Lots of changes going on around here…and while change can definitely be a good thing, lots of changes all at the same time are definitely making me a little stressed.  I have nothing to complain about because they’re all good changes…but there’s a lot going on right now, that’s for sure.

So what’s going on?  Here we go…

i have a sister-in-law

I mentioned last week that I was in Chicago and that my brother was getting married…that happened!  I’ve been in a bunch of weddings and always on the bride’s side, so being on the groom’s side was definitely a different experience…and definitely much easier.  It was also a much more low key wedding than any I’ve been to before…smaller, morning ceremony with a lunch reception, followed by pizza at my parents’ house.  Excellent.  Some of my extended family came in, and it was fun to see them and meet my cousins’ kids who I hadn’t had the chance to meet before.

Ryans Wedding (27) Rehearsal lunch family picture.

Ryans Wedding (231) Post-wedding, with bubbles.

Ryans Wedding (164) Reception cheese-ing with Uncle Bob

And of course I got to see my Katies (and Bill!) and enjoy being in Chicago for a bit.  Win.

i’m moving


I’ve been in the process of packing for a couple weeks due to working and being out of town.  I signed a lease for a studio starting on October 15th, and I’ve been packing and packing…and packing.  I just keep finding more stuff and one of my goals when I move in is definitely to get rid of stuff.  I don’t even know what most of it is or why I even need it.  (Except for the Christmas tree, that can stay.)

But, Susan, you say…why are you packing now if you don’t move until October 15th?  Well, that’s because…

i’m going to africa

Yep, that’s right…I’m leaving for three weeks in Africa on Saturday!  I’ve been looking for the right time to take a trip with Discover Outdoors to volunteer with elephants in Nambia…since I love elephants so much.  I’m always marathon training, which isn’t totally conducive to a three week trip with little running.  When my back wasn’t getting any better, I figured it was time to go.  It sounds like a fun project and a great way to experience Africa…we’ll be sleeping in the desert!  And seeing animals!  I’m hoping Gatsby will find his mother.  Just saying.  After two weeks in Namibia, I’ll be heading to Kenya and Ethiopia with a college friend, Nick, who is currently living in Nairobi.  I owe him many beers for how much help he has been in trip planning.

I’ve been getting vaccinations (hello, yellow fever), attempting to work out flights (got a call on Thursday morning last week saying that my flight had been canceled because I hadn’t paid for it…even though I did…then they needed my passport information [which was in NYC and I was in Illinois]…then it was only that they needed my birthday [which they had]), and buying things like trekking boots.  Excellent.

It’ll all be worth it in the end, but it’s a lot of work, especially since I’m moving at the same time.  And by moving, I mean putting my stuff in storage since my lease is up at the end of September and I don’t move in until October 15.  It’ll be fine.  Sleepovers with Jocelyn!

Sidenote:  I could probably run in Africa, but it’s not like I’m in shape anyway, and I feel like this is one of those experiences where I shouldn’t be trying to squeeze in a run.  You can think differently if you want.


It’s been slow going lately.  And my slow going, I mean 8:30-ish pace.  Which I feel bad saying, but for me, that sounds so slow compared to when I ran 7:45’s without a care in the world.  8:30 feels…well…not easy.  I know I took six months off and that it will take time to get back to where I was before, but it’s still hard.  I think I ramped up my mileage a little too quickly since I ran 15 miles two weeks ago (and nearly died in the heat/humidity), and then I passed out at 6pm.  Slow down, Susan.  Needless to say, I’m registered for the NYC Marathon this year, but I might end up deferring…I certainly won’t get many miles in while in Africa (irony?), and I’m definitely not in marathon shape anyway.  We’ll see.

In other news, I hesitantly registered for Boston next year…not sure I’ll be in marathon shape by then, but fingers crossed.

i have a cold

I thought maybe I was getting sick when I started falling asleep at 9:30pm all last week and sleeping for ten hours…or maybe I was just behind on sleep.  Either way, I now have a sore throat and feel sort of run down…which makes this whole packing/moving/travel plans process a little more rough.  I called out sick from work, which I basically never do…but I don’t feel well and nurses shouldn’t go to work sick anyway.  Right?  I still feel bad about it.

Fingers cross this passes and I’ll be on my way…

it’s all good stress

Okay, well, minus the cold which I can’t really do anything about, this is all GOOD stress.  My brother got married.  I’m moving into a studio apartment that is MINE ALL MINE (with laundry and an elevator!!).  I’m going on a three week vacation.  I CAN RUN AGAIN.  Life is good.

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  1. says

    So many exciting things! Sending happy thoughts for safe travels and smooth moving and quickly getting over colds! Can’t wait to see the Africa pictures!

  2. says

    CONGRATS on all of the awesome changes – INCLUDING YOUR TRIP TO AFRICA!!! How exciting!!!! :)

  3. Elly says

    Sounds like a lovely wedding! I’m about to get a new SIL too as my brother is about to get married also :)

    Have a great time in Africa! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures :)

  4. says

    Omg Africa sounds amazing!!! I won’t lie I just stalked the trip, I’m so jealous! Have a great time and good luck with everything – I totally know how you feel about too much change = stress.

  5. says

    this post is packed! ok first..sorry you are sick… want to know my “I am not a nurse” secret potion for sore throat… Braggs acv in is nasty but it works.

    I like that dress you are wearing at the wedding…pic with uncle look good…this pic should go on the future website…lets find Susan a husband….

    Well I think the trip in Africa is pretty great…I hope you will write a few posts while you are there…

  6. Lesley says

    Congrats to your brother! The bride looked gorgeous.

    And have a fantastic time in Africa!

  7. Erica says

    A 3 week vacation to Africa sounds heavenly. I hope you have a great time! Congrats on your brother! Glad to hear you are running again (: I am still patiently waiting for my sore hamstring to completely heal. I haven’t been running for a few months now ): It sucks.

  8. says

    SUSAN! Have so much fun in Africa!! And take a lot of elephant pictures. especially if there are baby elephants. Oh, I’m so excited/jealous!!

  9. says

    So jealous of your Africa trip! Please take lots of pictures and post them when you return so we can live vicariously through you.
    Thanks and safe travels! It will be amazing!

  10. says

    Ahh, moving into a studio — how exciting! I remember you mentioning how you wanted to do that. And traveling to Africa right before the move! I can’t wait to see/hear about the trip — sounds like once in a lifetime!

  11. says

    I’m so sad that you won’t make it to UMD for homecoming this year, but your trip to Africa sounds absolutely amazing! Also…in response to your comment on my blog about if you ever move to DC….um yes we should definitely be roommates…could you move here immediately? K thx haha.

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