duct tape fixes everything. at least temporarily.

One of the biggest things on my that’s what boys are for list is fixing things.  I don’t know how they do it, but many boys innately know how to fix everything.  If there’s a boy class somewhere, I would like to take it.  However, at the moment, I need a boy, and quick!  I couldn’t get my Garmin to stay on earlier this week, and after attempting to reset it and recharge it, it fell apart in my hands.  As in, the top part completely came off.  My poor Garmin, in two pieces!

Well, that wasn’t going to be any good because I had a run to get to!  I did what any normal person would do and found my duct tape.  As long as I taped it tight enough, the power would stay on.  Glorious.  The hardest part is getting it to stay in the charger, and this is a bit what my concoction looks like:

Broken Garmin I will not be deterred!!

Soooo if any boy wants to attempt to fix my Garmin, please let me know.  My only other solution is to attempt to super glue it, but I’m not sure if that’s the best idea.  In the meantime, I’ll probably be buying a new one (a 305, unless someone convinces me otherwise) and sticking with the duct tape.  In other news, my curtains are still hanging, so behold the power of tape.

Since I actually got my Garmin to work, I headed out for some runs!  I mean, I could still run without my Garmin, but I’m probably a bit too dependent on it after running with it for four years!  Oops.  On Wednesday, I headed over for a longer-ish run on the WSH, possibly one of my favorite places to run.  I headed north and passed a biker (twice!) who waved and smiled at me (twice!).  I like it when people are friendly!  It was a fabulous run and I tried to keep the pace under control, which I managed for a little bit.  I’m loving these longer runs so much, it’s just easy to get into a state of mind and go.  Perfect.

Wednesday, January 19
10.27 miles in 1:19:59, avg pace of 7:47

Thursday’s run involved one of my favorite things…literally running errands!  I had to pick up my number and such from NYRR for the Manhattan Half tomorrow morning (did I mention I’m running that?  Because I am…), so I incorporated it into my run since it’s just off of Central Park.  I made the visit to NYRR closer to the end of my run, which meant I ran counter-clockwise around Central Park, which I haven’t done in a long time!  I’m not sure which way is easier, but it was fun to get a different look at the park.  Since most people run clockwise, I got to see lots of people too…including a guy who FLEW past me going counter-clockwise as well.  He was flying!

I picked up my number at NYRR (red corral!  yay?  I’m scared…) and then headed back to the park to finish up my run.  I believe Robin and I stared at each other for about five seconds before realizing who each other was, and then we waved excitedly and said hi as we crossed paths.  I love when I see other people running!

Thursday, January 20
8.22 miles in 1:03:27, avg pace of 7:43

Today involved a bit more surgery on my Garmin (so sad!) and then I headed over to the east side for a short run since I didn’t want to be too tired for the half marathon tomorrow!  For the record, the west side is SO MUCH BETTER than the east side since the path wasn’t cleared about 96th St so I just ran back and forth until it was long enough for my five mile run.  How boring and repetitive!  The WSH is amazingly clear and I wish it was a block from my apartment!  So sad.  At least it was a short run…

Friday, January 21
5.1 miles in 40:31, avg pace of 7:57

Now for some more resting up before the half tomorrow…calling for some chilly temperatures in the teens, but my Chicago blood should pull me through!  I have no idea what is going to happen at this half, sooooo I’m going to go out and see what happens.  And hope my face doesn’t freeze.

Has your Garmin ever totally collapsed on you?  What model would you recommend?  I’m eyeing the 305…


How much do you love duct tape??  What have you fixed with the magic tape?

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  1. Vijesh says

    Just picked up the 210. I have these skinny wrists but it can easily pass as day-to-day watch. It offers little in the way of customization but provides all I need during a run. Check out http://www.dcrainmaker.com/ for an in depth review.

  2. says

    I can’t remember anything right off hand but I love any product that fixes things. I love gorilla glue and fabric tac just as much as I love duct tape. They are awesome!

  3. says

    I completely agree..why are boys so good at fixing things? I hope your Garmin holds up for the race today! Good luck…you’ll do awesome! :)

  4. says

    OKay I came back to comment again because after I read this and in doing my everyday house stuff I realized that there was duct tape in my life on items I use everyday and I had just forgotten. There is some on the back of my daughter’s dvd remote and some on the top of the broom because it was sharp..ha!

  5. says

    The boyfriend had a 305 that fell apart (or maybe he dropped it and needed to give it surgery). In any event, he fixed it with duct tape, but ultimately just bought a new one. I think he’s happy with it.

    I really dislike duct tape. I think it smells gross, and it always gets so dirty. BLech.

  6. says

    As a boy, even I have to say, if your Garmin is falling to pieces like that…it’s probably time to get a new one =) Get the 305…it’s good, it’s cheap and it’s very durable. Yeah.

    Oh and congrats on your half yesterday. PR in 14 degrees…not too shabby! I guess that’s how you can tell you’re from Chicago! Haha!

  7. says

    Haha, duct tape is pretty amazing. I’m sorry your Garmin fell apart, but I love your handy solution. I actually use duct tape (plus cling wrap) to fix the hole I accidentally burned into my hydration pack drinking straw with an iron. It works surprisingly well!

    Have you seen the new 110?? It’s a stripped down version, but still has all the great features I love about the Garmin. I have the 405 and really like it, but if I were going to buy one right now, I’d probably get the 110. It’s cheaper, and can pass as a regular watch!

  8. says

    I LOVE duct tape! I’d do the exact same thing. I dont mess with super glue because bad things happen.

  9. says

    What would Garmin say if you contacted them? It would be great PR if they fixed your old garmin or sent you a new one.

  10. says

    oh no your Garmin!!!! That’s horrible, but hopefully you can get it fixed, if you can’t just get an upgrade :) IT’s better to buy something better then get the old one fixed. I’ve been really eyein the 305 but I’m gonna wait till Spring when my running is in full force.

    And yes Duct Tape is the Penicillin of the office supplies. I just fixed my dog’s crate with it :)

  11. says

    can’t wait to hear how your race went! I have a question for you if you have time to answer… I am starting to train for Boston and am wondering if there are any specific workouts or elements to a training plan that you would recommend me to include in my training plan. Thanks Susan!

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