BBQ and the best christmas lights i’ve ever seen

I’m back in NYC after a short but very, very sweet trip to Durham.  Time always goes by so fast when traveling (and when you’re having fun, of course), but I do love the fact that my job allows me to travel often, if only for a long weekend.

We wrapped up the fun in Durham with a trip to the outlet mall…of course we have plenty of solid shopping in NYC, but I’m not exactly all that fashion forward and outlet malls have good deals.  And I love a good deal.  God bless Sara for putting up with my shopping habits, as I won’t buy anything unless I try it on at least three times and have a massive debate over it.  I survived and got some good deals at jcrew, including a cute dress…someone give me a reason to wear a dress!  Let’s do dinner!

While I like stores like jcrew, I wear scrubs to work and many of the clothes there seem to be more work-oriented…and therefore not the most practical purpose.  I tried on this super cute polka dot skirt at the Loft outlet, and it made me wish that I had at least some reason to buy it…

I could do business wear.

While that little ensemble was super cute, I realize that I would probably get sick of wearing said clothes after about three days and be longing for my drawstring pants and Danskos.  It would be fun to actually look nice every now and then, ha.  (Post coming up on how I only get hit on post-run…I do not understand.)

Post-shopping, we made a quick stop back at Sara’s before picking up her friend Marissa to head to The Pit in Raleigh.  The Pit that Abbe (okay, and Baker) has been talking up ever since her last trip to Raleigh.  We had reservations, which I thought was a little silly for a Monday night, but the place was packed and it was definitely good that we had reservations!  I more or less knew what I wanted before I got there (pulled pork is the main reason I could never, ever become vegetarian), but we eyed the appetizer and immediately ordered the pimento cheese balls.  Thank you again to Abbe for teaching me the glory of pimento cheese.

Cheese balls because I am a huge cheese ball…see how that works?

The pimento cheese did not disappoint.  Nor did the biscuits and hush puppies they brought us.  Nor did the pulled pork (with two sauces!), mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes fries.  My stomach did disappoint, however, since it’s not all the big and I wanted to eat so much more,  but definitely hit the “I’m so full it hurts” point…and brought home an entire take home plate of food.  I fulfilled Abbe’s wishes…


I thought about being rolled out of the restaurant.  I also thought about putting the remaining pulled pork in my pockets as a little present for Abbe, but it remains in Sara’s refrigerator for her/Scott’s enjoyment.  The Pit did not disappoint in the least and I highly, highly recommend a trip there if you are ever in Raleigh.  Just to further prove the point, Marissa is vegetarian and therefore ordered the BBQ tofu…and then had Sara taste it because it tasted so good she thought it might be chicken.  Case in point.

Post-dinner, we drove our stuffed selves back to Durham and talked about how we wanted houses with Christmas lights to all be gathered in the same spot so that we could see them easily.  We drove past a sign on the side of the road that said, “Christmas lights” with an arrow pointing up the road.  Sara and I decided we needed to check it out after dropping off Marissa…I figured it would just a house with some pretty lights.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, as this is what was in store:  (Turn up the volume for the best experience.)

NYC is a great place to be for Christmas time, but Durham gives it a run for its money with this little showing.  The guy who does it is a student at ECU, and he broadcasts the music on a radio station so you can play it in your car and listen to it.  AMAZING.  Here’s more:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Carol of the Bells:

Joyful, Joyful…Sister Act 2 Version

Pretty sure my Christmas dreams have been completed this year.  If you live in Durham, go to Donnigale Ave…you can’t miss it.

Between the BBQ, the Christmas lights, football, full on hipster fun, and seeing Sara for an entire long weekend, I think Durham was a huge success.

Please tell me you watched the Christmas lights show.  If you haven’t, I promise it’s worth the few minutes…and you’re wasting time at work anyway, right?  😉

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  1. says

    As an NP, I get to wear “business attire” to work…but there are days when I wear my Danskos with my dress pant. Really fashionable, I know, but my feel thank me. Most runners complain about their knees or hips, I have feet issues…

  2. says

    holy crap, that is awesome! curious how many other cars were there? and how expensive his power bill is… and, the jcrew outfit is adorable. day after day i wish i wore scrubs. work clothes are expensive!

  3. says

    holy crap, that is awesome! curious how many other cars were there? and how expensive his power bill is… and, the jcrew outfit is adorable. day after day i wish i wore scrubs. work clothes are expensive!

  4. says

    Yo amo los scrubs. :) Other than my main job is hunter green which goes with just about everything (not!). Some lady in the locker room yesterday was “consulting me” on her “thing” on her foot (bone spur) and telling me how it’s from wearing heels all day at work. I was like, ‘oh man… I know what you mean.’ Oh wait, no. No I really don’t.

  5. says

    Oh man I love that polka skirt! Sooo cute. I love buying cute clothes for the office, it’s what I”ve been doing lately while trying to get over this injury….apparently not running somehow correlates to spending lots of money on clothes.

    P.S. Without our traditional homecoming meet-up, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen you! Come visit MD soon!

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