running buddies, new and old

It’s a well known fact that I am not a morning person…well, maybe not well known to any of you, but I can easily stay up past midnight (and usually do…) and don’t consider “sleeping in” to have occurred unless there are double digits on the clock.  This is usually exacerbated when I’m night shift (which I go back to at the end of the month, I don’t want to talk about it…), but I’m hanging onto my day shift fabulousness for now and from time to time actually go to bed before midnight.

Who am I??

Well, taking full advantage of my day shift normalcy, I’ve been making running plans left and right, so this past weekend I ended up with two different running buddies…one newer-ish and one from days past.


Betsy was my first friend in the city and happened to move a mere block from me at the same time that I was moving to NYC, so clearly we were just meant to be.  Although it made way more sense for her, I shed a few theoretical tears when she left the UES for the UWS.  While this makes it much more difficult to grab Sedutto (ridiculously amazing ice cream) or drinks at Pony Bar (our favorite…), it does make us run together more often.  We used to say, “Meet at your corner or mine?” but now we say, “Meet at the bridge?” and we both know exactly what bridge along the bridle path we mean.

I believe this was the first time we “met,” circa September 2010.  (So tan!!)

I generally pride myself on being an excellent cold weather runner, but it looked cold outside on Saturday morning when I promised to meet up with Betsy.  I was in capri pants and a long sleeve, which led me to immediately feel guilty when I spotted Betsy in shorts.  Luckily the first thing she said was, “We can’t stop, too cold for shorts!”  It was only 38 degrees, but definitely a cold/windy 38.  High fives for trying, Betsy.

We ran along and the miles flew by, chatting about everything…I think Betsy is secretly prepping me for her exodus from NYC.  DON’T LEAVE ME, just move to Brooklyn, please.  Anyway, it was a little chilly but legs my were feeling great…after about seven-ish miles, the cold was a bit too much for Betsy so she split off and I headed out on my own way.  When I left in the morning, I thought ten miles would be solid.  Then I was feeling good, so why not 12, which happens to be my post-Africa distance PR.  My route was then leading itself to a 13 mile run…WHY NOT?

This is how I get myself into trouble with my “slow” build up.  I feel good and keep going.  Someone tell me to stop this.  But I felt fantastic and actually ended up with a running “buddy” who didn’t know that he was my newfound running partner.  So tall man in a blue long sleeve shirt, thanks for the four-ish miles you ran next-ish to me.  It’s times like that I wish I had running business cards to hand out.  (Business idea, anyone?  Who went to business school?  They don’t teach these things in nursing school…)

Anyway, I finished off the run with 13.45 miles in 1:51:12, avg pace of 8:16 which I will say that I am quite happy with even though I’m not supposed to be paying attention to pace.  But it felt conversational and easy and not stomping gorilla-ish at all.

sunday with julia

I don’t know how many of you have been around the blog that long…but if you’ve been around for years (thank you for reading!!), you may remember Julia who I ran with back in the Princeton-visiting days.  We even ran the Philadelphia Marathon together.

DSC09996 Julia = the other female in this picture.

By “ran the Philadelphia Marathon together,” I clearly mean that we were at the same race and she was about 30 minutes ahead of me.  But you get what I mean.  (Side note:  If you’ve been around long enough to remember Philadelphia, you will probably remember all those crazy posts about my job from back then, which I just reread…really, why wasn’t in therapy??  I mean seriously…someone should have at least slapped me.)

Luckily, running was the highlight of my life in Philadelphia, and Julia has recently finished her PhD (congrats, doc!) and moved to NYC with her husband.  She’s been running on and off due to some nagging injuries, but we managed a solid six mile run together (plus my two mile run home).  Julia’s definitely a good runner and it was fun to catch up with here since I can’t remember the last time we actually had a conversation.  (Although Facebook kept me somewhat up to date!)

I met Julia at 34th and 1st and we ran along the East River…this also happens to be the place where I tend to meet Meggie when we run, so it had me wishing for her to come back sooner rather than later!  It was definitely a gray, foggy morning along the East River which made it less scenic than it normally is (aka not that scenic…), but the miles clicked off and we had plenty to talk about.  Definitely looking forward to more runs with Julia!

I finished up with two miles back to my apartment, during which I nearly got hit by a falling Christmas tree…ha.  Eight miles for the day.

total miles in the week

When running with Betsy on Sunday, we started talking about upcoming Boston training…and how I said didn’t think I’d be ready for a 16 week training program starting on Christmas Eve (crazy, right?  So soon!) since I hadn’t even hit a 40 mile week yet.  Well…I’m eating those words since I ended up with 43 miles for the week last week.  So hopefully I can hold this for a couple weeks and start (slowly…) adding in some speed work before hitting a full force training plan.  More to come on that and other 2013 plans later.

I do like to think that running buddies help me keep my pace in check (JB…you’re making run slow, right?  Right.) which helps with increasing my mileage because the last thing I need to be doing is chasing down random people on the WSH during long runs.  Not that I do that or anything…

Favorite running buddies, currently or in years past?  Anyone in NYC the master of the 8:30-ish pace and want to be my running buddy?  I promise to entertain you with crazy nursing stories…

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  1. says

    i have only had one real running buddy so far – marissa – and she’s fantastic! but i’m looking forward to making new running friends when i start doing group runs on saturdays to train for my next half :-)

  2. says

    My one running buddy is so much faster than me, it makes me want to cry sometimes. But she puts up my slow ass because I am willing to run up insane hills with her…at least I think this is why. Or perhaps it’s my scintillating conversation?

    Anyway…a good running buddy is a treasure to be valued until forever.

  3. says

    I happen to be good at running at 8:30 pace! Anytime you’re up for a pre-dawn run, I’m your man. But i will understand if you want to sleep. :)

    Also, what is this with Betsy moving?? Nooo!

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