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a weekend in review

It is a rare occasion that I get a full free weekend off from work when I’m not traveling away from the city.  Day shift helps with this since “weekend shifts” on nights are Friday and Saturday, but working on a Sunday night basically takes out your Sunday anyway.  I worked Friday day shift, then proceeded to buy slices of pizza on my way home and eat them on my couch, too exhausted to do anything but.  It’s been a bit more emotionally exhausting at work (and life, a bit) than it usually is, but I truly have no idea how people go out after working for 12 hours.  So what a way to kick off the weekend!



Saturday led me to sleep in, which is oh so glorious.  I also slept with my windows open HELLO SPRING nice to see you.  Anyway, I chilled with some (hot) coffee before heading to the gym for a workout because I hadn’t been to the gym in awhile.  I decided to try out MetCon3 (apparently short for “metabolic conditioning,” whatever that means), which I took to be like a circuit type thing, maybe like the Refine Method classes I took earlier this year.  Per Equinox…

Increased VO2 max??  Any runner who has read the likes of Pfitz or Hanson, etc, know that VO2 max is key!  And after this class, I can feel, if not understand, the hard work involved in this.  I had no idea what I was doing when I entered the class, but I grabbed two different sets of weights like the people around me before the instructor came in and told us to grab a medicine ball and two discs.  After a warm up, he led us through ten different exercises – lunges, sit up with a Russian twist, burpees with the medicine ball, jump squats, and using the sliding discs in a plank position to pull your feet into your chest.  Among others.  You do each movement for one minute, leading to a set of ten minutes before you rest for two minutes and do it two more times.  Then you finish with moves I couldn’t even do, some stretching, and call it a day.

I had so many sweat puddles underneath me that I wished I’d grabbed a towel.  In the few times that I had the energy to look around me, I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only one who needed a quick five second break in the middle of a set because this was hard.  But in a fun way…


I’m still not sure how to fit in a HIIT workout with running, but I couldn’t let the spring day pass me without running.  When I got home, I changed into my running clothes and headed out for an easy six miles in the park.  It was glorious and I loved every single step.  So many people sitting out in the grass in Central Park, so many people to dodge running on Fifth Ave.  Did I mention that I wore shorts and a tshirt?  Yes, please.

enjoying the weekend

After a quick bite to eat, I met up with Abbe and Baker to explore a new cocktail bar, The Gilroy, that opened in the neighborhood.  Apparently it’s a late night cocktail bar (“and late night eats”), as it doesn’t even open until 5pm, even on the weekends.  I’m admittedly not much of a cocktail drinker, mainly since liquor isn’t so much my thing nor do I actually know what I like, but I went for what sounded fruity and it was so delicious.

image Phils Collins and Gatsby…Green tea infused gin with raspberry, lemon, mint, and seltzer.  I could have drank that in one sip it was so delicious.

After a few beverages, we headed nearby to eat some pizza at Gino’s and Kelly met us for a glass of wine…the pizza was delicious and the company was grand.


the long run

I’ve never been a morning person, and this generally hampers making running plans with people because I don’t necessarily like setting my alarm when I don’t have to…especially when the weather doesn’t require me to get in an early run.  (And let’s face it, I ran in the 95 degree heat at noon last summer, so there’s that.)  After a glorious eleven hours of sleep, I set out to the west side for a long run of sorts…keeping in mind that in my barely-running-days, that meant 12 miles.  After a quick costume change (definitely tank top weather instead of tshirt weather), I took my somewhat sore body out for a run…the kinds loosened out after a mile and away I went.  I didn’t think much about pace and rather just ran (ended up right about 8:00 minute pace, give or take, for every mile), which was fun and made the run quite enjoyable.  So many people were out (SO MANY BIKERS), and one biker said, “Nice pace!” as he rode past me, so that was nice and very un-NYC-biker-like.  (On the note of bikers, so many tourists/CitiBikers who like to stop right in the middle of the path.  Please, no!  Such a dangerous place to stop!)

I knew the water fountains had been turned on, so I enjoyed using those every couple of miles…not having to carry water with me for most runs is so convenient.  Otherwise, I love just being out there with all these other active people and seeing the sites…a 12 mile out and back takes me through Central Park, down past a few west side outside bars, past Chelsea Piers, all with a view of the Freedom Tower when heading south.  I’ve run it a million times and it doesn’t get old – and I like that you can just show up and run without having to worry about the stoplights that you might hit running in the city.

image I’ll take it.

