“firework” fourth of july cupcakes

Back in a previous life (aka when I had a kitchen that wasn’t just one of the walls of the room that makes up my apartment), I used to bake a lot.  I legit have zero counterspace except for little kitchen island that I bought so I have something to put anything on…which makes cooking/baking anything too elaborate a bit more difficult.  (I realize I’m not the only one with this issue, #nycproblems.)  Anyway, when I bake I tend to make a mess and making a mess of my entire room/apartment has deterred me from baking as much as I used to.

I still read scroll through a few cupcake blogs, and I saw some Fourth of July firework cupcakes pop up a last week, and I decided I needed to make them.  I do miss decorating cupcakes and being crafty in that sense…I’m pretty sure the wedding cake took a lot of me decorating-wise, not that I wouldn’t do it again in a second if Sara asked.  (Speaking Sara, it’s her birthday!  Happy birthday, roomie!)

Anyway.  Baking!  I made cupcakes, hooray!  I love funfetti cupcakes mainly because they’re…fun.  (Hence the name, right?)  And homemade funfetti cupcakes are super easy to make since it’s basically a cake from scratch with a bunch of sprinkles thrown in.  You just have to be careful about which sprinkles you use because the little round ones will bleed into the batter…so either use the “jimmies” or carefully stir as little as possible.  Or go like crazy if you like a little color.  I did a little bit of both.

017 Red spreads.  It rhymes!

Next, I baked them up…which only funny because I ordered dinner since I didn’t want to heat up my apartment by booking, but then I turned on the oven for the cupcakes.  Priorities?

020 Not high quality photography, but DELICIOUS.

After a bit of a baking emergency in that my food coloring was…really old, I attempted to head out to find food coloring at 11pm.  In case you were wondering, both Duane Reade and CVS don’t carry food coloring.  So I went to bed and saved the frosting for the next day.

I don’t have the greatest lighting or spot for cupcake photo shoots, but I think the frosting job turned out pretty well.  I used a “grass” tip to attempt to make the frosting look firework-esque.  I’m not sure if it worked, but it’s a different look than just piped frosting with a basic tip, so I like it.  And the colors worked out…if you’ve ever tried to make anything red, you would realize that it’s quite a feat to make something look red instead of pink.

024 Finished product!

028 I’m so clever sometimes.

And because this is a running blog…

029 My USA 1/2 Marathon bib was too perfect for the photo shoot.

030 Cupcake ran a half marathon, obviously.

And because I’m a nurse, I did surgery on the cupcake…

032 Funfetti insides!

And then put the cupcake back together because I’m a healing nurse:

031 My healing touch.

Being a nurse means that holidays don’t really mean much and I certainly don’t get them off, so I’m working on the Fourth of July.  It’s on a Thursday so it can’t be THAT exciting, and I’m hoping that maybe (big emphasis on the maybe) I can bolt crosstown in time to see the fireworks on the Hudson.  It probably won’t happen, but I can dream.  Or watch it on TV.  (Not the same, FYI.)  In the meantime, I packed up the cupcakes and will be celebrating America by working.  (Time and a half, for the win.)

035 Happy Fourth!

Do the cupcakes look like fireworks to you?  Just one person needs to tell me they do, I’m not so convinced.  Are you doing something fun for the Fourth?  Let me live vicariously! 

Also, worth a shot:  Anyone in NYC running long on Friday?  I’d like some company.

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  1. says

    Fireworks, yes, they do! More baking skills than I have. Happy 4th! I’m on graves so I’ll be working on the 4th too.

  2. says

    Cute cupcakes! I wish I had enough motivation to bake. I’m dog sitting, so I won’t be doing anything too exciting. Maybe going to a friend’s to have some hummus and watermelon because of course Whole Foods was out of guacamole by the time I decided I was craving it for today! Fail. Have a great day at work :o)

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