree — those pups in costume are adorable. :)

    I can’t even imagine having the time (not to mention energy!) to run after working 12 hour shifts. Hope things settle down at work soon!

  6. says

    Ahhh I was luigi one year for halloween. (of course had to be the green one!) Your costume ended up super cute. I must admit I was slightly concerned when you were tweeting about constructing it. Kudos to proving me wrong. 😀

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