annnnd that’s a 2010 wrap

So there’s less than an hour left in 2010, and I’m not going to lie…I think that New Year’s Eve is highly overrated.  That being said, I’m sitting on my couch because I worked today and I’m working tomorrow, so that’s not totally conducive to a big party.  It is interesting to look back on this year and see how far I’ve come.  I’ll save you the torture of reading yet another “2010 in Review” post, but let’s just say that if you had asked me where I would be at the end of 2010, I certainly wouldn’t have said anything remotely close to where I am right now!

2010 started with big changes and lots of tears, as I’m not afraid to talk about how much I hated my first job and how unhappy I really was.  I used to cry on a daily basis (and I’m not a crier at all!), and I was too upset with my life to see the help that people were offering me.  All I wanted was to get out of a Pennsylvania, and after hunting for jobs for months, I finally landed a job at one of the top hospitals in the country on an amazing unit.  I still cannot believe that I live in New York City…I love it here, and my job hasn’t made me cry!

Anyone who has spent all of 2010 reading my blog knows what a year it has been related to my personal life and work, and I want to thank everyone for putting with my incessant posting about how miserable I was…your support really means a lot to me, and while I love every comment I receive, ones where readers say, “You seem SO happy!” really make me smile.  Because I really am SO.  MUCH.  HAPPIER.

Even running-wise, I’m definitely much happier!  I battled my IT band at the beginning of the year, essentially taking off three months of running!  That’s a long time when it’s your main activity.  However, it was definitely worth it and I came back to run an awesome marathon.  My mileage for the year?

All of 2010
1,311.86 miles in 170:06:39, avg pace of 7:51

I spent an entire week running!  Not too shabby for taking three months off.  :)  I love running and I cannot wait to see what I can do in 2011…big plans are to come, but you’ll have to wait to hear those since I haven’t set all my goals yet.

For my last run of 2010, I threw on some shorts since it’s 43 degrees in NYC and headed over the Central Park.  Unlike my usual post-work runs, tons of people were out as you can see part of Times Square from Central Park…and they were setting up for the midnight race that I wish I could do!  I had to avoid a lot of tourists, but it was a fabulous post-run recovery job to finish up the year.

Friday, December 31
4.16 miles in 34:33, avg pace of 8:19

Here’s to more running in 2011….I hope you all have fabulous New Year’s Eves and even better 2011’s.  :)

And just for fun, here’s the lucky, lucky guy I will be kissing at midnight:

imageDon’t pretend you’re not jealous…I know you are!

What was your favorite run in 2010?  A race?  A beer run?  No run at all?

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    thats pretty cool! A whole week running! Favorite race was the charity 10 miler I did for water in africa. It was so cool! Lots of support and $$ raised. :)

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    I’m relatively new to your site so don’t have all the backstory, but glad 2010 ended on some great notes for you! Good luck in 2011. I was out in CP late yesterday afternoon as well, and it was definitely spectacular out there, between the weather, the people and the race/nye prep…

  3. says

    um whoa! my year in review certainly wasnt torture, cmon!

    congrats on becoming a member of the greatest city on earth! good luck in 2011!

    i also hate NYE with a passion and often just hang inside w close friends, avoiding all of the invaders that are cruising my town.

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    Susan! I’m so happy for you and your new job and life in NYC! :) It’s been really fun following your adventures. I am hoping that 2011 will bring me the same kind of happiness and positive changes and that I’ll find a job that I’m passionate about. :)

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    Just FYI I have been stalking you from my iphone…..I just can’t comment from there and like usually I am obsessed with you! GREAT MILES THIS YEAR!! I am so happy that you are so much happier! Way to take control of your life. I just got your Christmas card in the mail and it MADE MY DAY!! Um, you are gorgeous and I am putting the picture on my fridge. I really think we are coming to NY this June to visit friends will you please please meet up with me???

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    I am SO SO SO happy that you are so happy now :) I remember how unhappy you were and its so great to see things click and workout. Can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for you!

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    YAY for ending 2010 on a good note!! I did the New Years Eve run in CP a couple of years ago and really enjoyed running in it. It goes down as one of my favorites. but for best run of 2010? def the MCM marathon in October. It just felt like a good, long run (as opposed to agonizing). Here’s to 2011!

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    I am so excited that you love your new job and new locale. It makes me so happy for you. And congrats on that awesome mileage! As always, you’re an inspiration :)

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    2010 was quite a year for sure, for everyone. I hope 2011 brings you as much excitement and happiness that you desire.

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    We had almost the same mileage for the year, except it took me 8 days and 19 hours to complete. Speedy McSpeederson. 2011 is the year we meet up, so start scratching your brain on that one por favor! 😀

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    I’m glad 2010 ended on a much better note than it started!! :) You do seem really happy now, and I think it’s great you’ve found a job in a city that you enjoy so much. Hope that there are many wonderful things in store for you in 2011!!

    Also hope to meet you sometime this year :)

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