training 2014: 1/27-2/2 and 2/3-2/9

Greetings!  I’ve only been doing weekly workout updates for two weeks and then I missed a week…oops?  Work/life gets busy and then I forget and magically a week has gone by!  So, you get two updates for the price of one.  Or something like that.

Week of 1/27-2/2

Work/Life Schedule

I was coming off of night shift on Monday morning (meaning I worked Sunday night), then I worked again on Friday and Saturday night.  My mom arrived that Monday and left after breakfast on Saturday.  We did a lot of fun things!

Training Schedule – 26.67 miles


Monday – 5.05 miles in 41:18, average pace of 41:18

I slept longer than planned after working on Sunday night, so my mom was hanging out at the Starbucks across the street until I woke up.  I didn’t really feel like running (I lack so much motivation when attempting to flip my schedule) and didn’t want to leave my mom, but she told me to go run, so I did.  Then we ordered pizza and spent the evening watching the Bachelor.

Tuesday – 7.5 miles in 55:54, average pace of 7:27

I signed up for private pilates lessons at YogaWorks via a GiltCity voucher, so I had my first one!  It’s over on the west side, about two miles away, so I ran over on a chilly morning.  The lesson was fine – I don’t know much about pilates so I can’t comment too much, but we used a bunch of random contraptions and did a lot of stretching.  No soreness at all when I was done.

As I was waiting for my Garmin to get signal after the class, a security guy outside the nearby school said, “You know, you can do that inside…at a gym!” referring to running in the cold.  I told him I don’t belong to a gym and moved along.  My fingers were chilly and the pace actually felt just fine.

Wednesday – 6.1 miles in 49:22, average pace of 7:27

I attempted to do a tempo workout that I turned into mile repeats.  Plan was for a three mile tempo run at maybe 6:40-6:45-ish pace.  I gave up after a mile at 6:37 pace, ran another mile, then sped up again for another mile in 6:34.  I get too much anxiety over running fast and it makes me want to scrap my spring race plans.  Lacking so much motivation right now.

Went to the Letterman Show!

Thursday – OFF

Friday – 7.93 miles in 1:00:31 average pace of 7:38

Easy run – or it felt easy, I guess.  I need to watch my paces more.  It was more like 20-25 degrees and felt pretty warm, mostly due to the lack of wind!

Saturday and Sunday – OFF

I had breakfast with my mom after work before she headed back to Chicago.  Sunday was the Super Bowl, and the plan was to get up and run before it.  I was so exhausted that not only did I not wake up to run before meeting up to watch the game, but I fell asleep at the bar in the fourth quarter.  Abbe has pictures, but in my defense, it was a horribly boring game.  I also came home, passed out at around 10:30, woke up at 3am still wearing my jeans, then slept until about 8:30am.  For the record, that was about 17 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.  My goodness, get me off of night shift, please.

Week 2/3-2/9

Work/Life Schedule

I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, including a 9:30 meeting on Wednesday morning (meetings after night shift…the worst).  On Friday morning, a bunch of the nurses all headed up to Vermont for a weekend of skiing.  More on that later.  We got back on Sunday.

Training Schedule – 19.03 miles


Monday – 5 miles in 41:08, average pace of 8:14 + Equinox Ultimate Workout

So, if you couldn’t guess by the “location” of all the runs…I joined a gym.  I’ll wrote a post about that eventually, but I joined Equinox and have recently been enjoying running on a treadmill as much as one can…and by that, I mean I’m enjoying not running in the dark on ice.  So there’s that.  It’s certainly taking some getting used to and I haven’t figured it out yet, but there’s that.  I almost fell off at least once during this run, so that was fun.

I’m trying to do more strength training, so I went to a lunch time class at Equinox called “Ultimate Workout.”

We used small weights and a step (like in step class)…I was definitely sweating and my butt hurt the next day, so there’s that.  Looking forward to trying more classes.

Tuesday and Wednesday – OFF

I’m too exhausted to do anything but wake up, eat, shower, go to work, come home, eat, and sleep.  The meeting on Wednesday morning where I didn’t get home until almost 11 really threw me off.

Thursday – 8 miles in 1:02:08, avg pace of 7:46 + Refine Method

I did Refine Method with a bazillion push ups (I’m so bad at them) then headed to Equinox where I somehow tricked my body into thinking that eight miles on a treadmill would be a good idea.  Or at least certainly better than running at night on ice.  Bonus points included seeing one of our past residents who opened the code cart to get a Tegaderm.  (That’s a big fail in case you have no idea what that means.)  I got bored otherwise and cranked the treadmill to 6:30 pace for some intervals.

Friday and Saturday – OFF

We drove up to Vermont on Friday and went skiing on Sunday.  Some of us took ski lessons which left us on the bunny slopes and one ride down a green run…which was much better than last year when I spent most of the time laying flat on the mountain after falling.  I wasn’t even sore after so that’s good.  Maybe those squats are paying off?

Sunday – 6.03 miles in 47:05, avg pace of 7:48 + Refine Method

We got back from Vermont on Sunday afternoon, and all I really wanted to do was sit on my couch.  However, my Refine Method classes are expiring this week so I needed to squeeze one in.  Luckily, they offer Sunday evening classes so I headed to the 5:20pm class where I ran into my Refine Buddy!  It was a smaller crowd and the instructor was really fun…she even upgraded me to the “advanced” workout when using the TRX straps for our triceps – so much harder.  I’ll miss Refine Method.

I then headed to the treadmill where I ran six miles – so mentally hard to be on the treadmill, but at least the Olympics were on so I watched some ski jump.  I kept thinking how much better it would be to watch running while running, but oh well.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve been so exhausted lately and can’t seem to get in many runs or quality runs, so that’s frustrating and it makes me want to scratch my spring race plans.  We’ll see.  It’s about time for a physical so I need to make an appointment with a doctor since I’d like to get my iron levels checked out too.  I’ve been severely anemic in the past, so maybe I’m a little low again.  Or I need to get off of night shift.  (Which I’ve recently learned might be even more far off than I thought.  I don’t want to talk about it and can’t handle it.)

Oops, that got off topic fast.  I’m usually good at training through the winter, but I’m kind of over it right now.  My “I’m (originally) from Chicago, hear me roar” attitude is gone and I’m ready for spring.  Or maybe not since winter gives me a somewhat valid excuse to be really bad at running…

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