a little interval session

Tuesday nights means speedwork with the fabulous team Team Sasquatch crew in Central Park.  Our fearless leader, Josh, leads us in an unknown-until-you-show-up workout, and it’s a miracle I’ve survived without being greeted with mile repeats.  (That being said, I’ve rocked mile repeats in the past!)  I’m pretty sure I just jinxed myself.

Anyway, I had a bit of speedwork on my way to the park, as a photography class that I was taking let out late…and admittedly, I don’t think I learned too much from the class.  (Anyone want to recommend a dSLR camera??)  I sped over to meet up with the group before we did our own little warm-up and got on with the workout. 

What was the workout?  One minute easy, four minutes hard….times eight.  Sounded like it could be a doozy, but it went pretty well.  Check it out:

Tuesday, November 30
Overall:  9.61 miles in 1:10:11, avg pace of 7:18

Warm-up:  2.84 miles in 21:23, avg pace of 7:32 (oops?)

Interval #1: 0.59 miles in 4:02, avg pace of 6:53 (hi, Cat Hill)
Interval #2:  0.61 miles in 4:02, avg pace of 6:37
Interval #3:  0.61 miles in 4:01, avg pace of 6:33
Interval #4:  0.59 miles in 4:01, avg pace of 6:52  (Harlem Hill)
Interval #5:  0.61 miles in 4:02 avg pace of 6:35
Interval #6:  0.57 miles in 4:00, avg pace of 7:02 (HILLS)
Interval #7:  0.60 miles in 4:02, avg pace of 6:42
Interval #8:  0.64 miles in 4:08, avg pace of 6:29
Total:  5.32 miles in 36:18, avg pace of 6:50

Cool-down:  1.04 miles in 8:14, avg pace of 8:14

This was a fabulous workout…I felt like I was pushing, but I wasn’t going to die or anything.  I’m definitely looking to run a fast marathon next spring, so speed work is going to be key!  I know I can run long, but getting faster is going to be important.  Thanks, Josh!

Now, if we refer to my last post about chicking, I will assure you that none of that was happening tonight.  Both Baker and Josh can school me any day.  Baker dropped immediately after the first minute easy, and Josh hung with Sharon and got me in the seventh interval.  I made a sad attempt at jazz hands during the seventh interval when I caught up to them…much less jazzy than before and after the workout!

Overall, I’ll take it!  I like running long, but I also like the feeling of speed and my legs moving.  It will be fabulous when those can be combined.  :)

What do you like better?  Speed workouts or long runs?  (I actually typed “lung fun” by accident…I think I like that term…)

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