Five Year New York-iversary

One of the best parts about having a blog is being able to look back at my life.  Sometimes I’ll browse through my archives and be reminded of some things I’ve forgotten or be inspired by how great a run was.  Recently, I was thinking about what day I moved to NYC.  I knew that my New York-iversary was somewhere around the end of August/beginning of September, but I wasn’t sure of the exact date.

Enter:  Blog archives.  And Facebook.  Facebook never forgets.

Five years and one day ago, I ran my last long run in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and rented a U-Haul.  My dad arrived, we packed it up, and the next day we drove the U-Haul and my car to NYC.  We then unpacked the U-Haul (okay, I hired guys to carry all my stuff up five flights of stairs…), put my bed together, and then drove my car to Chicago the next day.  I emailed my Dad to remind him of this momentous day, and here’s what he had to say:

“That is some memory – how lucky we were to get that parking spot in front of your apartment, driving across Manhattan, and you over in the Bronx, and how the movers made a huge clothes pile on the couch-it looked like a mini-explosion.
That’s what I remember. Then I think we drove to Illinois, but I do not remember if we stopped or not along the way.”

That’s mostly accurate!  We were worried about finding parking near my apartment to unload all the stuff, but luckily a fire hydrant was right outside the door to my building, so we were able to park there as long as someone stayed in case we needed to move it.  I didn’t quite make it into the Bronx, but I got sucked into the Midtown Tunnel and ended up in Queens – oops.  And yes, as great as paying movers are, the kind I get literally just pile all your stuff wherever they can.  (Which is fine, it’s all by the hour so it saves me money.)  But yes, it was a clothes explosion.

This post highlights my first apartment – I actually had it really good!  We had a two bedroom in a fifth floor walkup, located on 76th St between 1st Ave and York Ave.  (To anyone who doesn’t live in NYC, this means that we were about 10-15 minutes to the closest subway, but it only took me about ten minutes to walk to work, so, tradeoffs.)  We didn’t have laundry in the building and had to climb five flights of stairs, but our rent was only $2250 for the two bedroom!  (That’s a steal!  My room was bigger so I paid $1225.)  I had found my roommate on Craigslist, so that worked out.  Ah, that was so cheap…


My goodness, I was (extra) skinny back then.  Must be all that delicious food this city has…

I can’t believe it’s been five years – time certainly has flown, and sometimes I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of this city.  (It’s most likely because I haven’t.)  I was so, so excited to move here, but also super nervous.  I knew absolutely no one, and as anyone who has done it knows, it’s kind of hard to make friends as an adult!  Running (and this blog/the internet) has been key to making friendships here – most of the people I know outside of work are through running who I met on the internet.  (I’m so cool, I know.)  But really – I tried so many ways to make friends (I should do a post on this…) including going to bars/game watches by myself, joining a flag football team, connecting with friends of friends or really old acquaintances.  Some people say it takes three years to really make friends in a new city, and I think it’s true.  I’ve been so lucky through the running to have a community to immediately join and to have an activity that is as easy as “meet you at 6 at Engineer’s Gate.”

I would also like to give a special shout out to Erica Sara for that time she invited me over to her apartment for Indian food and watching Glee.  I was terrified her doorman was going to ask me for her last name or phone number – I didn’t know either.  (I’m still terrified of doormen, by the way, even though I have one.)  But it worked out and we have a great time!  (I think she did too.)  It was a huge risk to move to this city and making it here definitely involves stepping out of your comfort zone.  I won’t say it’s been a perfect ride, but it’s definitely been fun.

To celebrate, I got my blood drawn (just annual physical stuff – health maintenance is important for longevity in this city!), and I ran with a coworker.  She’s still fairly new to the area, and it’s always interesting to see the city through a new person’s eyes.  (When I first moved here, I loved asking people to ask me to their favorite places…I also did online dating partially as a way to see various parts of the city.  Yikes…ha.)  I ran a mile to meet her then we did a loop of Central Park.  A hot loop of Central Park!  We mostly ran water fountain to water fountain and took a few walk breaks.  Maybe we shouldn’t run at 11am, oooooops.

We finished at Columbus Circle and were hanging out by the water fountain, and she spotted money at her feet.  Someone had lost $30, and despite our best efforts to see who may have dropped it…….well, it’s a huge crowded area, and no one seemed to return.  We ended up going to the smoothie store nearby for some refreshment – a present from the city, let’s say.

When we were hanging out post-run, she asked me what are some things that are fun to check out in the city.  It’s kind of fun to be full circle, being the one on the other side of the advice-giving.  Next time, we’ll run, shower, and head out to check out something new in the city together – I know that’s all I really wanted when I moved here, and it’s great to pass that on to others.

