Merry (belated) Christmas from NOTR!

Merry (belated!) Christmas from Nurse on the Run!!  Things get a little bit busy when I’m home and therefore I like to spend more time face to face with my family and friends rather than blogging about it.  That’s what sitting in the airport is for!  (More on that later!)  Christmas did not disappoint this year and was yet another fabulous day for my family. 

Christmas 2010 (7) Santa came!!

Christmas 2010 (9) Stockings were stuffed!!

Christmas 2010 (8) My brother and dad made a fire.  Kept me warm allllll day!

Christmas 2010 (15) I got a Cubs banner to represent come spring…boo Yankees!!

Christmas 2010 (14) My mom the art teacher got artist finger puppets.

Christmas 2010 (25)My brother got the same Bears shirt he got last year. :)

Christmas 2010 (22)  Baking supplies galore!!

I got a few running related supplies, including the CHICKED shirt that I wanted!!  Woo woo.  Thanks Santa.  :)  My brother was in charge of dinner and we had some fabulous eats which were all yellow/beige in color…gotta tell him you’re supposed to mix up the colors to get in different nutrients and to make the meal more appealing!  But it was tasty and we had PIE so I can’t really complain.  Plus, the rule is never to complain when someone else cooks you dinner.  It’s a fact, don’t argue with it.

One of the highlights of my day was my very first CHRISTMAS RUN.  I’ve never before lacked up my running shoes on Christmas day, but today was the year that I hit the roads for an afternoon run.  It was really fun!!  Only a few people were out, and they all looked at me like I was nuts.  I think I passed the dad of one of my old cross country teammate’s, and he actually coaches for the rival high school, so he said Merry Christmas to me!  It was a delightful snow run…about thirty degrees which is fabulous for running in tights, a running top, and a tshirt.  I even took my gloves off for a while.  There was no way a run on Christmas could be bad, and it did not disappoint.  :)

Saturday, December 25
7.03 miles in 52:06, avg pace of 7:25

Last mile was 6:56…can’t beat that!

Currently sitting in O’Hare attempting to get on my third flight of the day…my first two were canceled, and I’m supposed to be at work tomorrow!  (They said I don’t have to come since it doesn’t sound like I’ll make it…but I’m supposed to be there on Wednesday!)  I’m actually attempting to get to Philadelphia.  James (remember him?) graciously said he would pick me up at the Philadelphia airport and then I can take the train back to NYC since nothing is flying into NYC anytime soon.  An hour and a half to go, so we’ll see if I’m actually flying out tonight…fingers crossed, you all know my luck with flying!

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  1. Katie says

    Good luck with the flights! And I just remembered reading this but last week the snow was coming down in Boston and very few people were out running but I passed at least 3 guys and kept thinking “you got chicked!” Sweet shirt!

  2. says

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas with your family!! And some nice Christmas/Christmas Eve runs. I definitely was not as motivated as you over the holidays. :-/

    Anyway, sounds like you had an eventful day of traveling. I hope you were able to make it back to NYC safely!!

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