Into My Kitchen: Minestrone Soup

Well blogworld, today it was back to work for this sick nurse.  I’ve actually felt the best I’ve felt all week, although I did head into work bright and early and armed with cold medicine.  I wore a mask allllll day long when in patients’ rooms and blew my nose using hospital paper towels, which is essentially like rubbing sandpaper all over your face.  Maybe there is something to those tissues with Aloe, although we all know I’m too cheap to splurge on something like that!

Anyway.  I take my lunch to work with me on a daily basis, as I learned early on in my last job that eating is a luxury at work, and although I’ve become better at making myself eat (coupled with a better job that recognizes that fed nurses are happy nurses!), I still don’t trust myself to have enough time to go buy food.  So I bring my food.  Plus it’s cheaper and healthier, of course.  What did I pack in my lunch today?  Well, another portion of the abundance of soup I made earlier this week!

You see, when sick, soup is your best bet.  If you’re delirious like me, you buy canned soup and then go back to the store to buy ingredients to make your own soup.  Sorry Campbells, I went with Martha.  After spending a few hours combing through soup recipes (what else am I going to do when laying on the couch is my best bet?), I finally decided on Minestrone Soup from the great Martha Stewart. 

I followed the recipe, but Swiss chard was nowhere to be found in my NYC grocery store, so I used spinach instead.  Easy enough.  Also, it says it serves 6-8.  I’ve had six servings so far and it appears that I have like four left.  What’s in a serving??

Minestrone Soup Feb 2010 mmmm soup warms my heart

You know what I like best about soup?  You chop some stuff up and throw it in a pan.  Cook it for awhile.  Then you throw some more stuff in (usually liquid) and boil it.  Let it simmer for awhile.  Stir, add some spices.  EAT.

Anyone who says they don’t know how to cook clearly hasn’t tried.

While I think this soup was delicious, it could have used a bit more flavor (spices, turning it up a little next time).  However, this vegetarian delight was approved by a meat lover (although you can’t really insult a sick chef, that just wouldn’t be right), so I consider that a victory.

Don’t forget the side of bread for dipping!  One of the best parts.  (Carbs for the win.)

How do you pronounce Minestrone?  Minestone (cut off quick!) or MinestronEEEEEE?  Maybe this should be on that accent vlog that is going around…

Also, if you need soup anytime soon, I have plenty to go around, and I promise I didn’t cough into the pot.

Into My Kitchen: Chocolate-Hazelnut Thumbprints

As noted in my last post, I’m feeling a little bit under the weather…that’s tough to do these days, as the weather is kinda under itself at the moment!  Anyway, I don’t feel too much better than yesterday (okay, when I woke up, I felt like a train hit me, probably the E train), but now I’m a little perkier so we shall see.

Back on track:  When I feel a little sniffly, I like to bake.  I don’t know if it’s the comfort of baking or just the fact that I feel like I should be doing something instead of just sitting on the couch, but it’s something that I do.  Not saying it makes me better, but it sure does taste good.  I tweeted last night that I wanted to bake, but I couldn’t decide between cupcakes and cookies.  Allie responded by saying that I should make the cookies I made her when I traveled to Durham last year to visit her, Sara, and Sarah.  The cookies were delicious, and I realized that I never posted about them!  That’s probably because I finished making them at two in the morning before I left…oops.

Anyway (fast forward a day…I couldn’t find the cord for my camera so food blogging went on a standstill, which is why I’m not a full time food bloger….moving on), the cookies that I made for Allie were quite delicious and due to be replicated.  I mean, who doesn’t like Nutella?  Off to the store I went.  The grocery stores in NYC never fail to impress me with their selections, as I was able to find hazelnuts!  All of this comes with a price, of course…who knew how expensive butter could be??

On with the cookies, as that’s why you’re really here.

Now presenting Chocolate-Hazelnut Thumbprints, recipe from Cooking Light:

Hazelnut Nutella Thumbprints Feb 2010 (1) On the cooling rack, waiting to be eaten alive.

Hazelnut Nutella Thumbprints Feb 2010 (2) Close up of glory!!

Best eaten when dipped in extra Nutella, which is how all foods should be eaten.

Make these!!  They’re easy, delicious, and since you have to toast hazelnuts (which is really easy, don’t be scared!), your kitchen will first smell like toasted hazelnuts before the baking smells come in for the second act.  Oh so good.

What’s your favorite food to put Nutella on??

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