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motivation makes a comeback

Over the weekend, I was seriously lacking my running motivation.  I wanted my runs to be over before they even started, and that is not the way to start runs that last almost an hour.  But I trucked through, as the bad runs are what makes the good runs that much better.  Running can’t be peachy all the time, now can it?  (Oh how I wish it was!)

Anyway, due to a serious lack of motivation over the weekend (and a really late start to Sunday!), I ended up moving my long run to today, as I had the day off and could definitely get my run in, hoping that motivation would return.  With a few adjustments to my normal running pattern, I had a fabulous run that reminded why I get out there every day.  What did I do differently?  Check it out:

  • Paid more attention to my surroundings.  I often have tunnel vision when I run, but I took the time to look around me and see what was going on.  To the runner who ran by in slippers (no joke), if you see this, I will buy you a pair of shoes.  Or at least a new pair of slippers.
  • Say hi to people who I passed.  Sometimes people aren’t super friendly, but I was over on the west side highway and not tons of people were out, so I said hi to people.  One guy yelled back, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!”  I have no idea what that meant, but I guess I’ll take it.
  • (Tried to) slow down.  You know that whole “run slow to run fast” thing?  I, um, clearly don’t follow that advice.  Not that I don’t think it’s good advice, but I usually get out there and just do what my legs feel like.  Perhaps that was why I felt tired and lacked motivation, so I made myself promise to run slower.  I tried to keep all my miles over eight minutes, which failed at the end, but I will admit that I felt much better at the beginning of my run and keeping my pace in check definitely helped my legs feel good.  I think this was the ticket.


So how’d it go overall?  Stats are always fun:

Tuesday, January 11 (1/11/11…how fun!)
14.07 miles in 1:50:52, avg pace of 7:53
Splits:  8:04, 8:22, 7:54, 7:59, 8:00, 7:53, 8:02, 7:51, 7:57, 7:43, 7:43, 7:45, 7:21, 7:47

So major pace fail at the end, but I loved this run and got my running motivation back!  Ended the run with a delicious chocolate milk (great post-run recovery drink, in my opinion), so you can’t beat that.  I’m glad to have my motivation back…I knew it was just in hiding, waiting to show its face again.  :)

What do you do when your motivation is lacking?  How do you feel about the “run slow to run fast” philosophy?


01 2011

NOTR Goals for 2011


I think Calvin says it best.  The buzz around blogland is that we’re not making resolutions this year, we’re setting goals.  Which is something I can get on board with.  I don’t want to change what I’m doing, I want to work towards something better.  Without further ado, here are my goals for 2010:


  • Run a 3:10 marathon.  Why not?  My current PR is 3:22, which was an 11 minute PR for me.  Another 12 minutes is a big jump, but go big or go home.  In my race report for the Chicago marathon, I mentioned this quote:  “Maybe I can’t run as fast as I believe but maybe just maybe I can run much faster and I will never know unless I try.”  You don’t know unless you try.  Not saying I’ll do it on my next marathon, but you never know!
  • Stay injury free.  After battling my IT band for two marathons, I want to stay health…I’ve been great since I switched my shoes (but stayed true to my Brooks!), so I just need to listen to my body and stretch and foam roll for preventative measures.
  • Core work and lifting.  I say this every year.  I need someone to come yell at me to do this…I guess that’s what they call personal trainers.
  • Run for fun!  Running is what I love to do, so it better be enjoyable.  I’m doing the Reach the Beach Relay in May, which is going to be a blast.
  • Run more races in general.  I usually only run marathons, but races are fun and are great events for meeting other runners and having a good time in general, so why not?  Plus, I obviously need another race tshirt.  (Lies!)



  • Do one “New York-y” thing every month.  I’m new to this city that has TONS of things to do, right at my fingertips.  It’s time to see shows, taking cooking classes, and watch the Knicks.  Please let me know if you want to be my nerdy tourist buddy!
  • Travel!  My trip to surf camp in Costa Rica this past year was amazing.  Gotta do something equally as awesome because there’s more to this world than NYC.  :)
  • Volunteer.  So many organization in NYC, and lots of them are related to health promotion, nutrition, and/or running.  Sounds good to me.
  • Be a good nurse.  Oh my goodness I have so much to learn.
  • Smile.  Be happy.  Try to make others happy.  Because life is so much better than ever before.  (Yes, I’m dramatic, but when you used to cry daily, you have a different perspective, I promise.)


Sounds like a good year to me!  Let’s see what happens…I can’t even describe how far I’ve come in the past year, and 2011 is shaping up to be pretty good too.  :)


Short and sweet run today…six miles.  My legs felt tired, but the pace was fine…I swear it felt like I was running nine minute miles, but that simply wasn’t true.  The weather was in the 30’s and sunny, which was perfect running weather.  Fabulous day for running in the park…can’t beat that!

Wednesday, January 5
6.22 miles in 48:31, avg pace of 7:48

Love it.

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01 2011