the end of night shift

This one deserves a giant picture and few words.  My last night shift sunrise!  After just under four years watching the sun rise to signal the end of my shift, I finally get to head over to the land of the living.  At least the sun setting on day shift is just as pretty!  Day shift, you’re mine all mine.

But first, a nap.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I am beyond jealous and excited for you! I’m in my third year of night shift and my body has been revolting for about 2 of them. Hello autoimmune disease that I probably wouldn’t have developed until after retirement! I have been “next” for at least six months but hoooopefully that changes in September. I think I may pee my pants or cry (or both) if I ever get that glorious news! Enjoy your normal days and not losing so much of your life to sleep and crazy hours!

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