six for saturday: a week with mom

Sometimes I do an “It’s Friday…I’m in Love” post, sometimes I do a “Five for Friday” post….these are basically just excuses to dump some information (let’s be real) in bullet point form.  This week has flown by since my mom has been in town since Sunday, and I just sent her in cab to LaGuardia to head back to (snowy) Chicago.  It’s a tight squeeze in my 10’x14’ apartment, but we make it work.  (It helps that she’s hard of hearing so I can watch TV at night and it doesn’t bother her!)  Ha.

But anyway, here are six exciting things we did this week…



The whole idea that sparked this trip for my mom was the fact that I impulse bought two-for-one Broadway week tickets to Wicked, without really having anyone to go with.  Although I’m sure I could have conned someone in NYC into going with me, my mom had been talking about coming for a visit so I mentioned it to her and she booked a ticket!  I’ve never seen Wicked before, but have heard amazing things about it.  It was so good!!  Which I probably don’t need to tell most people, but definitely see it if you haven’t yet.

we were on letterman!


My mom likes to go see TV shows when she’s in NYC, which is something I think to do even though I live here.  She put in for tickets for the Letterman show, and we got a call on Monday night asking if we would like to attend on Wednesday…done!  We got in line for our tickets at around 2pm, got sent to a bar to wait to go in for taping, and taping was from about 4pm-5:30pm-ish.  Drew Brees and BJ Novak were on the show, and Drew (first name basis, obviously) was on my fantasy football team, so good timing there.  We sat right behind a guy in a Broncos jersey, which was good because when we watched the show Wednesday night, look who they put on TV:

014 Can you spot us??

So that was fun, highly recommended if you’re in the city!

super bowl craziness


I normally avoid Times Square, but the shows are all over there and my mom likes to see the hustle and bustle of the people.  I wouldn’t say that the area was extra crowded due to the Super Bowl crowds, but we did go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so maybe the crowds just came in this weekend.  We didn’t go on the toboggan ride, but we did see the Rockettes and people attempting to kick field goals.

If only I could have won Super Bowl tickets from work!  (I’m still sad that I didn’t…)

organizing my kitchen


This is my mom organizing my kitchen….if you ever need organizing, let me know!  My mom is retired and really likes organizing, so she’ll certainly help you out.  (Yes, my bed is about two feet from my kitchen.  Small spaces…)  Anyway, we jimmied my drying rack so it now sits over my sink (while still allowing access to the sink…), which frees up my stove so I don’t have to move everything when/if I cook.  (If, let’s be honest.)

Next up is my closet…I’m nervous already.

bought a warm coat


Despite having grown up in Chicago, I never seem to own an appropriate winter coat.  After seeing Letterman on Wednesday and walking around in weather in the teens, I was frozen at dinner and took forever to warm up.  My mom had spotted that some stores were having big sales, so we braved the crowds, headed to Macy’s, and found me a new coat.  Most of the coats at Macy’s were quite unattractive, but we took one last tour of the coat section when I spotted the one above.  It doesn’t look that cute in the picture, but I think it is when I’m wearing it!  (Obviously?  ha.)  50% off plus 15% off when you use your Macy’s card?  Good reason to keep moms around…

the bridges of madison county


So, apparently the Bridges of Madison County is one of my mom’s favorite books/movies/now musicals.  She took me recently that it was a new show on Broadway and that she wanted to see it…and they happened to have the 2-for-1 Broadway Week tickets, so we bought those too!  The show is “officially” coming out (whatever that means) in February…but it was really good!  It’s not as showy/theatrical as some of the other musicals, but the story is really well done and the characters have amazing voices.  I also have a coupon if anyone is interested…you know I love a deal!

that’s six!

My mom also did a lot without me while I was working/running/sleeping…met Matt Lauer and ended up on the Today Show, hung out with my great aunt, went to a bunch of knitting shops, and she already is planning for her next trip.

What do you do when your parents come to visit?  Any suggestions for future NYC adventures?  Do you want to come visit me?  (You’re definitely welcome!)

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  1. em says

    sounds like a fun time! i love musicals, and wicked is definitely one of my faves! glad your mom could help out with organizing-living in a small space is tricky. i have actually never been to nyc, but it is so nice that there us a big running community there…plus lots to do!!

  2. says

    Sounds like you had a great time with your mom! You are the best to visit in NYC :) PS I like the coat & how had never seen WICKED? It is amazing…I think I’ll try defying gravity…

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