food + running + monica = win

One of the best parts about living in NYC (especially still being pretty new to the city!) is that there is a neverending list of things to explore!  Luckily, Monica, who was a dietetics major with me at the University of Maryland, is living in the city for the year, so we get to do touristy things together and enjoy ourselves.  :)  I’m always nervous to ask people to do some random things because it may be new to me,  but old, old news to others!

Yes, I still go, “OMG!  The Statue of Liberty!”  I never said I was cool, okay?

Moving on.  Monica and I decided to have a run date on Saturday, as she just signed up for her first marathon (Pittsburgh, reminds me of Abby!), and I’m still in recovery mode from my last marathon, so we could do a run together.  Fabulous.

Since Saturday was a gorgeous day in the city, I decided to walk to her apartment by NYU, which takes a bit over an hour from my Upper East Side apartment.  I was wearing my Boston jacket, as it was spring and my only spring jackets are marathon jackets (oops?).  As I was walking along, some guy stopped me and asked if I ran Boston last year (yes!) and told me that he’s running this year (yay!).  We chatted about Boston and I gave him some tips, then we talked about my last marathon and his half.  He ran the NYC Half and I remember cheering for him!  Too funny.  I got his bib number so I can track him at Boston, and maybe I have a new running buddy!  Love it.

Once I moved along, I was getting closer to Monica’s when I spotted these in a bakery window:

Run with Monica (2) Little colored things are like shiny objects to me.

Naturally I had to go in, so I did and walked out with a bag of these:

Run with Monica (3) I’m easily entertained.

I think they’re meringues, although I believe Courtney could set me straight! 

Soon enough I was at the lovely NYU campus, and Monica and I set out for our run.  We headed over to the east side and down around the southern tip of Manhattan and back up the west side until we got back to her apartment.  We kept it at her pace (I tried really hard!), and I took some pictures along the way since I usually forget to take my camera with me when I run around that area.  The bridges are so pretty, and we got some snapshots at the Statue of Liberty, and my love…the west side highway!  Check it out:

Run with Monica (4) Brooklyn Bridge from under the Manhattan Bridge.

Run with Monica (5)Manhattan Bridge!

Run with Monica (8) I can’t believe I post such unattractive pictures of myself.

Run with Monica (11) I LOVE YOU WEST SIDE HIGHWAY.

We had a fabulous run, chatting about marathons and life and…who knows what else you talk about on a run?  You talk about everything!  Highlight of the run was when we were running back across Houston St, and some guy yelled, “Hey, what street is this??”  at us, and I turned and yelled back, “Houston St!”  I said it correctly and Monica was impressed that I knew what street it was because she didn’t tell me.  (Secret:  I had looked at the street signs a couple blocks earlier.)  See?  I’m becoming a New Yorker slowly but surely.

Saturday, April 2
8.37 miles in 1:18:23, avg pace of 9:22

Yay!  It was a fun recovery run for me, and running with Monica was fabulous.  Before she ran, she kept saying, “Now, you remember I run slower than you, right?  RIGHT?”  Well it was a good time and yay for runners of all speeds.  :)

Since Monica and I were dietetics majors together (she’s a real dietitian!), we know the importance of refueling.  Whether it was proper refueling or not, we headed to this place because it could be nothing short of delicious:

Run with Monica (13) PEANUT BUTTER.

Yes, yes, the famous Peanut Butter and Co…I’d had their White Chocolate Wonderful before, so I knew this was going to be good.  After scouring the menu, we decided to split the sampler platter (samples of all their different peanut butters complete with celery, carrots, apples, and little toasts for dipping/spreading) and a Peanut Butter Cup (peanut butter and nutella on wheat bread).  Delicious.

Run with Monica (15) Sample platter.

Run with Monica (16) Peanut butter + chocolate = heaven.

This was awesome, and the sample platter was HUGE and we both took the leftover samples home.  I liked the Bee’s Knees (PB + honey) and the maple peanut butter the best.  mmmmm delicious.  I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area of NYU (it’s right by the law school, so I’m told) so you can try it out.  (Matt!  Come to NYC!)

Awesome adventure on a great day!  Spring is coming, I can feel it…

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  1. says

    I saw you post the cookies on FB and was going to ask if they were meringues. Then I was going to ask you if you can send me some. 😉

  2. says

    Sounds like a great time! I’ve lived here almost 7 years now and there are still some ‘touristy’ things I like to do! There’s just too much going on in this city, never a time when there isn’t something new to explore! PB & Co is great! I love making PB & banana stuffed french toast with the mighty maple. Yum!!

  3. says

    hooray for dietetics majors and running dates…and pb & co!!! that looks so amazing. i can’t buy their dark chocolate dreams because it takes me less than a week to eat through…and i don’t run nearly as many miles as you do. 😉

  4. says

    Sounds like an awesome weekend!
    I LOVE the Pb&Co restaurant!! I dragged the boy there a couple months ago…and he is allergic to peanuts! Haha. The waitresses probably spat in his turkey sandwich…just kidding, I hope not.
    PS I agree, Matt needs to come to NYC!

  5. says

    even those look different than what I’m used to, now I’m confused again! Do we need to have a taste testing day? :) I went to PB once but that platter looks so fun! I still get excited over weird NYC things and haven’t done a ton yet, either – I’ve never even been to the top of any of the buildings!

  6. says

    Mmm, I love Peanut Butter Co! My favorite is their yogurt parfait – it has GOBS of pb!

    Looks like you have so much fun running around the city. I’m probably going to be visiting a friend down there within the next month – maybe we can go for a run together!

  7. says

    I’ve lived in NYC for about 5 years now, and STILL haven’t done all the tourist-y stuff. I’m totally down if you want a partner in crime.

  8. says

    i love that about nyc :) i just moved here after graduation in june and there’s still so much to do! LOVE the pb co! haven’t been there for awhile….. hmmm

    love your blog, esp the race recaps!

  9. says

    I love love love the West Side Highway! I used to run there every day, but now I’m on the east side and I miss it terribly. My favorite thing was running in the morning and seeing the cruise ships arriving. Glad you guys had a great run — and LOVE that you went to PB & Co. afterward!

  10. says

    Gah, I’m jealous of you living in NYC, so many BEAUTIFUL ROUTES!

    PS I’m a NURSE in a Surgery Trauma ICU (mostly nights) and I totally know what you mean about the ridiculous craziness that life when your schedule is the opposite of most people…I always have to run at the end of a three day streak in order to feel half normal again, haha.

    And I meant to comment on your BLACK-OUT CURTAINS post a while ago, totally changed my life when I got some.

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