Five for Friday, Jeri Edition

Words that I never thought would come out of my mouth:  I’m off to South Dakota!  (No offense South Dakota, it’s definitely me, not you.)  While there are certainly beautiful things to see in South Dakota, I can’t say I know too many people who have South Dakota on their bucket lists.  When people asked where I am traveling next (always a fair question since they’re usually something coming up!), I got a bit of a strange look when I replied, “South Dakota!”

This also happened when I told people I was going to Jackson, Mississippi in January.  It’s all about who you know and where they are, obviously.  (And Bruno Mars included Jackson in one of his songs, so it had to be good, right?)

But anyway.  Eric and I are off to South Dakota to visit my blog BFF Jeri (and her fiance Kyle and her pug, Ollie), and it will be a lovely weekend!  We have some fun things planned, but I’ll tell you about them all when we get back.  In the meantime, it is also Friday, so let’s do a Five for Friday, Jeri and Susan edition.

1.  I have no idea how long we’ve known each other.

We apparently started blogging right around the same time, which was the end of 2008.  (Yikes…)  I tried to find my first comment on her blog, and the earliest I could find before I realized I was spending way too much time on this was July 6th, 2009.  Well, that was awhile ago, and my best guess as to when we first realized each other existed.  So I guess we “met” around then and it’s fair to say we’ve known each other for about six years.  Which I guess it wasn’t creepy when we first actually met…

2.  We first met face-to-face in October 2011.


I ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2011 (still home to my PR!), and Minneapolis isn’t too far from Sioux Falls, so we had the great idea of Jeri driving up for the weekend.  So she did.  That was a weekend full of hanging out with people I’d never actually met before, and it went swimmingly.

3.  We always share a bed.

Is it weird to share a bed with someone you’ve never met before?  In Minneapolis, Jeri and I shared a futon.  When she came to NYC last year, I gave her two options:  we could blow up the queen size air mattress that takes up the rest of the floor space in my studio apartment (I lived in a shoebox) or she would share my queen size bed with me.  Since we’d already gone over the hurdle of sharing a bed, we opted for choice two.  (Which is great because setting up an air mattress that you barely have room for is difficult.)  Was this awkward?  I don’t think it was.  Should it be?  I have no idea.  The internet is breaking down boundaries left and right.

4.  We made a video.

A few years ago, Oiselle hosted a contest to win a trip the track and field Olympic Trials.  We entered.  We made a video.  I still think it’s a wonderful work of art, and I can always take an opportunity to share it.

Minus a major near-catastrophe of Jeri’s videos not having sound when I viewed them on my computer (Mac vs PC problems…), I think it turned out pretty good!  And you learn a bit about us!

5.  I’m not lying when I say we’re blog besties.

There was a period of time when we talked about Jeri moving in and sleeping on my couch.  (The fact that my couch was of the size that no one older the four years old would be able to fit is beside the point.)  We both love running and sports (it’s FOOTBALL SEASON NOW, HOOORAY).  We’re both introverted, but manage in this blog world.  And neither of us are afraid to meet and hang out with (and stay…) with someone we’ve never actually met before.  (And if you ever need a book recommendation, she’s your girl.)

I’m excited for this weekend, and I’m so thankful for the blog world for allowing me to meet so many people in different parts of the country (and world – although I haven’t quite gotten that adventurous yet…).  I’m confident we probably never would have met had it not been for this whole blog thing, and that’s pretty cool.  It’s exciting to get to Sioux Falls (as mentioned above, a place I might not have gone otherwise) and to hang out with an old friend.  (Awwwwwwww.)

Have you made internet friends and actually met them?  If not, I highly recommend it!  I should do a post about this – it’s really awesome.

Fall 2015 Race Line-Up

Yesterday, when everyone’s Tuesday felt like a Monday (I feel like that would be a good thing), my Tuesday felt like a Friday.  I worked the holiday weekend, working in a variety of different roles – an unstable ICU patient, floating to a medical step-down unit, and hydrotherapy nurse.  A tale of a the nursing experience.  If anyone asks what it takes to be a nurse (or maybe just what my strong points are), I would say flexibility and ability to adapt to change.  You never know what you’ll get from day to day!  (Although we do try to keep assignments the same if you work for a few days in a row, but mine got thrown off by having to float on my middle day.)  The good news about all of this is that I’m off from work for the rest of the week – take that!

Luckily, I didn’t work on Saturday so I was able to get in my long run for the week.  As the miles build, I’m nervous about extending my long run because I want to stay away from any groin pain.  After a minor setback where I took a week off in August, I’ve been feeling good.  My 14 mile run last weekend was a little rough near the end, most likely from heat and the stop-and-go of traffic lights.  I was SO excited when I realized that it was only 70 degrees on Saturday – it FINALLY felt cool, something I haven’t felt on a run in a longggg time.  Glorious, my friends, glorious.

