you just got CHICKED

In my last post (where I ran to the Statue of Liberty), I alluded to something that happened at mile 12.  I’ve mentioned it before on my blog, and it actually happens on a fairly normal basis.  I must say that it is one of my favorite things to do while on a run.

What might that be?  Well, let’s recount the story from mile 12 yesterday:

I was running along the west side, minding my own running business.  A fair amount of people were running on the path, running along at their own paces.  I was enjoying my long run, taking in the sights around me.  As I came upon the runners in front of me, one of them was a young guy who happened to be walking at the time.  When he was about twenty yards in front of me, he picked up the pace and started running again.  However, he wasn’t going that fast, so I soon caught up to him and passed him.  Not an unfamiliar situation, as I pass runners all the time.  (And some pass me too…just to make that clear!)

Well…not this time.  About fifteen seconds later, I hear footfalls behind me.  Either this guy randomly decided to pick up the pace, or he didn’t want to be beat by a girl.  (I usually go with the second hypothesis.)  He continued to run about five feet behind me.  Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but my goodness his feet were loud!  I could hear every step he took and that is not conducive to a nice peaceful run.  Naturally I decided to pick up the pace a little so I wouldn’t have to listen to the stampede behind me.  However, this guy was having none of that and followed right behind me.

Well sir, two can play at that game, and I’m probably going to win it.  He ran behind me for a solid mile, which seemed like forever………then he slowed down.  A lot.  All of a sudden, he was gone.  He’d just been CHICKED.

What’s that you say?  For those of you unfamiliar with the term “chicked,” the glorious Urban Dictionary gives us this defintion:  When a woman outperforms a man in a physical activity, such as biking, hiking, or skiing, where normally a man should outperform the woman.

Running falls under that category, so there you have it.  I probably take a bit too much pride in doing this, but running faster than men brings a smile to my face.  I’m well aware that there are many, many men who ran run faster than me, but passing a guy (and having him look to the side to see who is passing him!) gives me great satisfaction.  Also, one of life’s greatest joys is running in a race and having spectators yell, “Let’s go ladies!!” because very few women are around me.  Love it.  :)

That being said, this shirt is certainly going on my Christmas list this year:

image Two thumbs up.

What do you think of “chicking”?  Is the shirt too much?  If you’re male, what do you think about it?  I would probably be a bit self-conscious wearing this shirt, wearing it only on days where I was feeling good or perhaps doing a workout.  But I like it nonetheless.


Only a little bit of chicking went on during my run today…I was trying to keep it on the slower side, which only last for the first half of my run.  (Oops?)  Either lots of speedy men were out today, or they were all doing speedwork when they passed me!  Can’t always be passing people, I suppose.  When I was walking around the city today, I was getting a little bit chilly and became nervous for the run because the “feels like” temperature was 39 degrees!  Not cold by any means, but certainly not warm.  I suited up in shorts and a long sleeve shirt (thank you, Marine Corps Marathon 2006) and headed out.  Ended up being an absolutely fabulous run…ran in Central Park (where else?) and it was beautifully dark but well lit.  (With plenty of people around, just in case my mom is reading!)  It’s so pretty and makes it feel like a different place than when I run there during the daylight hours.

Monday, November 29
8.19 miles in 1:03:36, avg pace of 7:46

Best part of the run?  I was running by the Carylyle Hotel, and the doorman cheered for me!  He pumped his first and yelled, “Go go!  You go get ‘em!” 

Thanks buddy.  :)

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  1. says

    With your pace I am sure you chicked a lot of men!! I like the shirt, I think it is funny and if people are offended by that……they need to get out more:) It is so funny because I was reading your post when I got an email that you commented on my blog. Below zero temps…you are my hero.

  2. says

    haha great job! 😉 I’ll admit I love doing this too. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I can make a guy run faster by running up behind him…or passing him. 9 times out of 10, they are not okay with it and want to race you (all the while acting nonchalantly like they aren’t really racing) So, I love when I can just leave him behind. I get this excited swelling in my heart and I want to jump up and down and laugh — like I just won a race or something, haha. I probably shouldn’t admit all this. But it’s the little things that keep you motivated, right?? :)

    I like that shirt by the way. I think you should rock it!

  3. says

    Ha! That is too funny :) As someone who will NEVER EVER pass a guy I say be proud! :) You are seriously super fast and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that…wear the shirt proudly! :)

  4. says

    Ha. You know, I could go either way: I have definitely taken a LOT of pride in beating dudes who think they can run faster than me (even when they say something asinine like, “Wow, I must be going really slowly!”), but the angry-feminist part of me is like, eh….maybe not. I mean, if some pre-teen wore a shirt that said, “You just got beaten by a seventh grader!” I would be pissed. I like to think the bobbing ponytail is message enough.

  5. says

    I can not stand loud foot stompers either. I do the same thing…try to accelerate away!

    I don’t know why “you got duded” never caught on?!

  6. says

    Hahaha I don’t think I’ll ever be beating men. Unless of course they are 75 years old and out on a walk with their aging beagle or something like that.

  7. says

    you ABSOLUTELY need that shirt speedy! I always make it a point to chase down as many dudes as possible at the end of races. And it always makes me extra happy to pass guys when I’m out running, especially when they speed up to hold me off and I still end up passing them. :p silly boys.

  8. says

    This is hilarious! You totally need that shirt. I must admit, I love passing men too. Especially back when I was in college, I felt so hardcore.
    I really want a shirt that says “biking on the sidewalk is illegal” b/c people are always biking on the sidewalk I run on and then I have to hop out of the way.

  9. says

    I looked up the shirt and you can find it at
    They give a portion of the proceeds to empowering other women to CHICK, too — watch out boys!
    I’m getting 4 for my running girls – they said they’ll have them to me by Christmas!
    Thanks for posting!

  10. BCDon says

    The shirt is NOT too much. Although you need to make sure that “you’ve been CHICKed” is on the back so they can see it. Oh and I am a guy. But, being 60, my favorites (I’m into cycling) are when I power past youngsters that are half or less my age. Maybe I need a T-Shirt that says “Grandpa just passed you” :).


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