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One of the things I never talk about on this blog is the dating life (outside of random #thisiswhyimsingle moments), mainly because that’s a bit too personal for the world wide web…but the truth is I’ll tell you all about it if you run with me.  (Incentive!  I promise I have entertaining stories, just ask JB.)

Anyway, despite the fact that my hair dries all pretty and that I think I’m not a total fashion disaster, I somehow manage to get hit on mostly during/post all things running…and usually if I’m wearing something Boston related.  Best example would be how I met Ben, as we met on the street when he questioned me on my Boston jacket then stalked my marathon race results to find me on Facebook.  And I’m glad he did…it’s my favorite story to tell, ha.

Rockies Game (10)Ben makes me feel really, really short. 
But I have no running pictures of us, no idea how that happened.

ANYWAY.  After a great debate about when to do my run yesterday, I finally got myself out the door around 6:30pm (oops…) for about ten miles.  It was fairly warm out so I figured enough people would be in the park so I’d be able to do a full loop.  My leg felt odd for the first mile, so I did the lower loop of Central Park to determine if ten miles was in my future…it eased up quick and ten miles it was.  It was a beautiful 50 degrees, which definitely meant shorts weather and that I should have worn short sleeves instead of the long sleeves I had rolled up the entire time.

That long sleeve shirt happened to the Boston shirt from this year…which I’m finally letting myself wear despite the memories it brings back about not running the race, and the fact that I didn’t actually run it.  But it’s a nice shirt and I technically paid for it…so there’s that.  I cruised around the park at 7:30 pace…telling myself to slow down but never doing so.  (This is why I need to run with other people, oops.)  It felt comfortable and it feels great to be not dying at 7:30 pace and actually feeling solid at that pace.  No complaints here.

I hit Harlem and determined there were enough bikers out that I wouldn’t get abducted…Celia had the same idea since I saw her twice out on those hills!  Finished the loop and headed straight to the grocery store.

Tuesday, December 18
10.18 miles in 1;16:07, avg pace of 7:29

I haven’t reported like that in awhile and I like it.  It means I’m more confident in being back into running, although I was almost in tears earlier after looking at what the recovery would be if my back started hurting again.  Let’s not talk about it…

So like I said, I was at the grocery store, picking up necessary food for the next few days.  Headed to the checkout line when some guy walks up behind me and asked if I ran Boston this year, saying he was from Boston, and that his lifelong dream was to run the marathon but he has “hockey knees” and his doctor said he can’t ever run a marathon.  It went something like, “My doctor joked, ‘Well, you don’t ever want to run a marathon do you?’” Response, “More than anything.”  I held myself back from diving into the stories from my back injury, probably giving him more of an earful than he ever could have imagined.  No one ever chats me except when I’m covered in sweat.  Why didn’t people tell me this sooner?

Moving on, I walked back to my apartment and ended up in the elevator with attractive man who lives on my floor.  Still covered in sweat, he commented on it being a nice night for a run and asked if I run marathons…yes, the shirt says so.  He asked if they were hard because he does triathlons (!!) and said the only hard part is the swim and it’s all easy from then on.  I do not believe him, but this twitter conversation followed:


I had leftover (homemade…) pie on Thanksgiving which he turned down in the elevator.  We only talk in the elevator.  Hopefully he doesn’t read this, bahahha.  (If you do, let’s run!  I’ll make pie!)  Moving on, responses included:


Bahahha agreed on all fronts.  None of the above people would ever turn down pie.  I will bring up this point next time we share an elevator since that is our only interaction.  And maybe I’ll start frequenting populated areas post-run more often.  Who needs hair spray (not me, I don’t really know how to use it…) when you can have sweat??

Laminated running business-type cards, anyone?  Our signs at Boston this year actually worked!  haha.

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  1. says

    So happy you are getting great runs in! :)

    I think people like talking to runners… especially cute ones like you. I hope you run in to no-pie guy outside of the elevator 😉

  2. Runner dude says

    Let me just say that I’m a guy and a runner and it makes total sense to me that you get hit on post run. Runners are attracted to other runners and when you’re post run in your running clothes, it’s so easy to identify (especially if you’re wearing Boston apparel). I’ve never seen you around the park because we never run at the same time but if I ever see you post run, I’ll be sure to hit on you too ; )

  3. Frogoutofwater says

    I have a friend who met her future husband while doing the precursur of those Tough Mudder events. It was a multi-sport relay and she swam. Ordinarily, she took a lot of care about her personal appearance (perfect hair, make-up and clothes) because she was a bit insecure about her weight (had lost 100 pounds, wanted to lose 20 more) and wanted to look her best at all times. But on this day, she was bedraggled-looking (having just been swimming), wearing an ugly bathing suit and sweatpants, and not thinking about how she looked. She also had a joint mud footprint on her face and was generally coated in mud everywhere else because the last event was a group “Storm the Wall” under a mudpit. A guy from a competing team caught her eye just after his teammate stepped on her accidentally. She laughed, they scrambled over the wall, he invited her to a party that night – and they got engaged 6 months later.

  4. says

    Remember when we were talking about how hard it is to meet people during races/runs?? LIES. You manage to do it! Show me your ways. And I am intrigued about this neighbor although concerned for his lack of pie interest. If he only knew how delicious it was… (PS when are you making it again??)

  5. says

    Of course you get hit on when/after you run. TYPCIAL. I’m lucky if someone doesn’t run in the other direction from my sweatyness. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

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