shave and a haircut…minus the shave

There are some things in life that I am a bit terrified of doing.  Jumping off the high dive.  Public speaking (although I write an awesome MOH speech [x3], if you ask me…the delivery just needs some work).  Chest compressions (haven’t had to do them…yet).

These are somewhat legitimate fears.  Then there’s the fear that I have of getting my hair cut.  I finally decided I needed a hair cut last week, so after some recommendations from the nurses I work with, I made an appointment for a hair cut on Tuesday.  (When I want a hair cut…I want it like…now.)  I was talking to Meggie before I left, and as we were saying bye, she said, “Enjoy!”

Now, I suppose you should enjoy a hair cut.  They massage your head, you get a new look, and they blow your hair out all pretty.  (Newsflash:  I hate when other people dry my hair, girl fail.)  However, I usually sit in the chair all nervous for the time that they’re doing their thing, wondering how it’s going to turn out and if I’m going to like it.  This might stem from the fact that I didn’t get a hair cut until I was 13.  Plus I’ve had some bad hair cuts in my lifetime.

I really like the stylist who does my hair in Chicago, but at some point I can’t just wait until I go home to get my hair cut…and I live in NYC so clearly someone here knows what they’re doing.  Never knowing what to do with my hair, I consulted the internet and Sara, and we landed on this gem:

Pinned Image

Mainly I just like bangs.  So I took the picture in hand (slash on my phone…) and headed to Fox and Jane Salon in the East Village.  Whenever I go to the East Village, I immediately don’t feel cool enough to be there.  I was probably wearing a marathon jacket or something.  Anyway, my stylist, Vanessa, walked in right behind me and for about an hour, it was only her, the receptionist, and me in the salon.  She offered me coffee and I smiled from ear to ear.  (It’s the little things…)

I showed her the picture, which she said she liked and would mostly work on my hair minus some bang issues since my hair doesn’t want to fully cooperate.  She set to work making me a little bit blonder (I still hold that I naturally have “light brown” hair, but many people call me blonde…)  I’m not the best at small talk, but we chatted away and she instantly made me feel comfortable…maybe because she complimented my hair quite a bit.  We talked about nursing, she told me about her Italian husband (a wedding in Italy?  I guess that sounds nice…), she asked about the running magazine in my lap that I hardly ended up reading.

Did I mention that she gave me coffee?  Moving on.

She colored and cut my hair…I only lost about three inches, but it feels like a lot got chopped off and it’s so much lighter.  I joked that the lighter hair will make me run faster…right?  Right??  She said most definitely and I told her I’d send her all my running friends as clients after they see how fast I get.  (I’m not funny at all, but she laughed at my jokes…much appreciated.)

A few hours later and a swipe of my credit card (gah…), this was the result:

It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in a mirror.

So hooray.  It’s kind of like the picture (maybe I should have posed like her?  Arms up?), minus the bangs on the other side of my face, but my hair doesn’t seem to want to do that.  Vanessa said I could “train” my hair to do that, but let’s be honest…the only training I know how to do is out on the road, and the fact that I can use a curling iron as a stylist agent is a miracle.  Otherwise, it’s just my straight hair to the rescue.

I will say that my hair definitely feels a million times lighter.  (It’s not as blonde as I originally thought it looked…which I suppose is a good thing.)  So of course I took it for a run (can you take your hair for a run?  No idea) that evening…sorry to Vanessa for throwing her hard work up into a ponytail a mere few hours later.  In case anyone was wondering…it did make me speedy as I ran eight miles at 7:45ish pace, which is currently a solid faster-ish pace for me.  Also, thanks to warm December, I ran in (short) shorts and a long sleeve that made me want to wear short sleeves.  I LIKE IT.

Moral of the story:  Fox and Jane is a super cute salon without insanely high prices (although higher than this “I pay $30 for a hair cut” girl usually pays…).  Vanessa is a fun stylist who does a great job.  Tell her I sent you and that you want to run faster.  :)

Tell me how nice my hair looks!  (Kidding…but really.)  How do you keep bangs out of your face on the run??  #runnerproblems

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  1. says

    I went to Fox & Jane when I lived there! I spent six years on the East Coast but nearly always waited until I went back to Alaska for Christmas/summer to get my hair cut from the lady I liked. Usually I would have her cut it incredibly short so I could hold off on getting another haircut for a while. Fox & Jane was good though!

    As far as running with bangs going all over the place, it’s a huge annoyance. I’d recommend one of those bic bands that are so ubiquitous in blogland (they really are pretty great. I’m sure other headbands would work too but those are what I use), or just a million hair clips.

  2. Amber says

    For drum corps, I used a combo of hair clips/bobby pins and those head bands (sorta like the Bic bands… but cheaper and at your local drug store). Get the ones with rubber dots on them, or they’ll slip out of your hair. Granted, I had a hat on the whole time I was outside, but those things plus a good elastic hair band kept my hair out of my face all summer, through rain, sunscreen, and a whole lot of sweat. :)

  3. says

    I hate haircuts too! I hate the stress of picking a stylist, not to mention a style (which is why I always have the same one, um). I hate having my hair blow-dried (at all, even by myself). I hate “product.” I am a terrible girl. Your hair looks cute and speedy! I have no educated help on the bangs, since my hair also won’t cooperate for bangs and nope, not gonna train it. But maybe a skinny headband/bobby pins?

  4. says

    I think your cut is great! And I like the color too. I got shorter severe (for me) side bangs last February and never looked back. When they’re still really short and don’t cooperate in a ponytail with a headband I usually do a ‘bang-braid’ or a twist then put it all into a ponytail. Works great.

  5. says

    oooh, I like it!! Super cute. I haven’t had bangs since junior high – I have no idea to keep them out of the way. Maybe a bic band?? bobby pins? I love that you “tested it out” on a run. :)

  6. says

    it looks great! I live in hats and sparkly soul bands (or other brands) to keep my bangs out of my face. i don’t actually use a clip or anything.

  7. says

    your hair looks hot!

    when I run during the summer I pretty much always have a sparkly soul or whatever brand sparkly headband thing and during the winter, my ear warmer headband thing keeps my bangs back.

    ps i loved your e-mail today, made me really excited……!

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