kangaroo moon bounces

When I was thinking about what to post today, I was going to write about how it was a non-motivational Monday, as I woke up after noon and then sat like a zombie drinking coffee.  That’s what working three twelve hour shifts in a row will do to you…people told me that it’s not necessarily worth it since you just spend the day after that recovering from three in a row…especially the last day that I had!  It was crazy.

That’s all I’m going to say about that, as the entire idea for that blog post went out the window when I spotted someone running in Central Park wearing these:


I had no idea what they were, and she was bouncing along and not going very fast.  I googled them when I got home (I love google more than most people) and found out that they are Kangaroo JumpsThis website provides some information about them:

Kangaroo Shoes are new in the U.S. and, although they provide many health benefits, the emphasis here is definitely on fun — they’re absolutely the most fun way to exercise I’ve ever found…plus you only need to use them 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week to get great results.

You can safely use them indoors, or outdoors on paved roads, dirt paths, sidewalks, grass, and at the beach. They’re very stable and easy to use… It only takes a few seconds to get started and a few minutes to master the basic techniques.

Kangaroo boots reduce impact shock by 80% and are recommended by doctors for the safe strengthening and rehabilitation of your ankles, shins, knees, hip, and back. They increase your calorie burn rate by 25% and quickly strengthen your heart and lungs. They’re a great workout for the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen… I lost one pant size in less than 5 weeks!

The kangaroo boots are Swiss engineered and have become very popular overseas since their launch in 1994. In Europe they are used for serious athletic training and in large aerobic classes.

Apparently Maria has spotted a man and a woman running around Central  Park in these before…they looked a bit nutty and I certainly would fall over if I attempted to wear them (minutes to learn?  You’ve never seen me attempting to ice skate, have you?).  The funniest part about all of this is that I once won a contest from Frayed Laces when she asked what we would change about our running shoes…I got creative and said that I would want moon bounces added to my shoes (since I’m a nerd who went to space camp and running in 1/6th gravity might be fun!).  However, after watching someone actually run in something like that, I withdraw that statement…it looked terrible!  She was running so slow and I’m guess it might be a good workout…no idea, but it sounds kind of like the Shape Up craze that I don’t believe in.

Still a bit funny to see them around Central Park…crazy NYCers.

I had a fabulous run in my normal running shoes (Brooks Ravenna for the win!).  Eight miles in 35 degree weather…well, that sounds a bit fabulous.  I thought I’d be tired from my exhausting weekend of work (no joke, nursing is tough!), but I flew on my run, and yes, I did put my arms out to attempt lift off (inspired by the moon bounces above?), but alas, I did not fly…only in the metaphorical sense.

Monday, January 3
8.16 miles in 1:00:32, avg pace of 7:25

First run of 2011…I think I’m off to a good start!

Have you ever seen anyone running in Kangaroo/moon bounce shoes?  Would you want to give them a try?  I think I’d try them, but I don’t think I’d ever buy them…definitely not with plans to use them as a workout!

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  1. says

    Your 2011 is surely off to a good start with that pace! I actually watched a video on those ‘shoes’ a few months back and was going to blog on it too because the shorts the girl was wearing in the video were absolutely hilarious! But, alas, it fell to the wayside. I would have LOVED to see those in person!

  2. says

    Yes 3 12s kill! I totally understand the mind numbing couch sitting after talking/answering so many questions during a 12 hour shift. Some days I just feel alll talked out!

  3. says

    I’ve seen someone going around the park is something like that, but a slightly different design. Like you, I’d be afraid that I’d tip over. The lateral stability looks kind of dicey…

  4. says

    I haven’t. Those look like circus shoes. However, I did see a man running in gladiator shoes in Central Park on Saturday. THAT? Looks absurd. I think marketers are just practical jokers who try to see how much crazy stuff they can get us folks to wear. First those toning shoes, then the Vibrams, now the ellipti-go and kangaroo shoes. What’s next?!

  5. says

    I don’t know…I think I might NEED a pair of those!! hahahaha Seriously — I’ve never seen anyone running in them and would probably laugh if I did, BUT I have to admit, they look kind of fun! If I had a big long road or tons of open land with no one around to watch me, I’d rock a pair of these. Not for exercise, but just because it sounds cool to bounce along. :)

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