proud to be a terrapin

Time for a little flashback…Tuesday.  At least what’s left of it…but anyway.  I had yesterday off from work just as scheduling ended up, although I do appreciate the question, “So, do you get Martin Luther King Day?”  Yes, I work on Christmas, but the hospital honors MLK and I get the day off…not so much.

Some people are pretty funny.

ANYWAY.  Since I had yesterday off and have continued to be more or less exhausted for the past two weeks, I took it as the perfect sign to watch much of the inauguration coverage*.  Most of the morning was spent speculating as to what Michelle Obama would be wearing, which is definitely an important issue for the upcoming four years.  (She looked nice…and the Obama girls dress better than I ever will.)

I learned via Facebook that the University of Maryland Marching Band (aka The Mighty Sound of Maryland) would be marching in the Inauguration Parade.  This may not be too exciting, but for those of you who don’t know…I went to Maryland.  And I was in the marching band.  (I never said I was cool, okay?)

You need evidence?  I have no shame:

Horn angle…

Bowl game senior year.

Those were some awesome uniforms.

Three hour parade in New Orleans.

It was fabulous.  Being in the marching band (and pep band!) provided me with many opportunities throughout college…attending all the football and basketball games, trips to bowl games and tournaments, building houses in New Orleans post-Katrina.  I’m lucky to have had those opportunities.

But…to march in the inauguration parade?  To have the president stand as you march by and play?  Well…that’s pretty cool.  It wasn’t aired on the channel I was watching, but I found this video clip earlier and am quote proud to have been in this band.

A tad bit jealous that this didn’t happen while I was there…but I did spot a few familiar faces in the snazzy new uniforms.  Proud to be a Terrapin…and an American.  It rhymes, that’s nice.


*I did DVR part of it while I was out on an eight mile run.  I’m not a total bum…

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    Band buddy! Wow.. Chris looks like a baby in that picture! Did you know he got to march in the parade with the band? What a jerk haha. But really, I’m just jealous.

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