i’ve still got pain.

In my six and a half years of blogging (…yikes?), I’ve realized that the best thing to say when you don’t have much to say is nothing at all.  (This also goes for when you have nothing nice to say, but I like to think I have mostly nice things to say.  Moving on.)  Two weeks ago, I wrote about how my training has been derailed mostly by injury and a little bit by a cold.

Well, the cold is gone (hooray!), but the injury is not.  Sigh.  I admittedly pushed through a bit when I shouldn’t have, but I finally wizened up and stopped running.  The problem is that I really, really, really, REALLY just love to run, and not running is so hard.  About a week and a half ago, Eric and I headed to DC for his friend’s wedding – you better believe I had no intention of passing up running in DC!  Eric gave me the side eye when I started packing my running clothes.  “You’re not actually going to run, are you?”  To which I replied, “I always have to be prepared to run!”  …right?  Right.

I did a solo run around some of the monument upon arrival to DC on Friday.  It wasn’t my best run, it wasn’t my worst run.  I could definitely feel some pain in my hip.  I probably should have stopped running, but Eric’s friends were organizing a run for Saturday morning, and I couldn’t miss out on that!  Everyone bailed except one guy, so we did another run around the monuments – my hip/groin definitely didn’t want to be out there, so I cut out after three miles.

dc Good morning, DC!!

And, well, that was the last time I ran.  My groin was starting to hurt just walking around, and I hobbled up and down stairs…that can’t be a good thing.  So I made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor, which was last Thursday.  She moved my leg all around, made sure I didn’t have a hernia, watched me walk, and watched me jump and do one leg squats.  Then she said, “Hmmm, well that’s interesting.”  AKA not what I wanted to hear.  She thought it was odd that I don’t have pain when you move my leg around (such as when laying on an exam table), but have pain when putting weight on the leg.  To me, it would seem like this would be some sort of muscle issue related to stabilization or something, but what do I know.  All I really wanted was maybe a prescription for physical therapy, but she ordered x-rays (which were negative, not surprising to any of us) and then an MRI…which I’m still waiting to hear the results of.

xrays Fun x-ray gown – matched the rest of my outfit!

Also not surprisingly, the doctor told me to stop trying to run…and to take spin class and do pilates.  Apparently my left butt is weak, per her quick assessment, and Pilates will help stabilize the hips…unstable hips could be the cause of pain in the groin.  So I’ve been doing Pilates in my living room (those classes aren’t cheap around here, and I ironically cancelled my gym membership just before getting injured).  Luckily it is finally getting nice in these parts of town, so I’ll hopefully be able to take my bike out shortly.  But otherwise, I don’t know if I have any cardiovascular fitness left other than what I get from walking to/from work and walking around work all day.  Oops.

I did find it interesting that she asked when my race was, and didn’t TOTALLY rule out running it.  She did say, “Well, it is a marathon, so that might be a reach.  If it was a half I think we could get you back and ready for it.”  Of course, I don’t actually know what the problem is, but that’s fine.  We’ll see.

The pain has definitely been much better over the past few days.  I don’t notice any pain when I’m walking, and I can go up and down stairs without needing to turn sideways.  (#thisisthirty)  Yesterday, I was all, “I FEEL BETTER I WANT TO RUN” which Eric nicely told me not to – a few more days can only help, and trying to run too early can only hurt.  Spring is finally here in NYC and not running is SO HARD.  I just want to frolic through Central Park while yelling, “This is what we waited all winter for!” but alas, I cannot.

Hopefully soon, though.  Stupid groin pain.

Just to soften the blow a bit, I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to see Amy and cheer for everyone running!  Today marks the second anniversary of the bombing, and I’ll admit I got a little teary eyed rereading the events and thoughts from that day.  If I can’t run, I might as well cheer for everyone else!  (But of course, I would love to get in a run along the Charles…)

Are you running Boston?  Are you cheering?  Let’s turn my frown upside down and give me your bib number so we can cheer for you!  And maybe tell me your favorite Pilates and spin places in NYC…


Last week, I was talking to Abbe about life/running, and I asked how her training for the Paris Marathon was going.  She told me that she’s really tried hard to hit her workouts this training cycle and has managed to do so despite the never ending winter we’ve been having.  She asked how my training is going, to which I replied…DERAILED.

