five for friday

It’s Friday!  And I can actually get excited about it today since I don’t have to work ALL WEEKEND.  Life is good.  I worked alllll weekend last weekend (it was fun…or maybe not), but purposely scheduled myself off this weekend because I like the Super Bowl.  You must be strategic about these things. 

Anyway, onward and upward for it’s Five for Friday time.  Because it sounds cool, mostly.  (Although I am not cool, or anything even close to it.  But my apartment is because I refuse to turn on the heat.  See also:  I’m really cheap.)

Tangents, tangents, here are five fun things this week.

SIX for friday

Let’s just start off by changing the numbers, okay?  In case you all were wondering, I don’t really have a training plan.  I make it up weekly by knowing how many miles I want to hit for the week (approximately) and how long I want the long run to be.  Otherwise, I usually have a recovery run, a longer midweek run, and some sort of workout.  This is mainly because my schedule changes every week so I can’t be all “Thursdays are my workout days.”  Like this week when I did my workout today, and as stated above, today is Friday.

It should also be noted that I usually pick my workout while I’m drinking my coffee the morning of said workout day.  I couldn’t decided what I wanted to do today, but I landed on a progression run of sorts.  A loop of Central Park (six miles), decreasing the pace by ten seconds every 1.5 miles.  I started at 7:25 (reasonable goal marathon pace), dropped to 7:15 (DREAM goal marathon pace), dropped to 7:05 (meh, it’s fine), finished with 6:55 (half marathon pace-ish. Also a dream).  Well, at least that was the plan.


The problem is…Central Park is hilly.  So charging up Harlem Hill at 7:15 feels much harder than flying down the other side….at 7:15.  And for the last two miles I just thought it all felt too easy for what should be a harder-ish workout and just ran fast.  It was also downhill, so there’s that.  At least it really was a progression run in it’s true sense and the times get faster each interval except for the last one.  Close enough.  In other news, maybe I should just run fast from the start since that workout wasn’t that challenging.  Oops.

my apartment is now open for visitors

Well, it was open before, but now I have an air mattress!  My dad celebrated his tenth anniversary at his job, so he got to pick something out of a catalog as a present…so he picked an air mattress for me.  Thanks for working, Dad!  It’s a queen size mattress and while I haven’t tried it out yet, I’m pretty sure it takes up alllllll the floor space in my apartment.  I love to hate you, NYC.

You can come visit anytime except the beginning of March, as that is probably when the mattress will take its maiden voyage.  One of the guys from my Africa trip is coming to visit!  Now taking recommendations for what Portuguese people would like to do in NYC…


  Raul, my Portuguese comedian friend.  More interesting than a picture of the air mattress.

i got to pretend to be an astronaut

Well…kind of.  This afternoon, I headed to Finish Line Physical Therapy (who I heard about from Jess!) for a gait analysis and a run on the Alter-G treadmill.  I will write more about this later, but the idea behind the Alter-G is that it helps to take some of the weight off you when you land, therefore decreasing impact.  For those of you who don’t know, I went to Space Camp when I was in the sixth grade…so the idea of anti-gravity is quite awesome in my book.  See also:  I really could have used this treadmill when I hurt my back last year!  Probably would have seriously cut down on my beer consumption…

More on this next week.

how to be ignored at bloomingdale’s

I swung by Bloomingdale’s today to look at a very pretty dress that a couple friends, including Meggie, have.  I happened to be in running clothes at the time, although not really all that sweaty.  Now, I never go into Bloomingdale’s because 1) it’s way too overwhelming and 2) $$$$$$$.  I repeat: $$$$$$$.  But it’s a REALLY pretty dress.  So I went in.  Looked at it.  Poked around.  Hit my time limit on how long I can spend there. (About seven minutes.)  I’ve been in there before and the sales people will come at you left and right.  (I like to shop in peace, okay?)  However, if you are in sweaty running clothes (Brooks, for the win), they will apparently ignore.  Maybe I should do that more often…

In other news, I didn’t try on the dress.  BUT IT’S SO PRETTY.  See also:  I wear scrubs to work and have no reason to ever buy a dress that costs that much.  Sometimes I wish I did.  No, no, I will buy running shoes instead.

call me maybe

P1030840Yep, still accepting applications.

I hate February mainly because I get bombarded with Valentine’s Day emails.  Thank you for the reminder that I’m still single.  (I always put myself on to work on Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully some patient on a ventilator will be my date.  I’ll wear red socks…and a bouffant)  ANYWAY.  I’m running the NJ Marathon with one of my fellow nurses, as it will be her first and I promised to run with her.  It will be fun and I’m really excited to pace/be obnoxiously encouraging/distracting for her.  I officially registered last night.

But what’s the “call me maybe” title for?  Oh.  Well.  There was a spot where you can put in what you want on your bib instead of whatever the official name is on your registration.  While I pondered “Susanimal” (what a mouthful…) or “Cheer for Alyssa!” (the nurse I’m running with), Emily suggested “call me” with the “maybe” optional.  Sooooo I bit the bullet and my bib for the NJ Marathon will read “call me maybe.”  Life just keeps getting better.

that’s all five!

I’m out of numbers, but thanks for all your comments on my running pet peeves post!  Glad I’m not the only one who has pet peeves, and I love hearing yours!  Definitely agree with a lot of them, especially about Garmins not always being accurate and people who don’t line up correctly at races.  You all are awesome…and just so we don’t get too confused, I love runners, even when I nearly run you over because you stop in front of me. :)

Happy Friday/weekend!

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  1. says

    I will teach you the art of finding Bloomingdale’s as therapy and it starts at the 7th floor at 40 Carrots.

    I wouldn’t have bought that dress if I didn’t have a place to wear it…and a little help paying for it,too! Trust me, won’t be dressing up for the next 4 yrs much! :)

  2. says

    I will teach you the art of finding Bloomingdale’s as therapy and it starts at the 7th floor at 40 Carrots.

    I wouldn’t have bought that dress if I didn’t have a place to wear it…and a little help paying for it,too! Trust me, won’t be dressing up for the next 4 yrs much! :)

  3. says

    did you go to huntsville for space camp?? also-i love the alter g. used it for my ankle and will probably be using it again (this week or next once i get approval) for my hip. it’s also not cheap-but i’m dying to run. so i will pay for it. oh well. love your bib idea. :)

  4. says

    Exciting news about the blow-up mattress. So sweet of your Dad for getting it for you! We definitely could not accommodate company without ours, which also takes up 90% of our living room floor space!

  5. says

    Man, I have not been to Bloomingdale’s in so long. If it was that dress Meggie instagramed the other day (stalker?), then I love it too! haha. Hope you had a good work-free weekend! :)

  6. says

    Going into Bloomingdale’s in workout clothes is definitely key to them leaving you alone or pointing you towards sale stuff (Both beneficial)!

    Glad you went to FLPT!

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