can’t we all just get along

Last night, Eric and I headed to Citi Field for the Mets/CUBS game.  It was a fairly boring game overall, only made interesting by some poor base running.  The most fascinating play of the game was a steal at third where the Cubs runner pulled his leg bag just before hitting the bag to avoid a tag.  Strong work, Cubs.  Now if only the third base coach would send the runners home, maybe it wouldn’t have taken 11 innings to score a run.

photo (2)

Gatsby hanging in his Cubs gear.

After running an early morning errand for a friend this morning, I headed out on a run of my own.  I’m still feeling a bit tired from this past week – gotta snap out of that!  But in the meantime I told myself to take it easy, to not be a slave to my watch, and to JUST RUN.  Five miles.  I had a bit of a dry mouth – most likely from having baseball beers (only two…) and not drinking enough water.  Luckily, I was out the door around 9-ish and it wasn’t too hot quite yet.  In an effort to maximize my proximity to the most number of water fountains, I walked down to the Hudson River Path and ran south along the river.

Within the first mile, a cyclist rode by a bit too close to me while saying, “Heyyyyyyyyyyyy” followed by staring back at me and waving.  I don’t think this guy, but I’m pretty sure he’s done things like this before while I’ve run along the river.  (Creepy?  Am I overreacting?)  I brush it off as kind of annoying and inappropriate and keep running.  The path isn’t busy because it’s 9am on a Thursday – the highlight of not running when the masses are out.  I hit the halfway point and turn around.  At about 3.5 miles in (around 42nd St, for those keeping track), a cyclist is riding the opposite direction I’m running.  Very loudly, he says, “Oh, how scenic.  Runners in the bike lane!”

For those unfamiliar with the NYC path, it’s a typical pedestrian asphalt path – complete with the line down the middle to tell you what side you should be on for the direction you’re heading.  (Some people still can’t figure this out, which is beyond me…there are pictures on the ground!)  There are parts of the path where signs direct “joggers/pedestrians” to another path, but it often goes in and out of the bike path and sometimes runs you through traffic.  Therefore, I, as well as many other runners, run on the “bike” path.  This path is also for people on wheels, such as rollerblading, so it’s not solely a bike path.

Now, as someone who trained for a triathlon last year, I kind of got the cyclist’s side of the argument when it comes to traffic/paths/omg get-out-of-my-way-before-I-run-you-over.  And yes, it is a path for people on wheels.  But if it’s a slow weekday morning with plenty of room for everyone – even tourists on city bikes and some casual riders that I manage to run faster than they’re riding their bikes – can’t we just deal?

Can’t we all just get along?

Last year, a cyclist hit a woman crossing the street in Central Park, and she passed away.  This is terrible and not something I’m looking to discuss right now (speed limits in the park, pedestrian crossings, stoplights, etc.), but it brought up a big cyclists vs runners vs people walking through the park discussion.  To which I wanted to say then, “Can’t we all just get along?”  Pay attention to each other, not assume we are the most important person ever and that we have the right of way.

Or that someone else is in “your space.”  I get why cyclists get upset about runners/walkers/etc – people are unpredictable and not paying attention, leading them into your path quicker than you may be able to react.  People don’t always look before they cross a path, and it can be scary when you’re clipped in, even if you’re not moving that fast.  (Hi, my name is Susan, and I’m slow on the bike.)  It’s annoying when I’m running and I can easily react!  But if we all seem to be functioning in peace, do we need to be a pain about the fact that I’m running right on the white line, where you’re not going to ride your bike anyway?

Or maybe I’m wrong.  A runner not in their place.

But why we can’t seem to coexist in peace just boggles my mind.  People say they love how up front and forward New Yorkers are, but I’ve always held that there’s a difference between having no issue with stating your opinion and being rude.  Fine line, my friends.  (And stop the cat calling, geez.)

Am I overreacting?  Did I catch people on a bad day?  (This happens all the time, so probably not…)  Any cyclists have their opinion to share?  Is it like this in other cities, or are too many people sharing a small space in a crowded city?  Tell me everything.

In other news, five mile flew by pretty quick with all these thoughts in my head:

Thursday, July 2 – 5 miles in 41:28, avg pace of 8:17.  I’ll take it.

pi day and the nyc half

Things I complain about all the time:  working weekends.  Luckily, I had both Saturday and Sunday off this week, but no real plans.  Usually when I try to schedule myself for an entire weekend off, it’s because I have specific plans/a race/someone’s birthday/wedding/travel.  I originally thought I might race the DC half this weekend, but opted for Dallas next week instead, so it worked out well.  (Especially because working Friday meant I wouldn’t actually have been able to go down to DC…oops.)  Anyway, it was nice to not have specific plans and to just have a relaxing weekend.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I did do plenty of fun thing!  Away we go…

saturday – pi day!

