another run brought to you by froyo

Here I am blogging straight at you from LaGuardia Airport, where I learned at 6:10 this morning that Delta, Delta Shuttle, and Delta operated by Delta Shuttle are three different things, and the last two are located at a different terminal…the one which I was not at, of course.  Am I the only one who doesn’t think this makes sense?  Can’t we just call it all one thing?  I mean, I don’t claim to be the most logical person ever, but really.

Anyway, my bags are packed and I’m ready to head home to Chicago for Christmas!  I must really like NYC since when I lived in Pennsylvania I would talk about going home to Chicago for weeks ahead of time, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned it at all yet.  For those of you new readers (yay!), I’m originally from Chicago…spent 17 years of my life there and it’s where my parents and sister live.  My brother currently lives in Michigan as he is getting his MBA at Michigan State.  Now you’re all caught up.  :)

It’s funny to look around the airport and see what other people are eating.  It’s 7:10 in the morning and the man across from me is eating a donut and drinking a Powerade.  His son appears to be drinking a Coke.  The girl next to me is eating M&M’s.  Ah, America, the epitome of health.  I see baskets of apples and oranges sitting in front of me (above the candy and chips), but I guess people are skipping over those.  I could really go for a banana right now…or a cup of coffee, but I always spill it on myself getting on the airplane so maybe I’ll pass on that.

I suppose I don’t really have that much room to talk, as my run last night was brought to you by more froyo.  Yes, I bribed myself to run after work by saying that I could swing by 16 Handles and get some froyo after my run.  I did my normal post-run loop in the park and then headed to the local froyo joint…I’m pretty sure I was the only one in tights, but at least I wasn’t a terribly sweaty mess.

122210 Random (2) You’d run for this too.

A little combo of cookies and cream, cake batter, peanut butter, and eurotart yogurt, with the necessary banana, chocolate, and sprinkles toppings, clearly.

Not going to lie…this is going to be dangerous in the summer.  I can’t even imagine.  If it makes me run more, I guess it can’t be that bad.  :) 

Wednesday, December 22
4.43 miles in 32:14, avg pace of 7:16

I apparently ran super speedy, probably because I had froyo on my mind.  Maybe they should have self-serve froyo at the end of my next marathon…Olympics Trials, here I come!  Gotta love motivation.

What do you usually eat when you’re at the airport?  If it’s breakfast, I usually just stick with coffee or get some sort of banana/yogurt combination.  For lunch or dinner, I scout out a sandwich or possibly Chinese food if I’m in the mood.

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  1. says

    Sprinkles, they make everything better! I usually pack my food when traveling but you can’t go wrong the starbucks fruit cup and oatmeal. Perfect combo!

  2. says

    I KNOW! I was going to say usually we hear about Chicago for a long time before, I think thats a good sign :) have a great Christmas at home!

  3. says

    You’ve got froyo on the mind and it’s rubbing off on me. I’ll be getting some today, thanks to you! Have fun in Chicago

  4. says

    Yum – I totally bribe myself on runs sometimes – it’s a healthy balance!

    A lot of times I’ll bring my own food with me for airport travel, since healthier options are usually expensive or not available!

  5. says

    I love taking Delta Shuttle to Chicago. The Marine Air Terminal is the civilized section of LGA and usually a pleasure to travel through!

    Have fun…

  6. sarah says

    the one time i went to NY i flew delta into laguardia and had no idea it was a different terminal…there were some very confusing moments since i was traveling alone! makes no sense to me! hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. ida says

    I pretty much always look for fro yo at the airport. I hate how much airports charge for food, so I bring a sandwich and buy a dessert. I hope you have a great time at home!

  8. says

    I am so glad you get to go home:) I totally check out what everyone else is eating when I am in public settings ha! Your title got me so excited to read….we are so alike. I always promise myself a treat at the end and it works every time. Super speedy run. Hope you have an amazing time with your family!!!

  9. says

    ah, yes, the epitome of health. :)
    your froyo looks awesome…we don’t have any froyo places in my hometown, which is sad!
    i usually eat sandwiches at airports. or bagels. :)

  10. says

    Ugh, airport food is so expensive! I usually go for tea and a bagel or Starbucks oatmeal if I can find it in the morning. Lunch and dinner are usually a crapshoot though.

    We have a froyo place in Richmond and in Champaign. Maybe I’ll bribe myself!

    Safe travels!

  11. Don says

    I just skip airport food, maybe stick some snack from home in my carryon. Yesterday, saw family of 4 having whole deep dish pizza at around 7:00 am as I walked up to my gate.

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