carolina, here i come

It’s Saturday and I’m off to visit Sara, one of my most favorite people in the entire world, in Durham, NC.  I haven’t been to Durham in nearly three years (…time flies!), as my last visit was in February 2010!  I’m excited to visit Sara (and her husband Scott) as well as Sarah (with an –h), her husband Josh, and get to meet little Annabel!

I’m only packing shorts for running, so fingers crossed the South pulls through with warmer temperatures for me.  On the other hand, the first thing I grabbed to pack was my Bears jersey, as Bears/Packers is Sunday and we plan on watching a lot of football.  Sara is one of the best football watching friends (move to NYC, please)…

When Sara was in NYC…might be my favorite picture of us.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to some runs with Sara and her grad school friend Marissa…Sara’s a new-ish runner and it’ll be fun to run with her because in college I never imagined this day would come.  :)  Also hoping for a stroller run with Sarah…so many options!

Speaking of options, most of our plans for the weekend revolve around culinary explorations…Abbe has talked up the BBQ at The Pit, and I trust her taste buds so this better not disappoint.

I am a bit nervous since last time I was in Durham, my IT band started acting up and that was the great IT band decline of 2010…but clearly it wasn’t Durham’s fault so although I’ worried about my back, it’ll be fine.  Maybe Durham has magical healing powers and I’ll never feel a twinge ever again.

Super excited, see you in North Carolina!  (…or when I get back.  To be determined…)

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  1. Katie says

    I went to Duke for undergrad. Best running tip: run the ~3 mile trail around the Washington Duke golf course. It’s a dirt/gravel trail but really wide and not technical at all. A bit hilly, beautiful Carolina scenery, well populated. There are trail entrances and parking lots less than a quarter mile from either side of the entrance to the Washington duke hotel and golf course.

    For beer, full steam brewery. Try the sweet potato beer (not sweet how it sounds but really good), or any of their other brews!

    For food, so many good options. Fosters market is always a good choice. Locopops for a cool treat!

  2. says

    hooray, hope you’re having such a fun time in NC! I bet the weather there is perfect for running right now. Also report back on the BBQ place, yum :)

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