it’s the little things

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Above quote mainly used because there was an elephant in it, and I’m easily convinced when elephants are involved.  Anyway, I probably put too much stock in the little things in life.  I got my hair cut yesterday (more on that in another post…), and when I first arrived, my stylist asked if I wanted something to drink.  My face lit up and I asked if they had coffee…and a huge smile crossed my face when she said yes.  She referenced this event later saying how happy I looked when she confirmed that they had coffee.

It’s most definitely the little things in life.

Work today was slightly aggravating…you’re never off to a good start when other nurses say, “I’m glad I don’t have your assignment, you have more patience than I do.”  But we made it through.  All day I thought about running, but on my way home I definitely felt tired and wanted to sit on my couch and eat cookies.  (When you have caramel filled sugar cookies with a chocolate drizzle, you want to eat them too.)  It was chilly on my walk home and I wished I had worn a warmer coat to work.  When I opened the door to my apartment building, I spotted a box in the pile of daily deliveries with the signature Oiselle birds on it.

Last week, I finally ordered some loot from the Totally Trials contest, and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival.  Like a four year old on Christmas morning (actually, probably not…I was a fairly reserved child), I ripped open the box immediately upon arriving in my apartment, naturally laid out the goods nicely on my floor so I could take a picture like any proper blogger would.

photo (15) Jeri and I are twinsies with our green/yellow shirts. 
Mine will not support the Pack, however.

Getting a shipment from Oiselle made me want to run…ASAP.  Forget that I thought I was tired, forget that I thought it was chilly out.  Those Rogas and I headed out for a run.  Only a short run, I’m not totally insane.  I ran the lower loop of Central Park, accompanied by the horse carriages and some random bikers.  High fives go to the guy with a running backpack and Nova shorts…we should be friends. 

It was definitely a bit chilly out and my legs were nice and red when I returned home after just under four miles.  A thirty minute run was definitely welcomed and I already like the shorts.  Getting the shipment today was just a little thing, but it made me so excited…and it got me out the door to run.

Anyone wear Oiselle?  (Besides Meggie, of course…) What’s your favorite little thing lately?  You can always, always bribe me to do anything by offering me coffee…

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  1. says

    I have become obsessed with Oiselle lately! I’m dying to have the light blue scarf but they sold out before I could order it. Every time I get new clothes I want to take them out for a run ASAP

  2. says

    So fun to get new things in the mail…especially when they are running related :)

    My favorite little thing lately…the other day I found a post-it on the kitchen table. It read “Dear Mom, I love you. I hope you are feeling better soon :) *heart*” I almost cried. My daughter is pretty awesome :)

    I’m curious to try the Roga shorts. Tell us about them a little more.

  3. Blair says

    I loveeee oiselle! I just got the same scarf you got and today got a package containing my second pair of rogas. They are my favorite running shorts!

  4. mike says

    Amen, it is the little things. Nice post. Also there is nothing like getting new running gear, definitely the only thing I ask for anymore for the holidays. enjoy

  5. says

    Oh, I love getting those bird boxes! Anything from Oiselle makes me smile. And I hear you on the little things in life. A Saucony rep recently gave me a pair of hot pink shoe laces that say “Find your strong.” This made my week. I instantly put them in my shoes and wanted to run with them. Thank the lord we have those to keep us going! Great post.

  6. says

    Most of my running clothes are things I have had for years and got off the sales rack somewhere and free race shirts… however, I finally admitted to myself how inconvenient it is to NOT have pockets in any of my running shorts and got a pair of Oiselle shorts with LOTS of pockets. It has made running long so much better!
    Question– do you run with a backpack and if so, which one? I am in the market for one that does not give me welts on my shoulders (ouch!) or bounce around too much!
    As for the little things in life– the bowl of red + green M&Ms I have sitting out on my coffee table really makes me happy. :)

  7. says

    Love this post! It is the little things! My mom gave my husband a frother for his bday, and now we can put froth on his coffee/my tea! Definitely the little things!

    One of my blogging buds wears Oiselle. I think their stuff is so cute!

  8. says

    I bought BOTH of those shirts. TEAM GREEN REPRESENT! At least we know what outfits we’ll wear to the next expo and race that we do together!! 😀

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