Long runs always remind me how much I like the long run and distance events.  I’ll be taking a break from long runs for a bit and trading them with lots of time spent on a bike (hooray triathlon training!), so hopefully I like those three hour bike rides just as much!

swimsuit shopping

Speaking of triathlon training, I’ve been searching for a swimsuit to purchase since the only lap-worthy suit I have is one from my swim lesson days as a senior in high school.  (I really should get rid of that…)  Bikini buying isn’t any girl’s favorite thing to do…but these lap suits are a totally different story as well.  I figured the sizing would be similar to, you know, pants or dresses or ANYTHING, but I guess that’s not the case as these suits are TIGHT.  After throwing in the towel at a few stores, I set out yesterday to actually buy one, no ifs ands or buts.  I figured maybe I should just buy a two piece suit since the one pieces seemed embarrassingly tight, but the two pieces made me feel like I was falling out of the tops…which isn’t a feeling I ever, ever have, so that was strange.  After trying on half the store, I ended up with this:

image Basic black because…obviously.

I’m gearing up to actually try swimming for the first time in a bajillion years, so wish me luck on that!  (I’m heading out shortly after posting this, I’ll let you know how it goes!)

wrap it up

I was definitely tired by the time Sunday night rolled around – I watched the Yankees game on TV (if you ever want to go to a game…or a Mets game…let me know!!) and then watched the Hunt for the Boston Bombers…probably not something to watch alone at midnight, but at least I knew what the outcome was!

Tell me about your weekend…long runs?  Taking advantage of spring?


04 2014

a florida wedding weekend and i’m super introverted.

As mentioned in my last post, running in Florida was quite the treat, although I’m excited that running in NYC is actually getting to be quite pleasant again!  Running in shorts and a tank top was certainly a highlight of the long weekend, although not nearly as much as a highlight as seeing this guy:

Due to scheduling issues and a giant snow storm, prior to this trip to Florida I’d only seen Eric for about three days in 2014.  Oops?  Luckily we’re picking up the frequency with which we get to see each other in coming months, so that will certainly be a welcome change!  We did, however, make the most of our time in Florida and got to spend plenty of time together, as well as hanging out with his dad and his high school friends.

Oh yes, that’s right, meeting the family and the friends.  I’ve met some of Eric’s friends before, but none of the "I knew you since tee-ball" type friends.  Eric prefaced this whole weekend with "These are my friends, you have to like them," which I knew most likely wouldn’t be a difficult undertaking, but talk about pressure!  He gave me a Facebook overview of everyone’s names, significant others, current location, and jobs, but I was half asleep and didn’t remember most of it the next day when he was quizzing me.  (I proclaimed that this was all not fair, as my two best friends from high school are both named Katie…he has it so easy!)

So anyway, Friday night we headed over to his friend’s house for a giant party of sorts, where Eric immediately led me to the beer because a little alcohol never hurt anyone on the friendly scale.  I then proceeded to be my awkward self while attempting to not be my awkward self and hoped that someone would talk about running or something I can talk about for hours.  All while playing down the funny looks that went along with the answer to the question, "So, you’re up in Minneapolis too?"  Well, no…

One of his friends brought along their dog, so I spent the night trying to listen to my introverted brain:

image How the introverted brain works.

But I failed and mentioned this tactic to Eric and he wouldn’t let me play with the dog the entire night, while others mentioned that I didn’t have to play with the dog if I didn’t want to.  YOU’RE ALL ONTO MY PLAN.  Luckily, Eric states it wasn’t as much as a disaster as I made up in my head, although it would be beyond generous to say that I fare well in large groups of people who all know each other.  (Side note, all his friends are awesome so it’s just me with insecurities…hooray!)

Photo: Gatsby is trying to make friends. #gatorcountry #dontgettooclose #chompchomp

Side note:  Even Gatsby tried to make friends.

So there’s that.

Saturday was the wedding, which started with a day full of Florida Gator tshirts (I obliged and wore one too…) and tacos (because, well, tacos).  We checked into the hotel and got ready for the wedding.  A short and sweet ceremony led us inside to the reception area where the entire group of Florida fans (half, if not more, of the wedding guest list…) set up shop to watch the Final Four on their phones.  (Poor planning to have a wedding on the same night…)

photo 3 (2) It is very Eric to have a koozie and a Florida game on, now you know.

The wedding included some delicious food and cupcakes, so thumbs up for that.  It also included this handsome man, so life isn’t too shabby.

photo 4 (2)

Sidenote:  That dress is the bridesmaid dress from Sara’s wedding.  Also the wedding that I made a wedding cake.  Luckily I only had to eat cupcakes at this wedding!

We then spent Sunday in St. Augustine where we got the most delicious BBQ (pulled pork, all day every day) and headed to the new distillery…vodka isn’t my thing, but a fun place to check out if you’re in town!

It was low key for the rest of the trip until heading back on Monday evening…I actually ended up on the same flight as some monks who were on my flight down to Florida, so that was a random occurrence.  Otherwise, a rainy NYC greeted me in all its spring glory.  Next time seeing Eric is in May, so until then…

Any crazy introverted and quiet bloggers out there who can sympathize with my group talking anxiety?  Eric thinks it’s very strange that I’ll keep a blog and "talk" to all of you, but have trouble doing so in person.  Tell me I’m not the only one…or tell me how to get over it!

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04 2014