pounding the pavement

One of the things that I love about running is how it can encompass basically any emotion…you can run when happy, when sad, when angry, when celebrating, when frustrated…anything.  And I’ve probably done most of them myself.  If you look wayyy back to my posts when I lived in Pennsylvania, I dropped some awesome paces which were usually a result of me taking out my work frustrations while on a run. 

Well, I was basically frustrated/upset all day every day at that job, so maybe the ongoing fast paces led me to my IT band injuries back in the day.  I’m lucky that my new job has much fewer frustrations and I don’t pound the pavement nearly as often as a result.  Work has been going fairly well lately (knock on wood), but this week I was taking care of an older man with dementia (okay, that sounds exactly like my old job), and he was a teeth grinder.  There are few sounds in this world that I absolutely can’t stand, one of them is the sound of teeth grinding.

It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard, in my opinion.

Throw in having to put an IV in this man at 7pm while he’s grinding his teeth at you.  (And possibly definitely making a mess of his diaper at the same time…welcome to nursing.)  (Oh, and having to be held because demented people don’t understand why you’re putting sharp objects in their arms…)  I basically never lose it on a patient at work, but I had to step out of the room multiple, multiple times because I couldn’t handle the teeth grinding.  It was obvious that it bothered me, which I think egged him on.

Needless to say, I had very good reason to pound the pavement when I got home from work.  However, I was also tired (twelve hours is a long time…) and wasn’t necessarily sure I wanted to head out.  I told myself I could do my short 3.5 mile loop and call it a day, so I headed out.  (In shorts still, I like it.  Or I’m crazy.)  My legs were tired to begin with, but once I hit the park, I felt amazing.

The entire day I had watched the weather go from raining to snowing to a combination of the two, so not many people were out in the park.  (Don’t tell my mom?)  I sometimes get a little nervous in the park at night, but most of the time I love it.  It’s so pretty. 

Nice view.

As I turned along the south side of the park, two men entered the park.  For whatever reason, this turns on competition mode and I have to catch them.  Obviously.  So I turn on chase mode and go after them, reeling in the first and then the second.  Take it easy, Susan.  I’m having fun and feeling good and no longer can hear the sound of teeth grinding in my head…so I decide to add on another lower loop of Central Park to my run.  No one to chase on this one, but just my legs and me on a quiet night in the park.

After 5.5 miles, I’m home, I’m calm, and I’ve forgotten all about my frustration at work.  I love running.

What last helped you get out and pound the pavement?  Did it work??

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  1. says

    every day I am thankful I am not the one that has to change those diapers. Bless you.

    I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep training during my internship and that at some point it would get too busy or too stressful and running would have to give. But honestly, I relied on it as my stress relief before I started the day and a great way to get out thoughts/frustrations. If anything, it helped me hold it together during this process! yayyy running. We need to continue plotting out this spring!! I am still so torn…

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