it’s friday, i’m in love

Guess what?  It’s Friday and I’m in Chicago, so I think that definitely calls for a little, “…it’s Friday, I’m in love” action.  Mainly because my brother is getting married tomorrow so it’s certainly appropriate!

Basically, let’s cut to the chase here…why this Friday is so excellent.

running at home

I just got back from a five mile run on one of my old, old routes that I’ve been running since high school.  Since I started high school in 1999, I’m allowed to say I’ve been running it since last century.

The map on my Garmin won’t load, which I guess is nice so you can’t stalk my parents.  Lovely five miles in 70 degree weather.  I can’t always remember how to get to various stores back home, but I always cross the street in the same exact spots on my runs.  The same spots I’ve been crossing since 1999.  Runners are totally normal people.

the family

All three kids (and my parents…and the dog) are hardly ever under the same roof anymore.  Maybe for Christmas.  And since I’m a nurse and work on Christmas, even that is up in the air.  But some of our family came in from afar (or Pennsylvania) for the occasion, so it’s fun to see them.  And to meet my cousins kids who played with blocks and yelled at our dog this morning.  Too cute.

Chicago Christmas 2011 (37) Family!

being in chicago for the bears/packers game

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, or are at least semi-interested in NFL football, you would know about the Bears/Packers rivalry.  Bears games are hard to catch in NYC, and the Bears/Packers game is an important one.  Despite the loss last night (sad…), it’s always fun to be surrounded by Bears fans.  People from Chicago are the best, so that’s exciting.

Fine, Jeri…you win.

Good thing we didn’t bet this year…

sleeping at night

I don’t even want to start talking about my sleep habits last week…one example would be when I passed out at 6pm Saturday night and woke up at 3:30am Sunday morning.   Night shift, you’re killing me.

dairy queen

Dairy Queen does not exist in the five boroughs (it’s so sad, really), and that was one of the first things I did upon getting to Chicago.  M&M Blizzard, you complete me.

wedding cake

I made that!

Luckily I wasn’t enlisted to make any wedding cakes this time around, but tomorrow is wedding day and since I’m not in the wedding (very small wedding party!), I just get to hang back and eat cake!  Hooray.

multiple offers to run

I love that when I posted on Facebook that I was headed to Chicago, multiple people asked if/where I am running long this weekend.  :)  I suppose I’ll be a little busy, but it’s awesome that that’s the first thing that comes to mind!

Big plans this weekend?  Weddings?  Long runs?  What are you loving this week?

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  1. says


    I hope you have fun plowing through wedding cake (well, I hope the cake is super tasty so if you feel compelled to do that it’s worthwhile!) and running at home :)

  2. says

    I was not a runner until 2 yrs ago when I go home running in my neighborhood is the best thing. I go to my HSchool and to all my friends parents’ houses…and everything is still the same. I love the feeling of knowing all the streets and also feeling “safe” even in the evenings. Enjoy the night sleep and your family….nice Christmas tree in September…. I kid I kid….

    and football is like a foreign language to me…I just dont get it. 2-3 minutes of REAL play time over 2.5 hours of TV time….

    bring on the real sports like hmmmmm HOCKEY!!!!!

  3. Elly says

    Ha! I always cross the street in exactly the same spot too – and since I’m currently living in my old neighbourhood, I’m running my old High School routes as well – bring back the memories! I get irritated if I’m running with someone else and they go to cross the street before my usual crossing spot – even if there is a break in traffic then and it would probably make sense. Totally normal behaviour indeed!! 😉

  4. says

    Biking tomorrow (Sunday) in what I think is your neck of the woods–I come up Algonquin by Harper College and do the forest preserve trails. Love it! It is a 30 mile round trip from my home in Arlington Heights.

  5. says

    I stopped betting on Packers games, b/c when I do, they always LOSE. I’ve learned my lesson. No more betting on my boys! You could always convert, you’d look super cute in green and gold. 😉

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