Inaugural “We’ll Run for Beer” 2010

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…this blog has been to key to meeting people around the country and especially in NYC.  At the tweet-up before the NYC marathon, I had the pleasure of connecting with Claire, who blogs at Will Run for Beer.  Given the name of her blog, it was inevitable that a BEER RUN would eventually be planned…and today was the day!  Claire got some interest going on twitter, and last week an itinerary and specific instructions (don’t sue her…) were sent out and plans were made.  Excellent.

After spending the morning virtually tracking runners at the Philadelphia Marathon, I headed over to 90th and 5th to meet up with the group.  Per Claire, we had about eighteen runners, including our youngest member, a nineteen month old daughter of a participant…why not?  After a little greeting by our fearless leader (which led to the couple behind me saying, “I think they’re going to run and drink…”) and a shout of “BEER RUN!,” we were off.  Our route was as follows:

image Map compliments of Claire.

image Perfect day for a beer run!

After a nice stroll across the 102nd transverse (which I ran across six times yesterday), we headed down the west side (hills working to our advantage) and hit up our first bar:  Dive Bar.  A fairly small bar with a huuuuuge variety of beers, but I decided to go with the Dive Bar Amber Ale.  Good start to the beer run.

image Michelle and I at our first stop!

image That’s a lot of beer!

image Entire group at Dive Bar.

After enjoying our first round of beer, we gathered up the gang and headed to our next destination, which took us on a run back through the park before arriving at Firehouse.  I ended up having a Bud Light (bottled…they said they ran out of it on tap, which is a bit hard to believe since it was about 2pm on a football Sunday…) and we enjoyed the plywood floors.  This bar had a bit less character than the first bar, but it had plenty of room for us to mingle and drink between runs, so no worries there.  Didn’t spent too much time there before we headed to destination number three.

image Outside Firehouse.  Thumbs up for beer socks!

I’m not sure whether it was more the beer or the running…or the beer + running, but everyone was definitely a bit more chipper after the second bar, and we set off terrorizing the poor Upper West Side on our way to bar #3, although we were just attempting to recruit more people to join us!  Lucky enough for the UWS, it was only a little over half a mile to the Amsterdam Ale House, so the shouts of “BEER RUN!” were kept to a minimum.  My beer selection here was called “Cold Hop,” picked purely on the name and design on the tap…clearly a good way to select a beer.  I still can’t place exactly what kind of taste it had, but it was a bit…floral.  Who knew!

image My apologizes to the UWS.

image Beers at Amsterdam Ale House.

image Third bar!

The Amsterdam Ale House wasn’t the best for socializing, as the bar space was a bit narrow and I believe our sweaty selves got a little too close to some of the patrons…oops?  After our beer, it was time for the last leg of the beer run.  This leg a bit longer than the past leg, taking us back through the park on our way to PJ Clarke’s near Lincoln Center.  Apparently beer gives people energy (or Baker is just crazy), as Baker (closely followed by Carlos) led us on a speedy tempo run through the park en route to our last bar.  Claire, Neal, and I kept up close and soon we were at the final stop.

image Final stop at the beer run!  We made it!

The rest of the group soon arrived and we headed into the bar.  I opted for water here, as my lightweight self was feeling the beer and I needed to do some grocery shopping after these shenanigans!  The water was tasty, and we hung around and chatted a bit before being seated for some delicious burgers.  (Hey, runners like to eat too!) 

image With our fabulous organizer!

image Last group photo.

So…the first ever “We’ll Run for Beer!” was quite the success!  I admittedly didn’t know too many people before showing up for the running bar crawl, but it was a fabulous time with some great people.  Thanks to Claire for organizing (check her recap!), and I believe more events such as this will be planned…so many neighborhoods to explore in this city, and what better way to do it than running?

The numbers:  I decided to leave my Garmin at home, as this was purely an event for fun, but with my run to the meet-up, the run, and my run to Trader Joe’s after, I believe I ran about 7.2 miles.  Not too shabby for a beer run.  :)

In case anyone was wondering, that puts me at about 65 miles for the week.  Crazy!  Probably one of the most fun weeks of running I’ve ever had.  Gotta love it!

Note:  All photos stolen from Claire and Maura…next time, I’ll bring my own camera.

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