to the statue of liberty!

My weekend has mainly consisted of running and football.  That’s totally normal, right?  Definitely a successful weekend on both fronts, as my TERPS won on Saturday and my BEARS won today.  No complaints from me.  :)  I probably watch an abnormal amount of football, but there are worse things in life, and I run beforehand so I suppose I’m allowed to sit on the couch.

What’s that about running?  Well, let’s check out the weekend runs:

Saturday brought another run in Central Park…around the outer loop.  This is basically my go-to run and I do it all the time.  I like it because it’s familiar, avoids cars, and has some hills thrown in to mix it up a bit.  My legs go on auto-pilot and I can get lost in whatever it is I happen to think about while running.  (Trust me, I have no idea what I’m thinking about most of the time…)  This was an easy run in a little bit of chilly weather, but shorts and a long sleeve shirt held me just fine.  Definitely not ready for anything colder, however.

Saturday, November 27
8.15 miles in 1:01:04, avg pace of 7:30

Not too shabby.

Sunday…oh Sunday.  I slept later than I wanted to (this is a common occurrence, I am not a morning person by any means), and quite honestly didn’t really feel like running all that much.  My original plan was to do a longer run of about 14 miles, but when I headed out the door I figured ten miles would be good enough for the day.  I headed to the west side, and the first mile felt terrible and then the second mile felt alright…and what would you know, the third mile was fabulous!  This where I get into trouble because once runs feel excellent, I just keep going.  Why not?  I decided on 12 miles….still feeling good, why not go for the original 14?  Got to the seven mile turnaround and decided to go for 16.  I thought I could get close to the Statue of Liberty, and since I’m a newfound fan of these destination runs, I might as well keep going!

So I did.  When my Garmin hit eight-ish miles, I found myself in Battery Park where the ferries head to the Statue of Liberty.  Perfect mileage.  :)

image Statue of Liberty from Battery Park…I need to start taking my camera with me.

I wandered around Battery Park for a few minutes trying to find a map of Manhattan to see if I could just run up the east side to get home…because it’s obviously normal to think it’s fun to run around the tip of Manhattan.  However, I couldn’t find a map and my Manhattan geography skills aren’t really up to snuff, so I decided just to go home the way I came.  In case you were wondering, I could have just run around and up the east side and been fine…but I guess that’s another run for another day.  :)

Soooo many people were in line for the ferries, which is probably something I should do while I’m here…I went to the Statue of Liberty many times when I was a wee little one, but I don’t remember too much of it.  My brother even got to go to the crown back in the day!

Back to the run!  One of the best part about long runs in NYC is that I get to see so many…interesting…things.  Check out the list from today:

  • The Statue of Liberty.  I mean, that’s cool.
  • A parrot.  Somewhere on the 50’s along the west side was a blue parrot sitting on the railing next to the water.  It seemed like it was with a man standing next to it…but still weird.
  • A dog in a baby stroller.  New Yorkers are an odd bunch…definitely a different take on “walking the dog.”
  • All sorts of different running outfits.  It was in the 40’s today, so it makes me wonder what people wear when it’s actually cold out…


Tomorrow we will discuss what happened around mile 12, which is one of my favorite things to do on a run.  :)  How’s that for suspense??  haha.  Anyway, the way back from the Statue of Liberty left me a little tired…I suppose I should plan ahead for these things and carry water/fuel with me, but impromptu long runs don’t really go well with planning.  Not necessarily in training right now, so I suppose it’s not much to worry about.  More time for refueling after the run!  The stats on the run weren’t too shabby, if I must say so myself:

Sunday, November 28
16.2 miles in 2:04:27, avg pace of 7:41

Love it.  That being said, this was much more tiring than my impromptu marathon last week, so I guess there is something to be said for running slower versus running faster…this run definitely took a lot more out of me!

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend…mine is still rolling along, especially since it didn’t start until Friday night for me.  I’m off until Wednesday…gotta love these twelve hour shifts.  :)  Thanks for reading!

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  1. says

    Running and football make for the perfect weekend. Great runs, I wish I could train with you in Central Park…that sounds fabulous. A dog in a stroller??? Ridiculous. Statue of Liberty. Amazing! Have a great Monday!

  2. says

    Nice run! Only thing about running up the East side is it’s not a smooth run all the way back up, i.e. you have to leave the path near 35th St. and run up First or Second Ave but you can rejoin the path north of the Queensboro Bridge. Gotta keep my eyes peeled for that bird, it’s close to my apt 😉

  3. says

    You and your impromtu runs impress me beyond belief! It sounds really fun to just run to destination, though. Must make the run go by faster.

    Do you think you were more tired considering the fact that you did an impromptu 20-miler and then a random marathon not too long ago?? You are definitely on a roll these days. :)

    And I just have to say it — I cannot believe how many layers some runners are wearing!! When it’s 40-some degrees, you do not need to be wearing long pants, 2 shirts, gloves, and a hat! Seriously — shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt are fine. Sometimes I want to yell at people to take off their clothes, but something tells me that won’t go over too well…

  4. Tanya says

    My parents take their little bichon for a walk in a baby stroller every day – he’s crippled and can’t walk far, but my parents like to go for long walks and get him out in the fresh air!

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