I’m sure you heard that Saturday (3/14) was pi (3.14) day, with extra emphasis this time because it was 3/14/15, and pi starts with 3.1415 – and all the nerds celebrated!  Like many people, I figure the best way to celebrate Pi Day was to get some pie.  I did some research to figure out where the best place to get pie in NYC might be.  There’s a pie shop somewhat close to me (Little Pie Company), but I’d heard great things about Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn.  Pi Day seems like a good reason to travel for pie…and a good day to meet up with one of my favorite science nerds, Betsy, for pie.  She conveniently lives in Brooklyn, so I’m glad I put those two together!

Eric and I headed to Brooklyn and met Betsy in line outside the shop…luckily the rain held off for most of the time that we were in line – a good thing since we were in line for almost an hour!  It didn’t quite seem like they were prepared for a mad rush on Pi Day (despite having a “special” of 3 slices for $14) – the line didn’t move quickly at all!  Pretty sure the guy in front of us took ten minutes to order despite having an hour to decide what he wanted.  JUST SAYING.  Luckily, the pie was definitely worth the wait.

photo 1 (35) Blackbird for effect.

We had a pecan pie, a buttermilk chess, and a cherry/apple pie.  Whipped cream on the side.  Pecan pie is Eric’s favorite – luckily we got the last slice!  (Not so luckily because he wanted some pie to bring home, oops.)  I’m pleased with our celebration.

sunday – nyc half

The NYC Half was this morning, and I love cheering at races, so I had plans to meet up with some ladies to be loud!  Eric actually agreed to get out of bed before 7am, so he came along too.  (I promised a stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way.)  We met up with Beth and headed down to 53rd and 7th, where only a few spectators had started to gather so we all got spots along the barricades.  Oddly enough, people were still walking to the race while we were heading to our spot – we couldn’t figure it out because the race had already started at that point!  It was a little chillier than I had hoped for spectating (40, cloudy, and somewhat windy), but great for running minus the wind.

The lead back of women came through shortly after we arrived, with Molly Huddle (spoiler alert) in the lead back.  We were just after the 10k mark, and Desi had already fallen off…sad for all.  The men flew past shortly thereafter, and Meb was right up there.

photo 2 (34) SO FAST.

I realized early on that I would not be able to take pictures and yell appropriately for people (I’m that not coordinated…), so I decided yelling would be a better bet.  After the lead packs came through, the super fast people followed, then the masses.  It was fun to spot people and cheer for them.  Apparently I knew many more people than I thought who were running, so you can check their blogs/twitter/instagram/etc for updates and reports – Meggie, Ashley, Jocelyn, Kelly, Dani, Emilia, Carla, people I forgot and people who don’t have social media haha. But it was fun!  A few people were in costume – the funniest being two girls who ran in the gold/white and blue/black dresses.  They ran together and the guy next to us yelled, “What color is it???” to which they yelled, “I don’t know!  I don’t know!”  Strong work.  Plenty of runners were taking selfies as they headed through Times Square, which caused me to wonder what people did ten years ago.  So many thoughts.

Anyway, congrats to all who ran (lots of great times posted today!), and I hope NYRR pulls my name one of these years.  The only year I had entry was a result of guaranteed entry (by time, before they lowered the standards)…and it was the year I hurt my back, so I couldn’t run.  Sad.  If they use the new standards like they have for the NYC Marathon, I might stand a chance if I run a solid half sometime…

i forgot the running

You may have noticed that none of this mentions anything about running.  As I mentioned in my last post, my legs have felt off lately.  My legs felt worse on Saturday, and a few strides around my apartment made me realize that some time off would be good.  I think I may have pulled my groin – I have a fair amount of pain/discomfort where my left leg hits my torso, on the inside on the front (does that make sense?), and it does affect my stride.  My plan was to take off Saturday and Sunday (and then Monday-Wednesday, since I’m working anyway…) and hope that some rest solves the problem.  Dr. Google says that a groin strain can take weeks to heal, so I’m a little nervous about that.  Hoping this goes away so I can run the race next weekend, even if I can’t RACE race it.  We’ll see.  I don’t have my heart set on it and would rather get to Eugene healthy, so it will depend on how the rest of the week goes.

Otherwise, I did a yoga video on both Saturday and Sunday – Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown on Saturday and Runner’s World Essential Yoga on Sunday.  Plus a ten minute arms video from Youtube on both days just to make me feel like I’m doing something.  (And summer is coming, let’s be honest.)

I have my fingers crossed for a quick heal after some time off – cross yours for me as well, please!

eric quotes/moment of the day

“You need to do a blog post on how more people need to put their names on their shirts.”  Maybe because it was cold, but not too many people had their names on their shirts, which makes cheering for everyone a little harder.  Yelling, “GO YELLOW SHIRT GUY” doesn’t quite have the same effect.

“March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  I tried asking Eric when the “lamb” part of March was going to happen, but he just looked at me like I had two heads.  Apparently growing up in Florida never provided Eric with the struggles of March weather, so he had never heard this saying before.  Also – lamb phase, you can hurry up, please.

Who raced this weekend?  Seems like lots of people did!  Did you celebrate pi day?  Do tell.

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