it’s friday, i’m in love

Hello!  It’s Friday, and you know what that means…it’s Friday, I’m in love!  The sun is shining (although not as warm as I would really like…), I’m off from work, and I have coffee and a bagel sitting in front of me.  Win and win.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

shuttle talk

The shuttle did a flyover of NYC today before landing in JFK.  It’s to be placed on the Intrepid.  With the rain and fog last night, I figured it wouldn’t happen, so I slept until about 10:30.  (Having a hard time switching to a normal schedule and was up until 4am last night…)  I woke up to a bunch of twitter talk about the shuttle flying over Manhattan, and I’m sad that I missed it!  I’m so sad because my normal plan would have been to run over the west side to see it come down the Hudson, but we all know that isn’t happening.  For those of you not in the know, when I was little I wanted to be an astronaut, and I even went to Space Camp.  I’m so cool.


As with the shuttle, I actually learn so much from being on twitter.  If I have a question about almost anything, I can tweet it and someone will respond.  My dad was in town the past two nights for work, so we went out to dinner with some of his coworkers,  I’m not too well versed in Midtown West restaurants, so I turned to twitter for some suggestions.  Gian suggested Becco, which is an Italian place on 46th and 9th.  And it is delicious.  We all got the pasta, which is basically all you can eat of three different types.  So good.  Thank you, twitter, for introducing me to this gem.

Also, I think Gian should write a guide to NYC because he’s steered me towards multiple amazing suggestions.  Just saying.

dad visiting

Chicago Christmas 2011 (14) With Dad at Christmas…we got the same book.

As I said, my dad was in town!  It’s never until my dad visits or I go home that I realize how much I miss Chicago and being home.  We watched some of the NFL Draft on TV…sports with Dad is always fun.  And don’t tell Mom, but he always gives me money to take a cab back home even though I tell him that 11pm is not too late to take the subway.  He follows this up by saying, “Well, if taking a cab is faster, I would do that.” 


I know I just said I love twitter, but hanging out with people in an older generation means that people aren’t constantly checking twitter, facebook, or email throughout dinner.  As much as I love being so connected and it’s brought me awesome friends and opportunities, sometimes it’s nice to not be so connected.

spreading the nuun love

P1030204 Envelopes!

Lots of people asked for some nuun samples, so I’m spending some time today getting those packages ready to send.  If you asked for a sample, look for this in the mail!

shoe racks

photo (1) 
My shoes have a nice spot on the floor.  I’ve never been much of a shoe girl, but since I buy running shoes in bulk to rotate (at least) three pairs at a time, they pile up quickly.  (I spot five pairs of Brooks…)  Add in the fact that I buy $20 flats because for whatever reason I don’t own rain boots so I trash them whenever it rains, I end up with more shoes than I thought I had.  So when I bought the above envelopes, I broke down and finally bought a shoe rack.  I’ll admit…maybe I should have done this sooner.


I get a legitimate weekend this time around, meaning I’m off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  So I can happily say, “Weekend, WOOHOO!!”  Lots of fun plans.  Hooooooray!

What are you loving this week?  Did you see the shuttle?  Did you go to Space Camp??

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  1. says

    I missed the shuttle. Flew right by ny office, perfect view and I missed it. I still remember, eighth grade sneaking in after lunch to watch the first landing. Had gotten up early the week before to watch first blastoff. And, challenger happened the day after I pledged my fraternity and a friend walked into class and said I can’t believe what just happened!
    Anyways, love Becco. Orso, on same street is great too. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. says

    Have you visited Celeste on the UWS? charming tiny italian restaurant; it’s my favorite place to go whenever we visit the city. I remember randomly seeing the shuttle circle over Tallahassee when I was driving back home through Florida one year; I had never thought about how they transported the shuttle from point A to point B and was pretty shocked/ amazed that they flew it piggyback.

  3. says

    oh, and I totally need a pair of rain boots now. I’ve wanted them for years but never was able to justify NEEDING them. Just found out that I got into Penn’s CNS program, which will involve take the speedline to the PATCO and then walking to the campus. Totally justifies the rain boots.

  4. says

    AWW I MISS MY DAD! And watching sports stuff and drinking beer with him. I missed the shuttle! And the fact that you went to space camp makes me love you even more <3 is it too early to start making plans to hang out post-exam time? Hope you have a fun weekend!

    Also, I got a shoe rack a few months ago ($9, Target – WIN) and it changed my life.

  5. says

    umm I’m officially incredibly jealous you went to space camp!! 2nd grade changed my life when we learned about space, and I was on a REAL long astronaut kick. I wonder if there are any groupons that’ll take us to the moon for 20% off?..

  6. says

    I did not see the shuttle, but wish I did! I did not go to space camp – I went to summer camp with forced swimming at 8 a.m. in terribly cold water. Space camp sounds like more fun!

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