Five years – I’m not sure I’ll be here for another five (or maybe I will be?), but I’ve enjoyed it.  Here’s to what the future may bring!  (Hopefully more closet space…..eventually.)

How long have you lived in your current city?  (Especially you New Yorkers…)

2015 Summer Streets

I always find summer in the city to be an interesting phenomenon.  We spend all winter waiting for the day when we don’t have to bundle up in seventeen layers to go to the grocery store three blocks away, and then when that moment comes, everyone leaves the city for the weekend.  I suppose there are plenty of fun things to do that are not in the city, but the city is also such a fun place in the summer that I often wonder why so many people leave.  (Of course, I’m glad people leave because then it’s less crowded for me!  Off to the Hamptons, everyone!)

Side note:  I don’t really know many people who go to the Hamptons every weekend.  I was there once, and I actually think it seemed kind of overrated.  Moving on.

I like summers in the city, especially when I manage to have a weekend off and not be one of those people I just talked about who leave the city.  (But to be fair, I leave the city a lot year round, sooooooo there’s that.)  But rarely do I get a weekend where I’m in town and not working any of the weekend days, so when that happens, it is MAGICAL.  Magical, I tell you.  I often wonder, “Is this how the rest of the world lives??” then I remind myself that I spent Tuesday, Thursday, AND Friday hanging out at the pool or in the park in the sun, so it’s not all bad.

Another side note:  I’m actually on vacation from work, so that’s how I scored the weekend off.  Otherwise, I somehow manage having to work at least Saturday or Sunday most weekends.  (Life is hard.)  (At least sunny Tuesdays make up for it, kind of.  I feel a post about this coming on…)

Anyway, when I realized that I had the weekend off, I got really excited about the fact that it was a Summer Streets Saturday.  The Saturday prior, I was a little sad on my walk to work because I saw big groups of runners meeting to run Summer Streets together and other runners heading for the Team Champs race.  Coffee in hand, I had to stop myself from turning south on Park Ave and not going to work.  I texted Jocelyn to see if she would like to run with me, as I haven’t run with her in ages!  I had about nine miles on the docket for my cut back week long run, so we planned to meet in Central Park and run down Summer Streets.

For those of you not from NYC (or maybe some of you from the city!), Summer Streets is three Saturdays in August when the city shuts down about seven miles of a road from Central Park down through the Brooklyn Bridge, so you can walk/run/bike/etc on the open streets!  It’s pretty cool for a break from the usual running routes, plus they set up water fountains, bike rentals, and a bunch of other free activities along the route.  Tons of people always come out for it, and I usually spot at least one other person I know along the way!  (Ali was the runner of the day!  She found us at the end of our run and we proceeded to chat for awhile.)


The route was quite easy – just run straight until we hit the Brooklyn Bridge, then turn around!  Not having to think is pretty nice.  They do allow traffic to cross at certain streets, so it is a bit more stop-and-go than you might think, but I can’t complain.  We ran along and chatted the entire time – about running, our lives, jobs, catching up about people we know, etc etc etc.  The miles flew by!  I didn’t pay attention to pace other than when Jocelyn said, “Okay, let’s slow this down” because I tend to get excited and then my legs just MOVE.  It’s fine.  The best parts about not really knowing the route and running while talking is that you’re just kind of RUNNING and not thinking, “Okay, four miles down, five more to go, FIVE MORE, forty minutes, where’s the water fountain?, can I stop now?, halfway, halfway…”  Instead, you just GO and every now and then your watch beeps to tell you another mile is done.  HOORAY.  Also, a great way to catch up with a friend!

Jocelyn is the resident on-the-run photographer, so I would like to thank her for these shots:


Hooray!  Running is fun.


I need to work on my “on the run” face…


Coming out of Grand Central!  The glory of Summer Streets.

The run ended up being a little over nine miles…okay, a little over ten miles.  I’m trying hard not to overdo it with training and to really pay attention to my hip/groin, and I felt okay.  Ending on 50th St seemed a little unnecessary (and kind of annoying to get home…), but I did walk home after we stopped and talked to Ali for a bit.  Overall, a solid run – feeling better about adding distance next week and hoping to do more running with friends!

Saturday, August 8th – 10.31 miles in 1:25:08, avg pace of 8:16


Pretty sure that 7:25 mile is off, but maybe we were really excited about finding a water fountain…

On my way home, I stopped at Juice Press for a free juice (part of their Saturday morning Instagram #willrunforjuice), and I’m not going to lie – I still don’t get the whole juice thing.  It would have cost me $9 to buy the juice, and while I’ve had a little bit every day since, I still haven’t finished the bottle.  I mainly craved water after the long run on Saturday!  Am I missing something?

Who else ran Summer Streets this weekend?  Does your city do something similar? 

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