a break from the cold

I’ve admittedly lost to winter this year.  I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve ran in the month of February, and I actually caved and joined a gym (more on this at some point?) with the added benefit of the treadmill.  Now, I hate the treadmill, but it is nice to know that when the sidewalks of New York are covered with ice and I sleep until it’s dark out (#nightshiftproblems), I can still get a run in.  So that’s a plus.

However, Mother Nature decided to tease us this weekend, giving us fifty degree weather.  This will quickly go away in the coming days…you’re the worst, weather.


But anyway, I’ve been favoring my bed instead of a run before work, seeing as the sun is just about on its way out and…it’s been cold.  I know some of you love the morning run, but when the “morning run” is actually in the evening and you won’t see the sun ever, it definitely lowers your motivation.  We’ll see how those spring races go…

Walking home from work on Saturday morning (after a Pilates class – perk of giving report super quick!), it was so nice out and I knew I’d be missing out if I didn’t get out of bed to run before work.  I managed to get out of bed, throw on shorts (!!), and head out for five miles before work.  It was glorious, oh so glorious.  After a fairly uneventful night of work, a sunny yet chilly walk home, and sleeping until 3:30pm (I wanted to wake up around 2pm, but…oops?), I headed out for another run in 50 degree weather.  I was really tired and not in the mood to get out and run, but I knew I’d be kicking myself if I waited too long and it got dark.

I’m also attempting to get serious about training (we’ll see what the snow says about that…), so a long run sounded like a good idea.  I haven’t been over to the west side to run in foreverrr, and a warm, non-windy day makes for a much better run on the Hudson over a cold, windy day.  Normally, running on the sidewalks these days is tricky enough due to piles of snow/ice and puddles, but add in the warmth and it’s real-life frogger dodging everyone coming out of hibernation from the cold.  (My favorite are people walking down Madison/Fifth with bags from stores like Louis Vuitton…whatever is in that bag might be as much as my rent.  And the people carrying two bags from there?  Oh my!)  But once my sweaty self entered Central Park and over to the west side, it was the land of runners.

Runner-watching is one of the ways I entertain myself while running.  I create scenarios in my head for various runners based on what tshirt they’re wearing or what short snippet of conversation I hear when we pass.  I imagine that they’re training for Boston, that they’re squeezing in a run after work, that they’re using the run to catch up with a friend.

I also love checking out people’s outfits—not necessarily because I care about fashion (my running ensemble rarely even matches), but because what people wear in various temperatures always makes me wonder.  I was so excited to wear shorts and a light long sleeve shirt.  Some people decked themselves out in their full winter gear, including tights, jackets, hats, and gloves.  My main thoughts about these people is that they must never see temperatures below 50 degrees.  They don’t tough out a cold day.  I actually like Central Park the best right after the New York City Marathon because the crowd thins out as people take a break and maybe don’t hit the streets for the winter.  I find it quite fun to play the “who runs in the cold and who thinks 50 degrees is cold weather” game.  Each runner is something new to think about and the miles fly by, all while I’m plenty warm in my shorts!

I made it back to my apartment just as the sun was setting, with the last few blocks in the dark.  I’m hoping this 50 degree weather sticks around, but not getting my hopes up…

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  1. says

    I think a lot of times the people who wear too much are newer runners and just do not know how to dress. I see it a lot at local races here in Charleston, and really… this is SC. Most of us truly don’t own cold weather running gear. I have a few Under Armor turtlenecks and 2 pairs of capri pants (I don’t own tights, but I’m short enough to where capris come close to my socks and if I have to, I can wear compression socks so that little bit of skin doesn’t show). I see people running in sweats here when it’s 50 degrees, it’s crazy.

    Totally okay for you to run in a gym! I hate when runners feel like those outside are the only hardcore ones. Treadmill workouts are crazy hard and effective if you do them right!

  2. Frogoutofwater says

    So you think that the runners who wear warmer clothing than you is that these people “must never see temperatures below 50 degrees” and “don’t tough out a cold day”. Well, they probably live in NYC just like you and so they probably do know how to tough out a cold day. Maybe they’re just more sensitive to the cold than you (and you make it sound like it’s a failure on their part that they’re more sensitive to cold than you). Maybe they like being warm. Maybe they want to keep limbs warm in order to keep them limber. Maybe they just don’t like wearing shorts.

    When I run in Central Park in cold temperatures I tend to bundle up more because I’m coming from downtown. I can’t just run out my door and be at the park in a few blocks. I get cold going to and from the park, and it’s more convenient to wear clothes than carry them, so when I run in the Park when it’s cold I usually am a little warmer than I’d like to be – but that’s better than being overly cold on the way there and back.

    There’s nothing wrong with wondering about the other runners you see. But your musings sound like the snarky criticism of someone who thinks she’s faster, cuter and better than the other runners who are slogging along slowly. That’s probably not what you intended. But that’s what it comes across like to me.

  3. Teko says

    What about rocky. We wore a lot of cloths while training in Philly to fight Apollo Creed.
    Philly is like what? 500 miles from NYC.

  4. says

    I hate running in tights, so I’m in shorts if the temperatures are above freezing (shorts and a long sleeve top is my favorite running outfit). Your legs warm up. I never understand why people wear so many layers…I feel faster with less on!

  5. Natalie P. says

    I was in San Francisco this weekend and with a starting temp of 48 and warming up to mid 60s as I went on, I was shocked to see people in tights/long sleeve shirts with gloves! I got some looks from other runners as I was out there in my tank top and shorts :) Boston strong! (at least when it comes to the weather)

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