Thanksgiving 2010


Sooo my last post was a little bit sad…because I am sad that I’m not going to see my family this Thanksgiving!  However, I have an amazing number of things to be thankful for this year, so I’m not really as sad as I sound.  I promise.  I realize that many Thanksgiving posts go unread because people are celebrating with friends and family (as they should be!), but here’s what I’m thankful for this year:

  1. I have a new job!!  Anyone who has been around the blog long enough knows how absolutely miserable I was this time last year…and then it got worse.  Although I’m still on orientation at my new job, I haven’t cried yet…which is sad that that’s one of my criteria for judging a job, but it’s true.  It’s still too early to form opinions about this job, but not everyone wants to leave, so two thumbs up for that.
  2. I live in NYC!!  This is about eight million times better than where I lived in Pennsylvania.  I’ve met amazing people and had the opportunity to take part in many events even in my short time here.  Plus, Sharon and I are going to have a great movie and pie night on Friday!
  3. I can run.  A lot.  I ended up taking two months off from running this year due to injury, and I’ve been running well and running a lot.  I feel blessed to be able to do something that I love so much…and it do it pretty fast.
  4. My family.  Best ever.  Still.
  5. Friends.  Both old and new.  I am unbelievably lucky to have met so many people here and stay in touch with great friends in other places.
  6. Beer.  It makes for a good run!
  7. All of you.  I truly see my blog readers as friends, which gets confusing when I refer to people as “my friend in South Dakota.”  I’ve shared so much with all of you, met some of you, and definitely count you as people close to me.  Thanks for reading!
  8. I get to take care of people.  I may complain about missing my family, but my patients are missing their family too, not to mention the fact that they’ve experienced something I would never wish upon anyone.  I am privileged to be a part of these people’s lives during one of the hardest times.  Shaving a man’s face or giving a woman a nice hair wash makes all the difference.


I shared this last year, but I think it’s perfect for Thanksgiving so I’m going to share it again.  Not to mention it kind of makes me want to dance.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Eat some pie for me.  :)  What are you thankful for??


My run on Tuesday was quite fabulous…I wasn’t feeling it, but once I got out there, everything melted away and I just had a good time.  I headed over to the west side and had a windy long run…snot rockets may have been involved.  (I’m thankful for them too!)  Not too many people were out, so it was a peaceful run where I really appreciated being out there.  I love running.

Tuesday, November 24
12.3 miles in 1:34:36, avg pace of 7:41

Love it.  Off to work!

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  1. Iman says

    I am a new reader to your blog..and from the very first time ( may be 1 week ago) I loved it! Happy Thanksgiving for you, for the family and the patients you are caring for. I hope they get well soon!

  2. says

    Great run yesterday, wow!! What a great list…I am so happy things are going so well. I would love to live in NYC! Running really is such a huge blessing! P.S. I think I am going to post my training plans on my blog this week:)

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