if all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes

I may lose readers because of this.  Just remember, I never said I was cool. 

Did anyone used to watch Barney?  You know, the big purple dinosaur?  Well, I did.  And I had a stuffed Barney.  And Barney sheets for my bed.  I remember being slightly embarrassed about this at the time, but please see the above disclaimer.  Any,way if you happened to watch the show (or have small children), you may remember this song:

If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes?
Oh what a snow that would be.
Standing outside with my mouth opened wide.
If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes?
Oh what a snow that would be.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you should head over to this video to see adorable young children sing the song.  Or just ask me and I’ll sing it for you, as I happened to have a penchant for children’s songs, especially if they have hand motions.  Just ask.

Anyway, what does this have to do with running??  Well, for those of us lucky enough to call ourselves runners in the north, we get to experience little things called SNOW RUNS.  If you’ve never experienced a snow run, you are missing out.  Although it’s been quite cold in NYC, I grew up in Chicago and know that when it’s finally snowing again, that means it’s warm because it can be too cold to snow.  And snow means warm!  We got a bit of snow and some wintery mix all day here in NYC (with more to come tonight…), and I had planned to meet up for a group run with the Run Co kids, but I suppose the weather led them to cancel.  I, however, did not cancel my run and headed out to Central Park to wage war on the weather. 

Actually running in Central Park wasn’t so bad, it was getting there and back that was the worst…the sidewalks were slippery and people had gigantic umbrellas that took up the whole sidewalk.  Once I got to the park, no problem!  My foot only slipped once and otherwise it was fabulous.  Very few people were out (Side note:  Attractive man wearing orange jacket who said hi to me, I’m sure you’re reading this and we should be friends.  Moving on), and although it definitely wasn’t a day for speed, the conditions were great.  I brought my camera along to share the glory of the snow run with those less fortunate:

Snow Run January 2011 (3)

  All alone on the west side.  This actually looks kinda creepy…Snow Run January 2011 (5)

  By the reservoir…aww that’s pretty.Snow Run January 2011 (9)

  It’s almost like I’m not in the middle of Manhattan…okay, maybe not.

Snow Run January 2011 (12) Loooooooove it.

The plan was to do eight miles, but around mile 6.5 it started to snow again, so I decided I want to run some more and extend it to a ten mile run.  This was when I started singing the above song.  Around mile seven was when the snow turned to sleet and I got a free exfoliating facial, compliments of mother nature.  Thunder also made an appearance, which was a bit weird…snow thunderstorm?  How odd.

I made a slippery return back home and survived the snow, loving all except about four minutes of it when the sleet actually hurt.  Really people, get off the treadmill (or the couch!) and go on a snow run…or at least a snow walk.  They’re fabulous.

And yes, I realize that most of my running sounds like ice cream and rainbows.  I like it.

Wednesday, January 26
10.25 miles in 1:20:51, avg pace of 7:53

Snow, you’ve got nothing on me.


My legs actually feel quite recovered from the half marathon on Saturday.  My legs were definitely exhausted on Sunday so I took the day off (before watching my Bears make a fool of themselves…) and then took myself out for some recovery miles after work on Monday.  They definitely felt tired, but keeping the pace slower helped out. 

Monday, January 24
5.4 miles in 44:35, avg pace of 8:15

Back in action in no time!

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  1. says

    Ok, first of all, when the hell did you watch Barney??? Please tell me you were babysitting cause otherwise, I’ll feel really old!
    Second, thanks for this! Dying to find out if running in Central Park in this weather was safe (as in, I won’t fall on my ass every other step). I must try it… snow is calling my name

  2. says

    I’m impressed, although not really surprised, that you ran yesterday! I was on my way home from work when the sleet started and it was nasty! Glad Central Park was in good shape for your run!

  3. says

    How do you manage not to slip and fall when the ground is already covered in snow? I’ve tried snow running but I’ve had no luck because of the traction issue. Do you use YakTrax or something like that?

  4. says

    One of my little sisters LOVED Barney and that song brought back some vivid memories! I am SO over this snow already. Enough!

  5. Katie says

    Watched Barney and loved that song, and have gotten many strange looks regarding my excitement for snow and the explanation “well now it’s warm! great running weather!!” It’s so pretty and calm on top of being warm.

  6. says

    ahhhh i titled my post with that lyric too! when i saw your post in my google reader, i had to take a double take because i thought i was reading my own post :)

  7. says

    Oh yeah, I could sing that song word for word as well. :) Did you ever watch the cartoon that had the elephant (gatsby!) walking on the tight rope before the show started, and had the skiddamarinky dinkydink song on it?

  8. says

    I wouldn’t mind snow runs so much if they weren’t of the Midwestern variety–snow AND wind. Ughhh, I hate slipping and stabilizing myself on semi-compact snow and being slapped in the face with snowflake bullets.

  9. says

    haha ok, I just have to echo Erica Sara above. I mean, my youngest sister watched Barney, but there’s an 8 year difference between us. And I’m pretty sure you and I are about the same age. I mean, no judgement here, but I thought we were more of the Sesame Street generation…. 😉

    Moving on…your run looks so pretty!! Honestly, I used to run outside in the snow WAY more than I do now. There just isn’t a safe place to go. I realize this may sound like a cop-out but it’s true. We don’t have a park or running path or anything. Just streets where the shoulder is covered in snow and drivers who are absolutely insane. I really do love running through the snow (it’s so pretty and peaceful) but sadly I’ve had to give up on that lately. I’m happy to live vicariously through you though. It sounds like such a nice run!! (and I hope you find your mystery man haha)

  10. says

    AHh, yes! Snow runs…I’ve been doing those for quite a while here in MI. :) I love watching the snow while running.

    And congrats on your awesome half marathon time!

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