I did a loop of Central Park, including an extra run of the lower loop, which was convenient because I ran into Bojana and Brian and joined them as we circled the bottom of the park.  Whenever I run on weekend morning, I secretly hope to run into some running buddies because I’m by myself at odd hours every other day.  It was fun to catch up with them while on the run, and it helped because I had found myself picking up my pace a little and they helped reign me in for a couple miles.  I left them at the 72nd St Transverse and headed over to the Hudson to wrap up my long run.  I have a love/hate with finishing with an out-and-back.  I love it because I know exactly how much further I have to go, but hate it because I find myself just counting down the miles.  But all in all, a solid long run that gives me confidence for upcoming races, and for my groin to stay in check as long as I stay smart.

Saturday, September 5th – 15.05 miles in 2:03:33, avg pace of 8:13


You maybe be wondering what my upcoming races may be.  (Or you may not, that’s totally cool too.)  When injuries are lingering around, I get nervous about putting my race schedule out because I don’t want to jinx myself.  However, I’m feeling okay and hope that putting this out there will help keep me in check – and maybe means I’ll be seeing some of you out there at races!  So, without further ado…

September 13th – Sioux Falls Half Marathon

Sioux Falls Marathon logo

I’m pretty sure I’ve been talking about going to Sioux Falls for a couple years now, but a few months ago, my blog BFF Jeri texted me (possibly while under the influence) and asked if I still planned on coming for a race there.  And a commitment was made!  (You may remember that she came to NYC last year, and I did the proper thing by walking her something like nine miles the day before a half marathon, oops.  At least we carb loaded with pizza.)  Jeri says the Sioux Falls Half/Marathon is the only race that’s actually worth traveling to Sioux Falls for, so I’m considering that a win.  I’m definitely not in race shape, but I’m looking forward to giving a solid effort, maybe focusing on pacing/negative splitting instead of going all out.  I say that every time, so we’ll see.

This also serves as a warning to everyone to not invite me to a race where you live unless you actually want me to come because sooner or later I will show up.

October 16-18th – Runner’s World Half & Festival

I’m so excited to be invited back to the Runner’s World Half & Festival this year!  Two years ago, I had an amazing blogger and running experience at the mecca of running.  I ran the Hat Trick (5K, 10K, and half marathon), met a bunch of the Runner’s World staff (hey there, editor in chief!) and attended a bunch of really cool running seminars (recap here).  It’s such a fun weekend of all things running – a race for runners at any distance level, including kiddo races and even a dog race!  They also had really great speakers, including Dave McGillivray, the director of the Boston Marathon.  I loved being able to meet new-to-me bloggers and hang out with some familiar faces.  The races are also great, and the weather was perfect for racing.  Hopefully that holds true again!

This year, Runner’s World is mixing it up a bit by adding a 3.8 mile trail run on Friday – four races for the weekend!  If you run all four races, the distance adds up to 26.2 – smart thinking, RW!  I’m naturally signing up for all the races, as it will be peak week before my goal race for the season, plus it’s just fun to run ALL THE RACES.  I PR’d at both the 5k and 10k last time (signs I should race more…), so it’s a good course.  Also, I probably won’t be doing that this year, but maybe you should.

On that note, I would love to see some of you come out for the races if you’re at all local, or even if you’re not!  It’s a really fun weekend (can I say that twelve times?) and makes the runner nerd in me totally geek out.  If you’re looking to register, just head to the registration website and use the code “blogsusanruns” – this will get you $3.50 off the 5K; $4 off the 10K; $7.50 off the Five and Dime; $9.50 off the Half; $17 off the Hat trick.  DO IT!  I’d love to see you there.  I promise to be smiling the entire time.

November 1st – NYC Marathon


The big race for the season!  As I described in July, I’m running the NYC Marathon to raise money for the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation (donations accepted here if you feel able to give – any amount is so, so appreciated).  The Burn Foundation does so much work to help support burn research and fellowships for physicians, provide expensive garments to burn survivors, send kids to burn camp, help with outreach and burn safety/prevent, and so much more.  I see every day just how devastating a burn can be to people and their families, so I’m thrilled to be able to do run for this foundation.  You’ve been reading about my training, and I’m hoping to get to race day injury free so I can run for this great cause.  Running through NYC is always a highlight, and I’ll have a little extra pep in my step this time around!

And there you have it!  I don’t race a ton (working so many weekends/life in general), so I’m excited to have these on the calendar!  A little travel, a little AMAZING running weekend, and capping it all off with a run through my city for a cause that I feel so strongly about.  TRIFECTA.

Will any of you be joining me at these races?  What else do you have on your calendar?

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