there’s no place like home for the holidays

When I arrived back home in Chicago on Thursday morning, my dog greeted me by immediately shoving his nose down my boots.  I have no idea why he thought my feet smell so good that he needed to sniff out my boots, but I guess that’s a good way for a dog to welcome you home.  He also jumped up and danced with me for a little bit.  Awww welcome home to me!!

Christmas 2010 (1)This is why you always carry a camera with you.

Another fun fact:  I used to waitress at Egg Harbor Cafe, which is a breakfast/lunch place with multiple locations around Chicago.  The food is delicious and has made me a bit of a breakfast snob.  Anyway, I loved all the people I worked with, and many of them are still there, so I sent them one of my fabulous Christmas card/letter combos.  I met a couple of my friends for lunch there today, and I was greeted by one of the managers (who wasn’t there when I was there!) by him saying, “Wait…I know you…you’re the girl in the picture!  You’ve been a busy girl!”  He turned and pointed to the wall, and sure enough, there was my Christmas card!  I haven’t worked there for over a year and a half, but I always have the best welcoming whenever I go back to say hi and eat some delicious food.  Hands down my favorite job ever.  Definitely tradition to go back whenever I’m in Chicago.

image Christmas Eve movie!!

Another Nurse on the Run family tradition takes place on Christmas Eve.  Growing up, my immediate family wasn’t really close to the rest of our family, so it was always just us for holidays such as Christmas.  In order to keep three young kids from going totally nuts on Christmas Eve while waiting for Santa to come, my parents would take us out for Chinese food and then out to a movie.  We’ve done this for as long as I can imagine, and although  my 30 year old brother and my twin sister and I (we’re 26!) are no longer nutso over Santa (nor are we Jewish…), we still carry on this tradition.  We checked out a new Chinese place (mango shrimp…YUM!) and then headed to see Little Fockers.  Yes, it only got 1.5 stars, and yes, it was fabulous.  I apparently like bad movies…no worries there. 

And yes, we have snow on the ground.  Not quite like last year’s Pennsylvania blizzard, but we’re going to have a White Christmas in Chicago.  :)

Annnnnnd the snow today meant an awesome Christmas Eve snow run!!  I headed out for eight miles on one of my favorite routes.  Having grown up in Chicago, I know that running when it’s snowing means that it is warm outside!  It can be too cold to snow, so when it’s snowing, it makes for some toasty runs.  I love running when it’s snowing, especially when few other people are out so it’s quiet…just you and the pretty snow.

Thursday, December 24
8.05 miles in 1:01:32, avg pace of 7:38

I run fast when I’m at home…especially when I have snowflakes on my eyelashes  :)

Do you have Christmas Eve traditions?  Do they involve Chinese food??

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  1. says

    hooray for being home!
    sounds like you have some super fun christmas eve traditions. we usually have a giant Swedish feast and go to a 11 pm christmas eve candlelight service.
    merry christmas!

  2. says

    Merry Christmas!! You are one speedy woman at home…actually wherever you are! Love the picture of your dog. So fun to read about your traditions! We had homemade pizza last night…I think it will be a new tradition.

  3. says

    My mom and I used to go out for a movie and Chinese food on Christmas day, in the evening, after the present-opening and eating. The Chinese place we used to frequent is now closed, but we still saw “Black Swan” last night.

  4. Julianne says

    My parents and I eat Chinese food, drink champagne, and watch Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve! How ironic that you (sort of) do the same thing!

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