Because that’s exactly how I feel about it.  I was chugging along quite nicely.  Feeling comfortable on the long run.  Running the best mileage I could manage while only running four days per week.  Finally making 6:45 pace feel comfortably uncomfortable instead of “Hold up while I almost puke” pace.   And then, the hip pain started.

After walking back to my apartment instead of doing a speed workout, I took some time off.  That was three weeks ago.  I did a couple test runs before running a half marathon about a week and a half ago.  I didn’t run the first couple days after the half because my groin was a little achy, then I worked.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Abbe and Baker (for shame!), and Abbe said they were going on a running adventure over the Queensboro to visit a friend and her new baby.  That’s hard to turn down, so I figured I’d join and stop if I hurt (seems to be the theme these days).  My groin was noticeable but not painful, so that’s great.

photo 1 (43) Reverse view of work from the Queensboro.

photo 2 (42) The Bakers on the Queensboro.

I ended up running a lovely 7.55 miles in 1:00:23, avg pace of 8:00 (on the dot!).  We had some delicious coffee, sandwiches, and chocolate chip cookies in Long Island City.  It was lovely.

Then the weekend came (Friday-Sunday), and I worked.  As the weekend went on, I developed a worsening dry cough and body aches.  Tylenol managed the body aches, and the cough was few and far between, but didn’t sound great when it happened.  I felt well enough until Sunday afternoon (got some chest PT compliments of another nurse), then I spent Monday on the couch.  And then Tuesday and today.  I always feel guilty calling out of work, but my cough was worse and I just felt terrible.  Not to mention Eric, Eric’s mom, and Eric’s stepdad (who we visited last weekend) all were sick too, so it’s clearly contagious.  (I always feel the need to justify calling in sick to work…even though no one cares and it’s clearly better to not get everyone else sick.)  Luckily it’s been great for my knitting, as I might actually finish the scarf I started two months ago before this never ending winter comes to an end.

Last night I gave in and took some Nyquil – Eric didn’t believe that it knocks me out for 12-14 hours, but when he woke me up at 11am this morning to ask if I was ever getting up (usually it’s the other way around), I was still out.  Apparently I fell asleep with my glasses and the TV still on and didn’t budge when he fixed both of them…go go Gadget Nyquil!  I feel better than I did yesterday, but still have a bit of a cough.  Not sure when I’ll try running again – I’m not an advocate of running while sick, especially with a cough and body aches.

I can’t help but I feel like my marathon training has been completely derailed.  (But my yoga-in-my-living-room practice is booming!)  This is what March looked like:

image Too much white = too many days off.

Obviously it was smart not to run on these days, but we’re less than six weeks away from the Eugene Marathon, and I’m getting nervous.  Pretty sure PR town is out the window, but I still plan to run the marathon.  I just need to figure out how to get myself back into marathon shape without injuring myself again.  The nice part about being sidelined by a cold/cough for a few days is that I wasn’t even tempted to run, so I forced myself to rest longer than I probably would have had I been feeling better.

I’ve had some good mileage before getting injured/sick, peaking at a long run of 18 miles.  Not ideal since I’d love to do a few 20+ milers, but that’s not in the cards at the moment.  In an ideal world from this day out, I’ll get back to 100%, build back up to squeeze in one 20 miler, then taper.  I usually do a three week taper, but I’m thinking two weeks would be better – it’s not like I’ve been hammering for four months and need that break.  In other news, I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a longer marathon training program (16-18 weeks) for my next marathon…to allow time for sickness and to properly build up speed and endurance, which I didn’t really do this time around.  The marathon is a distance to be respected and trained for (especially when attempting to PR, not just to run to finish!), and I need to do that.

In the meantime, any tips for getting back on track after derailed training?  How do you get back into adequate running after taking time off for injury/being sick?  (Also, spring – where are you?  For real.)

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