Christmas Cookies 2010

One of the activities I look forward to the most during the Christmas season is being able to see my friends, especially the ones who I have had for a long time.  You should all know by now that I am a huge cheese ball and I like silly activities, so of course I would love doing something like decorating Christmas cookies.  I believe the tradition started during my sophomore year of college when I invited all my friends to come over and decorate cookies with me, and we’ve done it every year since (except last when I couldn’t make it home for Christmas).  I think we all look forward to it these days, and it’s always a good time that reminds us of previous years and the jokes that have developed over the years.  I won’t bore you with all the words, but here is photographic fun from Christmas Cookies 2010:

DSC00609 One of my friends went to the University of Illinois, so we never allow her to make orange frosting…and we stole all the orange M&M’s this year so she couldn’t use them.  :)

DSC00611 Stealing the orange M&M’s…yearly joke!

DSC00613 The decorating crew!

DSC00616 Hard at work!

DSC00625 Some finished products.  :)

DSC00624 Snowflake with a scarf!

DSC00623 Mr. Christmas tree!

DSC00633Maryland mitten!!

DSC00630Mitten with snow on it.  😉

DSC00631  Bill’s 3D cookie, of course!

They’re delicious, let me tell you…I may have had one (or two…) for breakfast.  It’s my holiday diet! 

Do you have any Christmas/holiday traditions with your friends?  I look forward to cookie decorating every year and I love that I have something to look forward to with my friends each year!


I always LOVE running when I come home!  I hopped off the plane yesterday morning, visited with my family for a little, and then hit the road on one of my old running routes.  I’ve run these routes a million times, I could probably do it in my sleep.  When I started off, I realized I was running kinda fast, and then the next mile was even faster…so I decided to turn it into a tempo run since I was due for speed work anyway.  :)  I love flying through my old stomping grounds!

Wedesday, December 23
7.05 miles in 49:05, avg pace of 6:58 (woo woo!)
Splits:  7:29, 7:17, 7:04, 6:48, 6:48, 6:56, 6:34

Ah, I do love running fast, and those last four miles were awesome.  :)  Time to finish wrapping presents and to hang out with my family!

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  1. says

    yummy! I have also eaten tons of cookies for the past few weeks. :) My favorites are gingerbread men and peanut butter blossoms!

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